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Message from the Shape Shifter of the Unseen World

Last night as I was coming home from a movie with my daughter, as we were driving up the hill to our house I was horrified to see a raccoon run out past our car into the next lane where it was hit by a car.  I am so connected to the unseen world and the animal kingdom that all I could think of was I had to save this animal being.  I had my daughter pull her truck over and tried to block traffic.  Miraculously several cars passed but did not run over the wounded animal.  With my adrenalin running I picked this gentle creature up in my arms and with Chyan’s help we were able to carry it to the curb and lay it in the grass.


The animal was violently shaking.  My heart was absolutely aching and tears were streaming down my face as I put both hands on the animal that I knew was gasping its last breath of life.  I closed my eyes and called upon the nature spirits and the spirit of raccoon.  I called upon the Dark  Mother Goddess and asked that she take the spirit of this animal home quickly.  All of a sudden I felt a ball of white light surround me and then move through me. With an intense  jolt of energy it shoot into the animal through my hands.  Still having my eyes closed down I heard my daughter say, “Mom, he is moving”.  I opened my eyes and sure enough this amazing little creature was now breathing normal and calmly laying in the grass next to me.

I had heard that these animals could be vicious but when I looked into his eyes I knew there was no danger.  He tried to stand but fell back to the ground.  I knew if I left him alone a predator would find him and he would not last the night.  I called the police and they in turn called animal control.  The officer called me back to confirm he was on his way but it would take at least a half hour.  He told me I could either stay with the animal or give him accurate directions so he could find the raccoon.  I knew I could not leave this animals side, he needed me and so I sat in the grass petting him the same way I pet my cats at home.  The old traditions teach that animals come to us in the dream state or cross our path physically, always as messengers.  That is the purpose the animals have in working with the human world, and I knew that this incident was a powerful message for me but also one to be shared as I serve as the messenger of the Goddess.

As I sat with the animal a car pulled up and a very special couple got out of the vehicle.  The man walked up to me to see if he could help and smiled.  He spoke in a very soft voice and touched my shoulder.  “Thank you for doing this”.  He began to also pet the raccoon and within a couple seconds the raccoon began to stand up.  As I stood up and moved away the raccoon began to move towards me, still very disoriented.  The man commented that he was following me.  He reached out to shake my hand and again said, “Thank You”.  I have had very special encounters with individuals who seem to come out of nowhere and I am convinced this was another one of those special encounters.  The gentleness in his eyes touched my heart and I felt such joy.  The raccoon began to head up the hill and I became concerned it would wander off before help would arrive, as I knew it was still injured.  As he limped up the hill I followed, every few seconds he turned around to see if I was there.  I would sit down and he would come close, then turn and head up the hill again.  We played this game for nearly fifteen minutes and then finally the animal control officer arrived.

He was rather shocked that the animal was up and walking and when I explained I had been sitting with him for the last hour petting him he looked at me in horror and commented, “Are you crazy, never pet a raccoon, this is a wild animal and you could have been bitten.  You could be on your way to the emergency room as these animals carry rabies!”  He made me promise to never pet another raccoon again which I agreed to, my fingers crossed behind my back.  The officer examined him and discovered that he had a severe concussion, a broken jaw and a broken leg.  He did tell me that he had no doubt however, I had saved his life and that he would be just fine.  He smiled at me and said, “Thank you, but please don’t get that close to a wild animal”.   My daughter commented, “Another night with my crazy mother” and we headed home.  I had such a sense of joy in my heart and an absolute knowing that it was pretty doubtful I would keep my promise to the officer.

Now it was time to examine the message that raccoon had for me.  Raccoon is an intelligent, distant relative of the bear family. It is easily recognized by its black mask and bushy black ringed tail. An adult male can weigh 20 lbs. or more. It makes its home in hollow trees, caves, or other den like areas. Raccoon’s unusual front feet are used as, “little hands”, to fish, pick berries and gather food. Raccoon’s medicine is the mask that it wears. Its message gives us the power of the mask to create change, healing and transformation. The mask becomes the doorway to knowledge that is hidden from the conscious mind. The raccoon will assist you on how to mask, disguise and transform yourself. Through the use of masks, altered states can be reached. When Raccoon comes as a messenger it will have a long influence on your life, staying with you for a long time. They are nocturnal which means their power comes at night. Often they can be seen sloshing their hands and food in water before eating. The symbol of hands represents holding, receiving or giving. Raccoon always asks us to let go of a situation, person, belief or habit. At the same time, the message is to open your hands to receive the gifts being offered to you by the Universe. They are excellent swimmers, which indicates they can help us maneuver through times of emotional challenge and upheaval.  Ultimately Raccoon is a shape-shifter; she foretells death of the old, and represents magick and great mystery.  Raccoon is known to work with sorcerers and those who honor the old traditions of magick.   We have all been asked to let go of many things this last year.  I can honestly say these last few weeks I feel as though a car has hit me as well.  The raccoon crossed my path traveling from the right (male energy – ego) to the left (female energy – intuition) a message to let go of trying to control and think,  just allow things to unfold. A message the old identity was dying and another was about to be reborn.  We all need to trust the universe would provide when we are asked to let go of an old way of life.  Remember we are now entering the Year of Rebirth and this is going to be quite the year. There will be someone there when we least expect it to help us when we are wounded or injured.  Someone that will sit with us until we are able to move forward.  If you are reading these words you are part of a spiritual family that continually sends light and the energy of support into the cosmic spider web that joins us each together.  You are not alone.

We are all under the influence of the recent Blue Moon, lunar eclipse and in the middle of the review cycle of Mercury, which is bringing up still deep hidden emotion.  As the first new moon of this decade and the Year of the Phoenix approaches next Friday, January 15th use this time wisely to set your intention for the coming year.  Many of you have asked about the ritual kits and asked how to order them.  I apologize for the delay but I have had several family emergencies that have kept me from getting that information out.  I do hope to have this posted by next week and plan to charge all the items in the Medicine Wheel at the time of this powerful New Moon.    I will send more detailed information out regarding the New Moon Solar eclipse in a few days.  We have one more week of Mercury Retrograde and things tend to intensify the last few days so take a lot of deep breaths.  Think your words, breathe them into your heart before they come out of your mouth and you will find things flow much easier.

Wishing you magick. Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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One Response
  1. Alexandra Telluselle

    This story really touches me and teaches me about left and right as well. Thank you! On my part I have just been in tune with killed wolves; which to me is telling me of the importance of reconnecting with the people you consider to be family, regardless of blood. I am so grateful to be in your circle as it helps me to develop my shamanic abilities.