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March Planetary Influences

wounded healer

On February 17th Chiron known as the wounded healer entered Aries, the sign of the warrior and will remain there for the next 7 years until June 19, 2026.  Also known as the Cosmic Shaman, Chiron moved into Aries in April of 2018 but retrograded back into Pisces from Sept 25, 2018 to Feb 18, 2019.  Now moving forward in Aries, the wounded healer will remain here until 2026.  The last time the centaur entered Aries was on Jan 30 1969 until 1976.  This is a major shift and as this energy begins to weaken our old limiting beliefs we will find the need to evaluate our life and determine if we are truly living in our power or giving our power to others.  Aries is the sign most in tune with the Mars energy of the warrior. For anybody who has committed to growth and stepping into your higher purpose by taking your gifts to the next level, this begins the planetary push to get there. Chiron in Aires requires us to find the courage of the warrior to reclaim our own personal power first. Similar to the Lotus, Chiron originates in deep, dark mucky water. Eventually, the bloom of the lotus pushes up through that darkness into the light. Aries is a fire sign that represents our desire to be fierce and begin anew. This transit will be prompting us to get more in tune with our courageous and daring side. A new way of being as we birth the magickal child is about to be discovered in order to find our way out of the muck.

It’s one of the most important transits in regards to our path to enlightenment and understanding of who we truly are. An important moment in our soul’s development where we have an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and begin anew. It’s a moment in time where we can make peace with the past and truly shine the light of who we are. Chiron in Aries will create a significant shift. It will have an effect on all of us in some way. This will certainly intensify and impact the affect of other planets.  The first being Mercury Retrograde.

God of Mercury

March 5th Mercury Retrograde

After an opportunity of forward motion with no planets in retrograde since early January 2019, the first Mercury retrograde comes one day before the Pisces New Moon.  In 2019, all Mercury retrogrades fall only in water signs, creating a theme for the year.  Strongly emotional charges, if channeled properly, these retrogrades can help us gain clarity and inspire us to take action towards our dreams.  Mercury is the planet of communication and water signs are typically associated with more sensitive, intuitive, and artistic forms of expression.  Under these watery Mercury retrogrades, our emotions, dreams, and our gut feelings are all going to be upgraded for us if we use this energy to our advantage. The more we use our intuition, the more we trust it, the stronger and more reliable it becomes.  We all have intuition, we just have to nurture it, embrace it, and sharpen it, especially during these watery Mercury cycles.

Mercury is the messenger of the Gods. When it is retrograde, Mercury travels through the deeper, darker parts of our soul, offering us new insights.  We need to trust our intuition more and tune into our other senses. We need to pay more attention to Universal clues.  When Mercury goes direct, we often find that we have gained new insights and understood things on a deeper level than we realized before.  Mercury retrograde gives us the perspective to shift our beliefs and to look at things in a new way.  The first part of March has a lot of volatile energy, and so it is best to take things slow, especially if you feel indecision about something.  The best way to deal with this watery Pisces Mercury retrograde is to channel your creativity and spend time in reflection doing things like playing music, writing in your journal, or creating art.  Mercury goes direct on the 28th and although Mercury will need some time to return to its former strength, we will start feeling much more confident and directed at this time.

new moon ritual

NEW MOON – March 6/7

Each month we are invited by the goddess to look within for a deep reflection as we set intentions for new beginnings. As we enter into stillness we cultivate soulful sacred connections with our own divine goddess within.  We create a sacred container for seeding transformation, amplifying our intentions, and filling our hearts with joyful light. The new moon is in Pisces which rules over creativity, dreams, stillness and meditation.  Make this a day you consciously choose to slow down, take a breather, physically do less, pause, rest, meditate and dream.  A new moon can be a time of powerful manifestation magick.  The moon is furthest from the earth which opens the mind to dream big.  Thoughts become seeds that will grow, so be careful what you wish for.  With the new moon in Pisces we are given an invitation to create a safe container to seed our dreams. This is a time to really pay attention to inspired thoughts or dreams.  In the darkness of the new moon be still and listen.  I have posted a new moon ritual to harness the potential of this powerful cycle.  Click here

full moon ritual

FULL MOON – March 20th/21st

The full moon of March is the third super moon and coincides this year with the vernal equinox, the start of the spring season in the northern hemisphere.  The last time a full moon coincided with the first day of spring was March 20, 1981.  Equinoxes and solstices happen twice a year. An equinox is the moment in time when the Sun stands directly above the equator and day and night are of equal length. For the Northern Hemisphere, the spring equinox is the moment when winter ends and spring begins.  For the Southern Hemisphere it is the moment when summer ends and autumn begins.  While the equinox occurs at the same moment in time all over the world, the date and local time differ from place to place depending on the location’s time zone. For locations that are ahead of UTC (further east) it may fall on the day after, and for locations that are behind UTC it may fall on the day before.  The March Full Moon is dedicated to Kali, the Goddess that creates an ending to the destructive cycles in our life.  She transforms us by illuminating our path into the darkness and shadows within. Kali works with our shadow to bring forth our light.  The power of the super full moon and the equinox provides an opportunity to truly shift our old patterns of behavior as we give birth to a new expression of our divine self.

March brings one of two times a year when there is an equal balance of light and shadow on the earth.  Exactly 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness providing a unique opportunity to bring into balance inspiration with action, the merging of the heart and the mind.  The balance of our male and female essence.  The Equinox provides us with a time “Between the worlds” a window through which we can perform special magick as we honor the turning of the wheel and the unseen world.

spring equinox

In the Northern Hemisphere there is a stirring of new life as the Spring Equinox is celebrated. In the Celtic lands the equinox known as Ostara, was celebrated as the return of the Goddess after her winter hibernation.  This is the time when the crone or wise woman is transformed once again into the maiden. She is giving birth to all of nature as the flowers begin to rise from beneath the earth’s surface.  This is an excellent time to honor the old ways and nurture the dream that has been in gestation since the Solstice and beginning of the Year of Birthing the Magickal Child. I will be adding a ritual to celebrate this powerful time in the next week.

autumn equinox

If you are living in the Southern Hemisphere you are preparing for the The Autumn Equinox, also known, as Mabon, the balance between light and dark. As we give thanks for the abundance that the long days and strong power of summer have given, we also take this moment to balance, to rest, to simply be, preparing ourselves for the approaching winter season. It is a time of giving thanks and reflection on what has passed as we look ahead to the brightness of the future. This is an excellent night to meditate on the shadow and the light within you, asking each aspect what message it has for you as you bring the two together in wholeness and union. Powerful rituals for working with the equinox energies will be posted shortly for those who are members of our online subscription series. If you would like to join our online subscription series to receive monthly Full Moon, New Moon and Sacred Sabbat Celebrations as well as a guided full moon meditation to assist you in working on a deeper level with the moon cycles and earth magick click here.

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 Wishing you a wondrous month of magick and awareness.

Love and whale cuddles from Maui, Robbyne

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