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May Planetary Updates


It is spring time on the mountain.  You can feel life everywhere as the trees are colored with vibrant purples and pinks, the meadows filled with daffodils and tulips.  The sky a brilliant blue as the sun shines on the amethyst mountain and the animal allies are showing themselves daily with messages and guidance.  Baby deer with their spots, baby squirrels and chipmunks are visible on nearly every hike I take.  Bald Eagles, Osprey and Red Tail Hawks soar above me.  I am feeling completely energized from the recent eclipse cycle in April and spending as much time as I can in the realm of nature.  I feel something magickal is truly in the air.

Since I will be traveling in mid May after the WESAK Full Moon celebration here on the mountain,  and  will have little access to wifi,  I am sending the planetary update and rituals for May early.  I will return to the mountain on May 28th and am currently scheduling Soul Life Readings or Karmic Life Lesson Readings after that date for those who would like to do a phone or skype session.  I will be in Southern California for a few days on May 23rd and 24th  if anyone would like to schedule a time for a personal session,  please contact me directly at [email protected]

May holds many wonderful blessings, a welcome relief after all the shifting we have been doing, but alas we still have two planets going retrograde that you need to be aware of.  If you work with these energies they can enhance the growth that is taking place between the last Total Lunar Eclipse on April 5th and the Final Total lunar eclipse from the series of 4 that will occur on September 28th.


Beloved Mercury will be going retrograde yet again.  (I know seems like it was just retrograde).  I tend to look at these retrograde cycles as opportunities for ongoing growth and as long as I know what I am working with I can focus on moving forward.


Similar to an athlete in training, we reach a plateau, we pause and then we are ready to step up the game. Retrogrades allow us to step out of our comfort zone, expand our awareness and see where we can improve our game.  The actual retrograde cycle (mark your calendars) is May 19th through June 11th.  It is however the period known as the Pre Shadow that starts to stir things up and we often feel this period with more intensity.  The Pre Shadow begins on May 4th just after the profound blessing we will receive the night of the WESAK Full Moon.   Prior to the retrograde, strive for clarity in all communication and get your paperwork in order. These energies are coming fast and furious now but if you find your rhythm and follow the messages these cycles bring, you will do just fine.


A few things I want to share with each of you.   Pluto went retrograde on April 16th.  Pluto is all about transformation, rebirth and regeneration.  It went retrograde 10 days after the total lunar eclipse and will go direct just days before the final total lunar eclipse on September 24th.   When chaotic events shake us at our foundations, it could be Pluto provoking change at a fundamental level. Our sense of who we are is under scrutiny.  Pluto governs personal power so we have the choice  to confront the thing that makes us fearful or those individuals we have given our power to.  The influence of Pluto as we dwell deeper within ourselves riding out the impact of one total lunar eclipse to the next provides tremendous opportunity to continue to discover what really makes your heart sing.  Each day moving closer to the dream we are manifesting.


We are truly blessed this month with the WESAK Full Moon on May 3rd.  A gift to our global community when the walls that separate us by religion and faith come down. The Buddha returns at this time each year to bring new light to the world. Spiritual leaders gather in the Wesak Valley, a mystical place high in the Himalayas.  This cosmic alignment occurs for eight minutes centered on the moment of the Wesak full moon.  

This is a very special night to pray for peace and healing for the planet as well as receive the blessings of the Buddha, the Christ and the Goddess by allowing yourself to be bathed in the healing light that flows as celestial waters.   Wesak unites the world religions in a shared Holy Day. The Moon is symbolic of the Divine Mother who comes in the reflected Light to nurture, support, protect, and bring life to flower the seeds of creation.  The Full Moon is like a pitcher pouring out a healing elixir. The celestial dispensation continues for three days following the day of the Full Moon. 

During these times of strong transition and change this is a night for the healers to receive a regeneration of energy to assist in their work, the teachers to receive guidance and the tools to assist others, the seed carriers to awaken to their full potential and each of us to join together as one collective vision of light to assist in healing the fractured circle of the cosmic web that joins us all together.   We will be doing a special ceremony on the mountain this night. For those unable to join us,  if there is a blessing or healing you would like to receive or if there is someone you would like to send a healing blessing to, please send me your name or the name of those in need.  All names will be written on a prayer flag and placed in the healing gardens at the base of the sacred mountain. 

I tend to get many names so please send them as soon as possible as I hand write each one and will place the prayer flags on my altar at the time of the blessing.   Please send it to [email protected]

Those who are members of our online subscription I have posted a very special WESAK Full Moon Ritual as well as the sabbat holy day of Beltane in the Northern Hemisphere and SamHein in the Southern Hemisphere.  A night when the veil between worlds is the thinnest and magick occurs.  If you are interested in joining our online subscription  to receive the monthly rituals and guided meditations, please click here.

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Wishing you wondrous blessings of starlight and magick, Robbyne

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