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Montsegur, Cathars

Approaching the last stronghold of the Cathars provides a stunning view of some of the most magnificent landscape as you wind through the countryside. A fertile land with hope and promise had drawn those who followed the Path of the Magdalene and worshipped the teachings of the Church of the Rose. The ruins of the Chateau built much later on the land of the Cathars is perched at a precarious 3000 foot (1,207 m.) altitude in the south of France near the Pyrenees Mountains.

Cathars Montsegeur

Montsegur means secure mountain and was the home of over 200 men, women and children who followed the faith of the Church of the Rose which was in direct opposition to the Church of Rome.

The distinct difference between the two faiths was the Church of Rome built elaborate and expensive cathedrals to worship. They believed they must seek forgiveness and to speak with God they needed an intermediary, a priest from the church. The Church of the Rose worshipped in natural settings, honoring the Goddess and believing all life had value.  They were able to speak directly to the Goddess without an intermediary for they accepted all as equal.   They would not accept the great lie of the church and so they were persecuted.   In 1244 the Royal Catholic French Army under orders from the Church of Rome was sent to kill the Cathars.  Because there were Catholics living amongst the Cathars the general in charge asked “How will we know who are Cathars?”  The reply that came was “Kill them all, God will decide!”

In the days prior to the fall of Montsegur, several Cathars slipped through the French lines carrying away a mysterious “treasure” with them.  While the nature and fate of this treasure has never been identified there has been much speculation as to what it might have consisted of:  from esoteric books, to the Ark of the Covenant or even the actual Holy Grail. A few days later rather than surrender to the Church of Rome or denounce the faith of the Church of Rose the Cathars came down from the hill, singing, holding hands and leapt into the fires.  History also shows several Catholics chose to stand with their friends and family and also leapt into the flames. Today  was a time to heal division.  Change history by creating unity in the present.  This is why we had come.

In a vision, I saw that the souls  of the faithful were taken as light by the Goddess. Before history had been imprinted in the lands there was also joy, celebration and a simple life of the Cathars living in harmony and tending to the land, keeping the dragon lines alive.

We had returned this day to engage in sacred ceremony to honor life. As our world continues to move through challenging times we must focus on what each of us can do to bring more light into the world and continue to infuse the dragon lines with hope, faith and courage. We must step beyond judgment and become more heart centered. We have all been entrusted as faith keepers. Montsegur was a place to find that faith as these beautiful souls had demonstrated so long ago.

The hike to the top of the mountain would again be challenging but we had each other and a sense of determination. Strength seemed to emanate from the mountain itself and I knew we were being divinely guided.

I saw the conviction and faith in so many, the desire to honor those who had held the faith and kept the Church of the Rose alive in their hearts.

A stunning and expansive view awaited us and I understood how special this land had been to the Cathars.

We came together to create an inner circle, chanting ancient Atlantean mantras to clear and heal old energies within each of us and to infuse into the dragon lines a beautiful light. The outer circle would hold hands creating sacred space so no negative or disruptive energy could infiltrate the sacredness in which the ceremony was performed. I felt a huge shift that day and watched as many reclaimed their power. We would join together, equal, each soul standing with a desire to bring more love into the world.

I was grateful for each soul that day and to Brenda who had followed her faith and guided the ceremony with an open heart.

We each found something that day in the land of the Cathars, for our soul story had changed. We were ready to soar with a renewed sense that we were an expression of the Goddess. We had unlimited potential.

The weather forecast had been rain but the Goddess had protected us. Only when the last of our group had descended from the sacred mountain did the sky begin to mist. Tears of joy from the Goddess.

We returned home and I promised we would have a gentle and easy day tomorrow. So much had transpired for so many. Arnaud, our beautiful guide and I felt a revolution was near if we dragged everyone up another mountain. We had something really special planned for the next day that I knew would make everyone’s heart smile.

Join us as we journey into the enchanted world of the faery folk.

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