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Miracles Happen When You Believe

sunset sedona

On December 21st for those who follow the earth religion, the wheel turns and we say goodbye to 2020.  What a year it has been.  Even though my life was dramatically redirected this year and I am still unable to return to my heart home in New Zealand, I am grateful for the time it has given me to look deep within and discover what I needed to change.  I am grateful for the incredible encounters I have had in the red stone elders and the animal allies who have chosen to share their wisdom.  I am so very grateful for the beautiful souls who are part of our spiritual family and want to acknowledge each of you.

We have a grand opportunity to now come together as a global community to focus on love.  Just love at the moment when the Grand Conjunction occurs.  Jupiter and Saturn align at 0 degrees in Aquarius on the 21st and will create in the sky what many call the Christmas Star.  I have included a guided audio meditation with the ocean crystal singing bowl.  A moment of pause to first shift our individual energy fields and then join together to awaken the rainbow serpent and send love to the earth mother.

This is what we were born for.  We have a moment in time to join together as one brilliant point of light in prayer and meditation.  Millions around the world are gathering to hold the vision of a kinder, gentler world.

Everyone’s soul light is important and will make a difference.  Be part of the change and the grandness of creating a kinder, gentler world.  We can diffuse the judgment, anger, hate and fear that exists in the 3D experience to cosmically raise our vibration.  You can join together at the exact moment when the elders will be activating the rainbow serpent energy in Uluru, Australia at 9:04pm or whenever you have a moment.

The meditation is created in two parts, the first to clear your energy field so you are vibrating as pure love, the second part to send focused intentions of love to create a kinder and gentler reality.

Sunsets are the message of hope and the promise that light will return.  After last night’s sunset in the red stones of Sedona, my heart is filled with hope.

chapel sunset sedona

Kia Kaha, Be Strong, Be love and together we will create a new and beautiful reality, Robbyne

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