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March Musings


The muse is an aspect of the Goddess that inspires one to rediscover the passion within and to take the raw energy offered at the time of the Equinox to reinvent and recreate yourself into grandness.  Now more than ever, a deeper spiritual connection can assist us in finding balance and restoring our faith and hope as we continue to navigate into the unknown.  We must remember the unknown is simply spiraling, swirling cosmic energy of starlight, holding the potential to manifest and create everything we desire if we stay focused.  As we move through 2021 we will see old structures and beliefs continue to crumble.

If we do not surrender to the changes, we may find our world appearing to go upside down.  In that same spinning vortex of chaos is unbelievable potential to rebuild and reinvent our expression.  It is up to us to choose how to harness that energy.  When we decide enough is enough, we are then able to call upon a hidden strength and make the changes we know we need to make.  When we finally release the old story, we keep rewinding in our consciousness, we are able to make significant change.  For those who feel that stirring of raw potential and have reached that point where Enough is Enough, I invite you to travel with me along the Path of the Rose.  This is an invitation from your soul to step into magnificence.  I am also offering a more intensive program known as the Dragonfly Emergence.

The month of March holds an energy of balance with the turning of the wheel, so I highly recommend you take the time to honor the old ways of nature in sacred ceremony.  My personal experience has shown there is no greater way to tune into the cycles of nature like observing the Holy days of the earth religion. These days which belong to everyone, are truly a key to assist us through these times of transition and uncertainty by keeping us in harmony with nature, our bridge to the world of spirit and to our Still Point.   When celebrated with joy and intention, these times of celestial openings will lead you down paths you never knew were there.   By honoring the moon cycles, understanding how to work effectively with the retrograde cycles and developing a deeper relationship with the natural world, one may seek to gain insight into themselves and the true connection we have with everything and everyone.

Dark moon

March New Moon – 13th

New Moon in Pisces marks the beginning of a new cycle.  The sign of water, Pisces likes to flow along at its own pace.  Pisces is connected to the sacred blue and I always call upon the whale, dolphin, honu and mermaid for guidance on a Pisces New Moon to assist me in being in the flow.  One of my last days on Maui as I sat in quiet contemplation, I felt such gratitude in my heart.  I was experiencing the perfect day of bliss.

buddha hawaii

I had found the perfect parking place and I had done sacred ceremony at the Buddha with no one there but myself.  I had found the perfect spot on the beach in the shade.  There was a gentle breeze and the sacred blue glistened like a thousand diamonds.  I could feel the sea nymphs dancing on the surface of the water and was invited in.   I was in the flow.   As I was snorkeling feeling the bliss of the liquid light against my skin, I thought how blessed am I for this perfect day.  I had a vision of a beautiful Honu and thought how I would love an encounter with the ancestors.  I have a deep love for this mystical being, protected in the Hawaiian waters.  I lifted my head above the water and realized I had traveled quite far beyond the shoreline and needed to head back.  Within seconds something bumped up against me.  I thought to myself, an entire ocean and a human disturbs my peaceful moment.  I turned around and was now face to face with Honu.  We had a moment of looking into each other’s eyes and I knew the ancestors had come to share a message.  The magick of this new moon is to prepare us for the changes that are coming is what was shared with me.  A feeling of hope and renewal.  Utilize this beautiful dark moon to enter the stillness and nurture the seeds you carry in your heart.  A new moon ritual has been posted for those who are members of our online subscription series.   Click Here

light and dark

March 20th – Equinox Magick

The time of the Equinox provides us with a time “Between the worlds” a window through which we can perform special magick as we honor the turning of the wheel and the unseen world. This is one of two days when the earth will experience equal portions of light and dark. A Powerful night to bring into balance inspiration with action, the merging of the heart and the mind, the balance of our male and female essence.

If you are living in the Northern Hemisphere this is a time to awaken the sun and all that you are giving birth to. In the Celtic lands, Ostara was celebrated as the return of the Goddess after her winter hibernation. This is the time when the crone or wise woman is transformed once again into the maiden. It is this youthful energy that we are tapping into as we celebrate Ostara, or the Spring Equinox.   Ostara is one of only two days in the year that day and night are equal. At the time of the Spring Equinox there is perfect balance which can assist we humans into coming back into balance and acknowledging our own internal timing. This is a celebration of the Goddess returning after her descent into the underworld during the winter season.  She is giving birth once again to all of nature as the flowers begin to rise from beneath the earth’s surface.   I have posted a ritual to celebrate the Spring Equinox. CLICK HERE

If you are living in the Southern Hemisphere you are preparing for the Autumn Equinox, also known, as Mabon, the balance between light and dark. As we give thanks for the abundance that the long days and strong power of summer have given, we also take this moment to balance, to rest, to simply be, preparing ourselves for the approaching winter season. It is a time of giving thanks and reflection on what has passed as we look ahead to the brightness of the future.   I have posted a ritual to celebrate the Autumn Equinox.   CLICK HERE

Merlin Crow

March 28th Merlin’s Full Moon in Libra

The March Full Moon in Libra urges us to find balance in all we do.  The Libra Moon is diplomatic, equality-focused, and fair-minded.  Known as the Merlin Full Moon, the energy allows you to communicate with other realms of life.  Often depicted as a black crow the alchemical magick of Merlin is quite powerful this night for shapeshifting.  The Black Crow represents the power of internal transformation as black means the color of night, giving rise to the light of a new day.  The spirit of crow puts us on alert that now is the time to make vital changes in your life.  You need to tune into your inner self and realize you full potential. Shapeshifting is shifting states of consciousness by altering the energy signature in your environment. In Japanese Shintoism, crows are regarded as messengers of God. Some of their mythological tales have shown crows bringing food and good fortune. For the First Nations of the Americas, crow is associated with spiritual strength, unexplained divine forces, and magick.  For those who would like to experience the Magick of the Merlins full moon I have posted and ritual Click Here and will be posting a guided audio meditation next week.

Wishing you an enchanted dance of awakening as we celebrate the power of March.

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