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March Planetary Influences


Super New Moon Total Solar Eclipse – March 8th/9th

On March 8th/9th, (depending on your time zone) we will experience a Total Solar Eclipse and Super New Moon in Pisces. Pisces is a water element connected to the spiritual and mystical realms.  Water is the most sacred element of the Goddess and associated with the Dream. One of the ways to enhance the power we have to create on this night is to be by water or in water.  Sit in stillness by an ocean, river, lake or waterfall.   Submerge into a beautiful ritual healing bath.  The New Moon in Pisces invites each of us to find a sacred sanctuary for renewal and celebration.   When you feel replenished and filled with celestial light, you will be able to bring beauty, joy, love, the gifts you carry inside into the physical world.  In the stillness you will gain clarity of what you need to remove from your path that is inhibiting joy and happiness.  It will heighten your awareness as to the fears and insecurities you may still need to address. You will begin to feel this 3 or 4 days prior and may find an inability to focus, physical body pains where we hold congested energy from unresolved emotions may intensify.  We will feel edgy, restless and impatient.

During a Solar Eclipse, the Moon is directly between the Earth and Sun.   During this brief time when the Moon eclipses the Sun, we have an opportunity to go deep within, to pause, to gain insight and clarity, to allow the dream to express through us.  A window opens that allows the surface walker and the dream walker to unite as one expression of starlight.  Tremendous clarity and guidance is offered to the one who sits in stillness and listens with an open heart.   The energy available to us with this Total Solar Eclipse is Emotional Wisdom,  gaining mastery of the self in order to step forward.  At this time we are given the opportunity to remove our illusions.   We gain awareness to understand how everyone who crosses our path is a mirror allowing us to find our personal truth. The ‘Total Eclipse will occur  at 1:58 a.m. UT on 9th March.   Use the conversion link below to find the exact time of the eclipse in your area.  CLICK HERE

This Solar Eclipse brings the potential for super charged new beginnings with clarity that comes during this window.  (Solar light or conscious awareness).  Use this gift wisely, take the time to honor and celebrate.  The New Moon Solar Eclipse Ritual has been posted for the online subscription series.


March 20/21st   EQUINOX

The equinox  provides a unique time  for the one committed to moving forward to access ancient knowledge.   Awareness to the struggle of our human experience between darkness and light.  As the Masters have shared with us… As Above …So Below reflects that the natural world is continuously providing us with opportunities to gain insight, and wisdom when we honor the old traditions and follow with sacred ceremony the turning of the wheel by acknowledging the turning of the seasons. This is symbolized by the dark half of the year on one side of the spring equinox sun, and the light half of the year on the other…

This pulling back and forth between light and darkness symbolizes the natural cycle of our universe.  It reminds us equal portions of shadow and light exists within everything.  This provides the knowledge why on our personal journey, we each will move through times of valleys and other times climb to high peaks.  We need both for the balance. It reveals the role of darkness and light in creating movement through its struggle and opposition for our own personal growth.

In the Northern Hemisphere we celebrate the Spring Equinox or Vernal Equinox.  In the Southern Hemisphere it is the turning of the season as we move into Fall with the Autumn Equinox.  Regardless of where you find yourself, it is one of two nights when there is equal portions of light and dark creating an opportunity to bring into balance our shadow and light, male and female.  Indeed a time of celebration and honoring the old ways aligning with the natural world to receive the healing energies offered at this special time.  Decisions made at the time of the Equinox will enable you to create a life of Balance.  The living energy present at the time of the Equinox embodies a moment of power when two opposing forces come together as one.

I will be in Maui on Haleakala, known as the worlds spinning fire vortex for the Equinox celebration.  This is the most powerful time where the fire vortex spins out to the world the energies of forgiveness, clearing old judgments, burning away illusion and doubt.   I will be performing sacred ceremony with the andara crystal, the stone of unconditional love.

Preluding the lunar eclipse of March, these high intensity moments offer us opportunities for great growth but will trigger every emotion.  You can feel you are being tossed around inside your house as though someone has grabbed it, shaken it and set it back down with you in it.  Capturing these high intensity moments through ritual and celebration can support one in maintaining their balance.

Maat the Egyptian goddess

Full Moon in Libra – The Moon dedicated to Maat – The Egyptian Goddess of Truth – March 23rd

Eclipses occur in pairs. The one following the Super New Moon Total Solar eclipse will be a Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Libra.   I will be sending another newsletter regarding the symbology of this Full Moon.

For those who are members of our online subscription Moon Cycle and Sabbat Ritual Series, all rituals have now been posted for March.  Click here to log in.  I will also be adding a guided meditation for the Maat Full Moon and sending an announcement.   These are exclusive to our members.

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