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May Planetary Influences

Chief Looking Horse

According to Chief Arvol Looking Horse, traditional leader of the Lakota clan of the Sioux nation and 19th generation Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Bundle, the appearance of white animals heralds a time of great urgency for the Earth and humanity as a whole. It is said that the appearance of such unusually colored animals is an omen calling for us to unite as a People and walk as One.

all albino animals

As the prophecies have shared these beautiful white animals have begun to appear the world over: Buffalo, Lions, Giraffes, Zebras, Gorillas; Robins, Foxes, Sparrows, Bats, Hedgehogs, Tigers, Elephants, Raccoons Dogs, Pythons, Cobras, Monkeys, Leopards, Peacocks; Kangaroos, Wallabies, Kookaburras, Koalas, Possums, Emus, Echidna and Kiwi; Ravens, Crows, Deer, Bear, Skunks, Moose, Squirrels, Coyotes, Horned Owls, Hummingbirds, Rheas, Pumas, Rattlesnakes, Alligators Lynx, Whales, Penguins, Fur Seals, Dolphins and Sea Turtles. Many appearing in the last four years, or directly before, during or after world events that call for peace and global unity.    Chief Arvol believes that the animals are being born white to attract our attention, as embodiments of a universal need for humanity to unite in the name of Peace so that our children and their children will be ensured a future on Mother Earth. He says ‘all nations, all faiths’ must unite ‘in one prayer’ no matter how we believe in the Creator Spirit, if we are to acknowledge and honor the birth of these sacred animals and heed their message.

Guy Seaman Photography

I have just returned home to New Zealand after an encounter with the white wallaby on Bruny Island in Tasmania.  The southern hemisphere holds a special place in my heart as I believe it is here that the light will rise again. It was a profound moment when one of these beautiful messengers chose to walk up to us.   They, unlike us, have never lost their ability to communicate directly with the Earth Mother, nor have they forgotten their inherent relationship with the forces of Nature.   We as a global nation need to stop judging our neighbors by their nationality, the color of their skin, their beliefs and their customs.  We need to love one another for our differences and truly learn from one another.   If we do not embrace one another we will soon be living in a time of great darkness. The white animals are offering themselves as beacons of hope; spiritual guides to inspire us to follow and trust in the light that is the heart of the Divine Mother Goddess.  The white animals are here to fulfill an ancient prophecy and invite each of us to follow the teachings of the Path of the Rose.

Castle Hill journey

The month of May holds a very special energy, known as the WESAK Full Moon. (More details below) I will be celebrating this very special time in Castle Hill, New Zealand.  This sacred area is of special cultural, spiritual and historical significance to Ngai Tahu who named it Kura Tawhiti (treasure from afar). Here we will celebrate the true meaning of WESAK with the water blessing as we gather together to pray for global peace and the celestial light to open the hearts of the world leaders.

leafs changing colors

April 30th – Samhain is celebrated in the Southern Hemisphere

This is the first of three nights in the Southern Hemisphere on which we celebrate Samhain. It is the end of the harvest, we recognize the last days of summer, and the cold nights of winter are coming. This is a night to thank the Goddess as we look forward to the winter and enter a time of sacred darkness.  It is one of two nights when the veil is thinnest, and the enchanted ones come to share.  A night to receive guidance from the spirit world and speak with our ancestors who have departed the earth.  Please click here for the Samhain ritual.

fire blessing ritual

May 1, 2019 BELTANE – Northern Hemisphere –  Fire Ceremony of Purification

This is the third of three ceremonies performed to invite the Sun’s return in the Northern Hemisphere. The first began with Imbolc, followed by the Spring Equinox known as Ostara and now Beltane.  The three celebrations were performed through sacred ritual to ensure the power of the sun would be at its fullest at the time of the Summer Solstice when there was the greatest amount of light on the earth. In the ancient times the druids would walk their animals and families between two bon fires symbolizing purification and cleansing.  They would call in the guardian spirits for protection for the rest of the year believing the sacred smoke created a magick layer of protection. Celebrating Beltane can bring good fortune, health and prosperity as well as good luck for new business adventures. It is a night one can procure a lover or spouse for those who are single.  It can enhance passion for those who are in relationships. Known as the ritual union of the May Lord and May Lady.  The word Beltane literally means, “shining fire.”  For those who follow the Path of the Rose and the Earth traditions I have posted a ritual for this special night.  Please click here

new moon Taurus

May 4/5th –  New Moon in Taurus

Taurus is an earth sign and with the May new moon in Taurus, this is a powerful night to begin to shift into abundance consciousness. REMEMBER ENERGY FLOWS WHERE ATTENTION GOES.  With a Taurus new moon we are encouraged to step outside of our normal routine.  This is an excellent time to take a technology break.  Consciously choose to shut off your phone, computer, and other technical tools while you reconnect to the natural world.  The effects of the May new moon will last for four weeks up to the June 3 new moon.  A new moon ritual focusing on attracting in opportunities and abundance as you manifest your dreams and desires has been posted.  Please click here.

water blessing buddha

May 19th – WESAK Full Moon

WESAK is a celebration of Buddha’s journey, his birth, attainment of enlightenment, and  his ascension. In Buddhism, this full moon is believed to be the most powerful one of the year, as the Buddha returns each year to the Wesak Valley in the Himalayas once a year to bring spiritual energy and a new wave of awakening light that glows the next 12 months on the earth.  This is a global celebration of peace as it is believed that at this time, blessings of peace are bestowed upon everyone as the Masters of all faiths and beliefs join together.  A powerful night for global prayer, the message the white animals are trying to share to the world of human.  Castle Hill is sacred to the Waitaha, the water carriers and messengers of peace.  This sacred place was said to be a place where Heaven and Earth come together by the Dalai Lama.  I will be posting a special ritual for our global community to join together in prayer as we gather here to honor the earth mother.  I will also be posting later a guided audio meditation for those who are members of our Moon Cycle and Sacred Sabbat Celebration Series.

May peace fill your hearts as you become ambassadors of the Goddess.  Prayers for peace for our global community and gratitude to the white messengers who serve as our animal allies.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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