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May Planetary Influences

This year with COVID-19 the celebrations of the sabbat holy days have even more meaning to purify our energy field of fear, worry and anxiousness.    Inevitably life is about change but what we are experiencing is change like never before.  By celebrating the seasons as they change on the cosmic wheel, we celebrate the next chapter of our personal journey.  As we are still in a moment of pause to listen to our earth mother breathing and reset, the earth is replenishing itself and asking all of us to do the same..   You are able to celebrate these rituals over a three day period.

harvest altar

April 30th – Celebration of SamHain also known as All Hollows Eve in the Southern Hemisphere

Recognized by the ancient Druids as the night to communicate with the Ancestors. It represented the final harvest, when the crops were safely stored for the coming Winter. As the veil between the worlds of life and death is thin on this night, we take this time to remember those who have past into the spiritual realms.  SamHain is a time to complete any unfinished business of the summer.  One of the 8 days of power known as the Sabbat celebrations, and the most magickal of times revered by the ancient ones.  Also known as  Hollow’s Eve, this  marks a time when the veil that separates the world of the dead from the world of the living is thought to be thin, allowing for visits from the spirits of our departed ones.  I have posted a sacred ritual for opening the gateway to magick on this night and to honor our loved ones.  For those who are members of our online subscription series please click here

fairy fire dance

May 1 – Celebration of Beltane in the Northern Hemisphere – A Fire Ceremony of Purification

This is the third of three ceremonies performed to invite the Sun’s return. The first began with Imbolc followed by the Spring Equinox also known as Ostara and now Beltane to ensure the power of the sun would be at its fullest at the time of the Summer Solstice when there was the greatest amount of light on the earth. In the ancient times the druids would walk their animals and families between two bon fires symbolizing purification and cleansing.  They would call in the guardian spirits for protection for the rest of the year believing the sacred smoke created a magick layer of protection. Beltane is when the cares and fears of winter are purified giving way to youth, exuberance, innocence, playfulness and sexuality.  The ancient ones did not just celebrate a holiday at the time of Beltane; it was a cosmic opening for a specific energy.  It is a time known as  “no time” when the veil between worlds is lifted and one of the spirit nights when faeries can be seen.  The first flowers of summer are gathered and love is in the air.    For those who are members of our online subscription series please click here for the Beltane ritual.


Tuesday, May 7th/8th The May Full Moon is dedicated to the sacred Rose

The third and final super Full moon of 2020 is dedicated to the rose.  The rose accepted in all cultures and religions as a symbol of love encourages us to love ourselves and accept everyone as children of the Goddess.  With this full moon and the time of stillness we have been gifted it will illuminate areas in our life that we need to heal and change during this time of the Grand resetting.    This is also the Wesak full moon, a time when the world is blessed with the return of the The Buddha in a sacred water blessing as the Goddess purifies the holy water with her tears, nurturing the rose that lives within our heart. Celebrate this night with a ceremony dedicated to universal love through sacred ritual that unifies all beliefs, faiths, and cultures of our global community into the vibration of love.   As we join together around our beautiful water planet this is a night to set focused intention for global harmony and prayer for leaders of all nations to make right choice and right decision.  Let this be a night that you fall in love with the sacred sovereign being that you are, activating the dragon heart for greater clarity and direction.  For those who are members of our online subscription series I have posted a ritual to celebrate the rose and water blessing of the Wesak celebration please click here.  I have also be posted a guided audio meditation to assist you in awakening to the Path of the Rose. Click here

planets universe

Halfway through May we move into an intense retrograde cycle with three planets going retrograde within days of each other.  Retrogrades ask us to review, reassess, and realign the paths that we’re on in the particular areas of our lives that they influence. With our earth mother in a state of pause, the retrogrades will be even more powerful as we are already in stillness and this time can guide us to go deeper into our own grand reset.

May 11th to September 29th Saturn goes Retrograde

Saturn is the planet of restrictions and karma, the rebel planet.   One of the major players in the grand transformation earlier this year, this retrograde encourages you to rethink your priorities and witness the consequences of your decisions. This is a time to redefine your personal and professional boundaries, as well as take a long, hard look at the responsibilities currently on your  plate. To look back on our personal paths, as we journey deeper into our story, we can examine failures and disappointments, the root of our fears and see beyond illusion to the victories and success that have made us who we are when we look through the lens of the heart.

We know our world will never be the same, but we can use these retrogrades to examine how we can be greater Agents of Change.  Saturn asks us to make the change internally first.  For those who wish to go deeper into their karmic patterns or past life imprints I am available for Karmic Life Readings to review the soul contract made prior to this incarnation. Life lessons, core fears, karmic connections with significant souls in one’s life are identified and reviewed. Patterns that one continues to create and guidance to make necessary change provided.

May 13th Venus goes retrograde to June 25, 2020

Venus is the planet of love and money and this retrograde will reveal what needs improvement when it comes to your relationships and your financial state. Old patterns on how you behave in relationship, deep-seated issues regarding self-love will surface.  Venus is an inner planet and has the strongest impact on our daily life giving us a great time for reflection. Venus retrograde will force us to look at our beliefs about money and relationships.  I continue to offer the written Chakra Clearing Reading providing valuable insight how to bring this delicate system into harmony with the new vibration of our earth mother assisting you in cosmically leveling up.

May 14th Jupiter goes Retrograde until September 13th

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and considered the luckiest of all the planets.  It brings blessings, expansion, growth, and learning in all different areas of our lives. Jupiter retrograde will help us discover other ways we can expand our consciousness and evolve to become who we are destined to be.  As a navigational tool to assist one when moving through these changes, as feelings of uncertainty, confusion and lack of direction arise I am offering Soul Life Readings.

rebirthing process

May 22nd – New Moon of Rebuilding and Recovering

A rebirth is occurring and with it comes increased inner focus.  With each cycle of the moon we are discovering more and more about who we are.  We are remembering our divine selves and embracing the gifts and talents we have been born with, we are feeling the calling of the Goddess and the stirring of our hearts to step up and be Agents of change.  I have posted a New Moon Ritual for the rebuilding and recovering of ourselves as well as our global community. Click here

Wishing you a magickal month of renewed faith and vision.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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