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Maui Strong

Everyone has their sacred mountain, river, land, and ocean.  My heart home is Waiheke Island, New Zealand, my spirit mountain is Mount Shasta, and my land and ocean is Maui and the beautiful Pacific Ocean, the sacred blue.  It has been a stressful and challenging few days as my daughter lives on Maui and works in Lahaina.  This is her community.   It is my second home, my happy place where I have been blessed to spend a couple of months each year.

I am called every January and February to be in the sacred waters when the humpback whales arrive to birth the next generation and sing their song.  I swim in the crystal clear waters and commune with the Honu.  I can spend hours just being at my watercolor spot mesmerized by the beauty.  Countless trips to the harbor to board a whale boat to commune with the Nommos are etched in my memory.

I have felt what so many are feeling in waiting to know if your family is safe.  To finally get through not knowing if my daughter was safe and hear her sobs, feeling her pain and panic telling me …  ”It’s all gone mom, it’s all gone” was a moment I felt helpless with a wave of emotion that I had not known before move through me.  As a mom my heart was shattered.  Almost immediately text, emails and phone calls began to come from our tribe.  It gave me strength.  With each message I would burst into tears feeling the love.  I have always been a faith keeper but being a mom so far away from my daughter who was hurting and knowing so many who have lost everything was gut wrenching.  Thank you to our tribe.  I have needed you and you have been there for me.

I always search for truth in the midst of tragedy.  The fires occurred on the Lion’s Gate.  In New Zealand which is one day ahead I had gone to the Star Gate on the other side of the island which for me is guarded by the whales.

I had been called to play the Ocean singing bowl and sit in the portal to pray for love and a kinder, gentler world.   A surge of energy came, and I was filled with a brilliant Magenta light.  The color of Maria Magdalene.  I had never felt the intensity of this light like I was feeling in this moment.  I knew we were carrying this light to France to walk the path of the Magdalene in October and weave the energy of hope into the dragon lines.

I left a red flower as an offering at the door.   The next morning, which was the 9th here and now the 8th in Maui, I awoke from a powerful dream of being back at the stargate.  So powerful that I knew I was awake but then pulled back to the stargate where a new guide was standing wearing the exact red flower I had left.  He spoke to me and said, “Are you ready?”  “Ready for what?”  I replied.  “You asked for help, and I am here to help you bring the magick back”.  Suddenly I was filled with incredible joy.  I now keep following the timelines to this moment of joy when I feel heavy as I am grieving for Maui.

The moment I heard what had happened on Maui, my mind flashed to the movie Moana.  One of my favorites.  I have seen it probably 20 times and it always makes me cry.  (Granted I can cry over anything) but the message touches my heart.  I cry because this is my story as a guardian of the sacred blue and a faith keeper.  It is our story as a tribe, and we need now more than ever to be Maui Strong!!   Kia Kaha

Moana is the story of a young girl who sets sail to save her people.   During her journey, Moana meets the once-mighty demigod Maui, who guides her in her quest to become a master way-finder. Together they sail across the open ocean, encountering enormous monsters and impossible odds. Along the way, Moana fulfills the ancient quest of her ancestors and discovers the one thing she always sought: her own identity.  Moana was gifted with a green stone and knew it was her purpose to restore the stone to Te Fiti.

The green stone is the andara crystal, the stone of pure and unconditional love that I have carried since 2003.  The stone that has been in countless ceremonies all over the world to pray for a kinder, gentler world and the alliance to be restored between hooomans and the unseen world.  The stone that holds the prayers of a world united not divided by hate and fear.

When Moana and Maui finally reached Te Fiti, the mother of the island was gone. Instead, there was a lava monster named, Te Ka. Summoning all her courage, Moana gave the heart to Te Ka and Te Ka remembered who she was meant to be… She was Te Fiti! With her heart restored, Te Fiti bloomed once again. The world was back in balance.  I have to believe that what we are now experiencing with all  this chaos is our story.  Te Ka is the consciousness of greed, self-interest, fear, anger, division, hatred  and control that has been unleashed.  But together we are stronger.  Together we will find our way.

With the incredible infusion of light that came in at the time of the Lion’s Gate it began to expose the shadow.  The elders believe that when there is not enough love in the world, fire goes in search of water.  Water is the element of love.  This is a picture of fire going to the waters at the time of the Maui fires.  We did not come here to be weak or be defeated.  We came here to be Maui strong.  She and her people need us now to be faith keepers.  The dragon lines are moving and Maui sits on the line that runs from New Zealand to Mount Shasta.  Lahaina is revered by Native Hawaiians because it has long been the home of Kihawahine, a woman who transformed into a goddess, or a supernatural shapeshifting lizard in Hawaiian religion. (a dragon).

Lahaina was a whaling station and yet the whales have forgiven hoomans and return year after year to these sacred waters.  I am emotionally shaken to my core, but I am strong.  We are strong and we will get through this.  It won’t be easy, we will need the strength of coming together.  I wanted my daughter to come to me so I could help her move through this, but she has chosen to stay, to help.  I am incredibly proud of the warrior she has become but I am also shattered as I don’t know when I will see her.    For now, I will pray and send healing and strength to all.  To the first responders, the fireman, and the police now dealing with the reality of what remains behind.

The sacred Banyan tree is torched but remains.  She is the heart of Maui and continues to beat.  She will rise from the ashes like the Phoenix. Lahaina will rebuild.  Maui Strong!!  Kia Kaha.  I am called now to journey to Spirits Bay at the far northern tip of New Zealand to do prayer and ceremony connecting to the elders and honor those who have lost their lives as we continue to weave the golden thread.

The bay is considered a sacred place in Maori culture.  The place where spirits of the dead gather to depart from this world to travel to their ancestral home from a large old Pohutukawa tree above the bay.

maui sigil

I have created a Sigil for the healing of Maui and continue to create personal Sigils for those who are interested.  For those who have ordered them I plan to send with the personal message when we return to the states on September 1st.  If you are interested in these magickal tools please CLICK HERE.

In September I will gather the tribe on Mount Shasta at the time of the turning of the wheel the Equinox when there are equal portions of light and dark.  I invite those who are called to join with me and our tribe to walk as faith keepers to the place of the dragon and sacred waters for ceremony to dream the new dream that began in Uluru at the time of the 777.    Click Here.

I plan to return to Maui in January after she has had time to heal and replenish.  After her people have time to heal and rebuild.  The whales will return, and I will be there to join them.  There is  much work that lies ahead for our tribe.  We came to be warriors!

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Kia Kaha… Be Strong

Love and rainbows of hope.

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