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Message from the Hummingbirds

We awoke this morning to another beautiful day in Costa Rica.  We were truly blessed with incredible weather.  The temperature was idea and the natural world seemed overjoyed that we had come to honor the world of the unseen.  Earlier this year a huge earthquake had struck Costa Rica and destroyed the hummingbird sanctuary.  When our journey was delayed in May I knew there were many reasons other than the apparent ones.  To my delight the hummingbird sanctuary and waterfall gardens had only reopened a couple of weeks before.  On this morning we decided to journey early to be the first ones there.  We had basically the entire sanctuary to ourselves most of the day.  It was wonderful.


We had a very knowledgeable guide with us who shared much about the eco systems and the animals.  We traveled first to the hummingbird sanctuary to be with these magnificent messengers of hope and joy.  Fifth dimensional beings that visit our world with the  message of being joyful and seeing the beauty that exists all around us.  It is such an amazing experience to be in the midst of these special creatures and feel their presence.  They have no fear of humans and so they fly within inches to greet those who visit them.  If you ever feel you have lost the beauty of your life experience, you need to simply step in to nature and you will feel your heart come alive again with the joy and beauty that world offers us.


There was also a butterfly atrium filled with  messengers of transformation and change, monkeys that entertained us with their antics and beautiful birds.  During our afternoon we visited the magnificent waterfalls, one in particular known as the White Magic Falls.  You could feel the power of the water as it flowed over the rocks.  A place of healing and a place of reclaiming ones innocence.


We gathered together at the pool where the mighty waterfall flowed and again created our circle of light sending our prayer for healing and light out to the world.  Our world is joined together through the waterways that flow not only above the surface of the earth but beneath, so whenever one sends a prayer into the water it truly is felt across the planet.  Again the Andara crystal that has been carried to every continent and held by thousands was placed in the water to carry the message of hope and love.  It was a glorious day for everyone.  Nature is a natural remedy for depression, saddness confusion and anger.  To immerse yourself in nature it is impossible to hold on to any negative emotions.  It is for this reason I have always honored the turning of the wheel of nature.  It keeps us in harmony and balance.  To honor the old traditions with respect is a powerful tool to assist mankind in moving forward.

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When one stands before a waterfall you can feel a surge of tremendous power as the unseen world brings clarity and a renewed sense of purpose.  The mists of the waterfall provide a wondrous cleansing and healing.    Already the magick of Costa Rica began to set many things in motion for everyone.  For some, when they arrived I had seen the signs on their face that held worry and stress, uncertainty and confusion, but now as I looked around at this wonderful group that had gathered I saw their faces rejuvenated with joy, there was laughter and play.  Each person truly holding the other in their heart.  It felt good to be a part of this family as each day we were growing, each day we were connecting once again to the unseen world and those of the nature kingdom.  Each day as the sun set I thought about the incredible day we had.  Could it get any better I thought to myself.  And then each day it seemed to be better than the day before.  Such is the way we as humans were always intended to live our life.

Visit the website tomorrow as the journey continues and it does just keep getting better and better.

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  1. Tedeb

    Dear one,
    I want to thank-you for your beautiful post. Your insight and feelings always bring my heart to a better place. The things you say take me out my head and help me to feel and remember whats important. Your words bring me to the places you are and I can feel it my heart. I am so grateful to be connected to your web.