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Messages from the Sacred Waterfall

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It seemed that after we walked the labyrinth at Dragon’s Teeth, the weather completely changed and magick began. We awoke the next morning to journey to a sacred waterfall for guidance and personal messages from the water spirits.

For my personal earth walk, nature has always been my teacher, a forest my school house, an animal ally, stone being or great standing tall one my teacher. I wanted everyone to experience the wonder of a waterfall when one approaches it with respect and the power that is gifted for the one who opens their heart to hear the message of the water.


The challenge of our earthwalk, is that to flow like the ‘waterfall’, we must leave our ego behind. This requires each of us to jump without fear into the river or pool that represents our life with faith and trust. Not easy. Yes, the journey may be bumpy at times, and there will be lots of surprises along the way, there will be obstacles placed on your path that require your willingness to make a course direction. There will be times you feel lost and confused, but I guarantee it will be well worth the ride. Your light will shine with a beauty that the world has been longing to see ever since you arrived on this water planet.


The drops of water which make up the waterfall are renewed each second. This symbolizes that life is never the same, and if we allow it to unfold it holds more magick than we have ever dreamed possible. We have to be willing to let go of what is no longer working for us to receive the gifts we have not yet seen. This can be a relationship, a job, a house, a belief, an illusion, a habit or fear, anything that we are struggling with but afraid to let go of.




Waterfalls are gifts from the Goddess and for the spiritual traveler seeking to make change. When one sits beneath the waterfall and allows the constantly changing element of water to wash away the ego mind, great clarity can come.

Together we sang to the water with the singing bowls. We swam in the beautiful healing energy of the mother and silently listened as the water spoke of change. We laughed and frolicked like children, came together to plant the seed of a new vision by placing the andara crystal in the water and we experienced the magick of this place in our own personal way.

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The whale boat had been repaired and the next day we were off for a sunset encounter. I wanted to take everyone to a very special beach that I love. Far away from the tourist and the large hotels, where one can sit in the water and allow the spirit of Aloha to flow into their heart center. Brigitta, Ming Ming and Lorrie played the singing bowls in the water as we each sent love connecting to the whales. Sitting in the water I could feel the sacred sounds of the bowls vibrate through the water. Immediately after the bowls were played we began to see the whales in the distance.


We boarded our boat with great anticipation. Being wild animals you never know how these beautiful beings will respond and interact. I had no doubt that the whales would be there. Our Captain was passionate about the whales and seemed to communicate with them. We would be blessed, as they seemed to come right to our boat.



There is a legal limitation how close a boat can get to the whales but fortunately the whales do not have that same protocol and at one point seemed to swim right to our boat.

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 11.58.55 PM

At one exciting moment, Captain Ryan held Tamara by the feet as she leaned over board submerged in the liquid wonder of the ocean to have a very personal encounter with one of the whales.


It was a gorgeous sunset as our whale encounter came to an end. I knew we had been blessed. These waters were once considered the whaling capital of the world, a place where the waters were once filled with death. Now they have become the place where these beautiful creatures return year after year in search of a mate and are now known as the birthing waters. These magnificient beings have forgiven humankind for their ignorance and greed. They want to communicate with those who will listen. Another day of magick had been our gift.


Join us tomorrow as we journey to the worlds spinning fire vortex for ceremony at sunset and our final experience with the whales at sunrise.

Aloha, rainbows and whales songs,


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