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Make Room For Tomorrow

These last few weeks in the nurturing embrace of Mama Mountain have prepared me for the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse of August 21st in wondrous ways. I was guided to do a 21-Day Cleanse to support the higher frequency of light and ascension codes that were gifted with the energy of the Lion’s Gate. My body temple was completely rejuvenated and each day I was grateful for the nourishment gifted from the earth mother. It was more than just a cleanse, it was a daily ritual of gratitude to consume living food that seemed to raise my spirit.

I successfully completed the cleanse and gained a greater understanding of the importance of a healthy diet as we transition through these challenging times.

The month was full of personal retreats and with each private journey we guided on the mountain, beautiful messengers from the animal kingdom would join us. Animal allies I have not seen on this mountain in the last 25 years chose to show themselves. Clearly the veil between the world of human and the unseen world was opening with the Lion’s Gate.

On our first retreat, plans had changed as they often do on a White Wolf Journeys Adventure. I had clearly heard that I needed to journey to the cave of the Shaman. It would prove to be more powerful than I had imagined for the four of us and two other friends who seemed to be guided at the same time to travel to the cave as well.   As we entered the womb of the earth mother I felt the presence of the ancestral beings stronger than I ever had. There was a reason we were here this morning and we were completely alone, protected from the fast world.

Deep in the cave we drummed as we called the spirit of the ancestors for guidance. Each of us was standing on a crossroad as life was certainly changing. When we completed our ceremony we had each received guidance and were grateful. Just as we returned to the mouth of the cave a beautiful winged one flew from the back of the cave over our heads opening the pathway to leave.

A magnificent white owl flew above us and into a tree. She turned to look deep into our soul with her watchful gaze. Her message was clear, “Make Room For Tomorrow by allowing everything from your past to die. It won’t be gradual, it will be sudden”.

The white owl would make two more appearances, ensuring everyone in our group would see her. The white owl is often associated with the Crone aspect of the Goddess. She is a guide through the Underworld, a creature of keen sight in darkness, and a silent and swift hunter. To the Mayan she is a messenger who brings a warning that the world has become so out of balance that we need to change.  Her message that we as faith keepers must hold more love in our hearts to balance the wave of hatred that seems to be moving across our beloved water planet. The white owl is a guardian that allows us to see with clarity beyond fear and illusion. Often depicted as the companion of Isis and Athena, the owl is a powerful messenger from the spirit world for mankind. The last time the white owl appeared to me was just before 911 in September 2001. For the story click here

I felt no fear, but clearly understood her message. “Make Room for Tomorrow”   The words played over and over in my head as I thought how our Stewardship on Mount Shasta was ending and we were being positioned to the southern hemisphere. It had all come quite suddenly and now she was telling me to make room for tomorrow by letting go of many material possessions as well as my old life. I was excited with the unlimited possibilities that lay ahead.

Over the course of the next few private journeys the animals would join our path everyday with messages.   We would return to the cave a week later and this time be visited by a bat, the animal messenger of death and rebirth.

We traveled to Obsidian Mountain, the place of the Phoenix where one experiences death, rebirth and renewal, as you sit amongst the stone of the shaman and the stone of transformation. Here we would receive one of the greatest blessings ever.

On the drive to Obsidian Mountain, I had mentioned moments before this would be a good day to see a bear. We seemed to have two bear whisperers with us, Michael and Alicia as moments later we began to be blessed with so many animal messengers.

First a single bear that had me jumping up and down in my seat with joy. Several minutes later the gift would come with a mother and her two beautiful cubs.

As we were leaving Medicine Lake we would be gifted with another siting of a Mother and her two cubs as well as a bald eagle.   Bear medicine is powerful but a mother with two babies is even more.

Bear is the dreamer, reminding us of the need to go into hibernation to become clear on the dream we carry in our heart. She is steadfast and determined. The two cubs were symbolic of protecting the dreams that are just beginning to materialize. This sighting held great confirmation and deep messages for me regarding what I was being asked to let go of. The message of the white owl was so clear.   Make Room for Tomorrow.

Although we are now leaving the mountain to make a transition to New Zealand it was clear I would return next year in the fall of 2018 to once again guide journeys and retreats on the mountain. The upcoming Solar Eclipse on August 21st is going to provide a powerful opportunity to Make Room For Tomorrow by giving each of us insight as to what we need to let go of. We can hold on to nothing from the past if we are to move forward.  Forgiveness of others and ourselves is key.

A time when the Black Jaguar steps into the world of human. For the Mayan they believed their supreme deity taught that the greatest characteristic a human could have was integrity and truth. This powerful presence would return to their world as the Black Jaguar at the time of the solar eclipse and hunt down where there is deception and greed in the hearts of the human. A time to allow our illusions to be consumed by this mighty presence. I have now posted a guided meditation on how to work with the Black Jaguar as well as a ritual for those who are members of our online subscription series.   Click Here

There are a few bottles of the Black Jaguar Oil remaining for those who may desire to work on a deeper level with this powerful animal presence. I prepared a new batch at the time of the Lions Gate and these were charged in the pyramid of Mount Shasta. Only a few remain. Click Here

I am now off to Alaska to connect with the wisdom keepers and animal allies at the time of the solar eclipse. I look forward to sharing as we continue to weave the web together.

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Much love and illumination from the Solar Eclipse, Robbyne

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