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March 20/21st, 2015


During this month we will be experiencing a total solar eclipse, providing a tremendous opportunity to expand into our full radiant potential of light.  The  Total Solar Eclipse in March occurs at the same time as the Equinox adding to the intensity and making this a profound planetary event.  We have not experienced a total solar eclipse with such magnitude since the  solar eclipse in 1999.

The  Equinox in Auckland, New Zealand will occur on Saturday, 21 March 2015 at 11:45 a.m. NZDT.  Based on UTC this will occur on Friday, March 20 at 22:45 in London, England.   Please click here to find the actual time in your area.  The influences are felt both before and after an eclipse.

At the time  of the total solar eclipse  we will feel an acceleration of light sending a wave of energy through our physical body.  What this means for the human body is light energy will be sent through the Pineal Gland and nervous system to recalibrate one’s bio circuitry.  Leading up to the eclipse and most definitely following this high infusion of light, one can experience anxiety, tension, dizziness, restlessness, sleepless nights and physical body discomfort such as joint pains, headaches and sinus congestion.  Some may feel waves of emotion and fear.  It is important to remember this is a Year of Manifestation, the infinity sym bol will play a major role in helping to align the polarity that exists within each of us,  restoring balance and guiding us towards our full potential.  At the time of the Equinox we have equal portions of light and shadow.  The universal message emanating from the Infinity sign.


We are  shadow and light, masculine and feminine, star light walking in a human body having a human experience that at times can create imbalance.  Many souls have incarnated with the ancient Atlantean Fear of failure and  loss.  With the total solar eclipse the deepest fears will be brought to the surface for healing.  One’s intuitive abilities will be greatly heightened at this time, so one must be cautious who and what you allow into your energy field during this three day cycle.


Utilizing this significant opportunity to realign to ones true purpose can support your earth journey.  I will be in Toronto, Canada click here for more details on this event.  On Friday evening, March 20th there will be a heart opening meditation to assist in aligning one with the higher frequencies.  On Saturday, March 21st I will be sharing tools of empowerment and the ancient knowledge of working with the sacred symbol of the infinity sign also known as the Lemniscate, the blueprint of the universe.  You are invited to join together with a wonderful group, for a powerful time of healing as you experience the celestial elemental chimes and crystal singing bowls.  I will also be sharing the andara crystal, the stone of unconditional love as it activates the seed we each carry within our heart center.


The Maori share the teachings of Ti Kore, the intense energy that expresses itself as chaos in the void.  It is the emptiness or nothingness that we move through just prior to manifestation.   When we embrace the void we move through fear imprinted from many lifetimes.  We move through the verbal imprint of untruths that have been recorded in our consciousness.  There is no way around this; it is essential to move forward into the unknown for here our creative potential waits for us.   The total solar eclipse provides a grand opportunity for each of us to tap into this creative potential to manifest our dreams.


At the time of the total solar eclipse, Ma’at, the Keeper of Cosmic Balance will be strongly felt as her expression is awakening many.  Our soul experiences are reviewed and we have an opportunity to reclaim our power.   Being able to hold this tremendous potential is key to manifesting into reality the dream that has been dreaming you. Because of Ma’at, the  Egyptians knew that the universe, was a fractal universe.  What thoughts and actions were placed within the chaos would manifest into physical reality. Ma’at represents reality, the solid grounding of reality that made the Sun rise, the stars shine, the river flood and the fertile crops produce.  The universe itself was sacred. With the total solar eclipse we have a grand opportunity to let the untruths that lie in our unconsciousness die.  An aspect of ourself needing to die to be reborn into our true potential.

The eclipse energy will illuminate for each of us where we are not living in integrity and truth.  Where we have deceived ourselves and others.  The potential we have at this time is tremendous if you take the time to find your still point and enter the chaos.

An eclipse is an astronomical event that occurs when one object in the sky moves into the shadow of another.  The solar eclipse (which occurs only on a  New Moon) happens when the Moon is located between the Earth and Sun. Solar eclipses, like a regular New Moon, signify a new beginning or a new direction unfolding. An eclipse from an astrological perspective creates a super powerful New Moon.  This one will be occurring at the time of the Equinox, which will take the energy to another level. On a personal level the big events in life often happen when an eclipse occurs.     The solar eclipse in 1999 was the prelude to me becoming the guardian of  the obsidian skull known as EB.  To say my life changd is an understatement indeed.

For those who have subscribed to the 2015 Moon Cycle and Ritual online subscription I will be posting  both an Equinox ritual for this powerful night as well as a guided meditation to support the opening of your heart and third eye to receive the gifts being offered with the Total Solar Eclipse.  I am also posting the Full Moon Ritual for both the Northern and SouthernHemisphere which will ocurr on Friday, March 6th.

I will be both in New Zealand to celebrate the Full Moon under the Grandmother and Grandfather Pohutakawa Tree and then flying home to celebrate  the Full Moon again on the sacred Mount Shasta.    I find that to be incredibly powerful in weaving the crystal island of Waiheke, the heart essence of Lemuria with the sacred Amethyst Mountain of Saint Germaine, just prior to the Solar Eclipse that will ocurr on the 21st.   Click Here to log into the website for rituals and meditation.


2015 is the year when the  Divine Feminine is fully anchored into  earth plane consciousness.  With the infusion of light available with the solar eclipse and the turning of the cosmic wheel at the time of the Equinox, we have an opportunity to experience  the alchemical marriage and union of the divine male and divine female,  unlocking the ancient grail codes and remembrance of Avalon.  The knowledge held dormant within the earth grid since the time of Atlantis can be accessed during an eclipse.   I encourage you to utilize the power of this time to step forward in search of your own divine truth.  So many tools are available to us at this time.  For those who are called by the lady to return to the mysterious lands of Avalon we invite you to join us in sacred ceremony at the source of the sacred waters in September.  For more information click here.

Kia Kaha…. Be Strong

Love and illuminated Light to guide your journey forward,


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