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Make Choices That Fuel Your Spirit Not Your Fear

water blessing

With the recent Taurus new moon, I am super charged with energy and focused on what I committed to at the time of the December Solstice.   With the influence of Saturn and Pluto now retrograding through Capricorn we are being pushed to look within and make the changes we need to make to move forward.  This is not a gentle nudge, this is being pushed out of our comfort zone where trust and faith is required. No excuses accepted.   Pull out your spiritual tool box and get ready.  We need to make choices that fuel our dreams and nurture our soul.   Things are coming fast and furious now so hold on as we move ever closer to the Total Solar Eclipse that we will experience in July.

With the Full Moon in May we have a grand opportunity to prepare ourselves to receive an energy to fuel our personal dreams and visions, as we join together to create a new vision for the earth.  According to ancient tradition, the Buddha was born, attained enlightenment, and left this Earthly incarnation under what is now known as the Wesak Full Moon.  The Buddha returns at this time each year to bring new light to the world. Spiritual leaders gather in the Wesak Valley, a mythical place high in the Himalayas. Here initiates led by the Christ arrange themselves into a great pentagram (the Venusian symbol of the world soul) while the Buddha hovers over those gathered, radiating light. This cosmic alignment occurs during the eight minutes centered on the moment of the Wesak full moon.  At the precise moment of the Wesak full moon, a door is opened which at other times is closed.  Great experiences of consciousness are possible.  It is a time when Buddha, the light, joins with Christ, the World Teacher of love and the Goddess. They come together to evoke spiritual energy.  The energies of light, love and power are at their peak at the time of the Full Moon.   The water holds the blessings being magnetized by the presence of the Masters during the water ceremony of communion.   Wesak unites the world religions in a shared Holy Day. Venus appears in the west as the feathered serpent god Quetzalcoatl who brought enlightenment to the Mayans; in the east she is Maya, mother of the Buddha. Each Full Moon brings revelation and possibility for the healing of our body, mind, and soul. The Moon is the Mother who comes in the reflected Light to nurture, support, protect, and bring to flower the seeds of creation.  The Full Moon is like a pitcher pouring out a healing elixir. The celestial dispensation continues for three days following the day of the Full Moon.  Depending on where you live it may not be feasible to perform the ritual at the exact moment of the Full Moon.  The blessing continues for three days so whenever you are able to perform the ritual it is fine.

This year I will be celebrating this cosmic event in Castle Hill, New Zealand at the precise moment of the Full Moon. I invite our entire spiritual community to participate in this global blessing by creating your own sacred space and celebrating the water ritual of bathing the Buddha which I am sharing with everyone.   For those who are members of our spiritual community, I have added a guided audio meditation to assist you in a deeper and richer experience of receiving this amazing healing light.  Click Here

It is especially important during these times of dramatic change, to appreciate the unity in our diversity as groups of all faiths, everywhere on the planet, unite to invoke the Divine. In this Wesak event, the expression of Love is further manifested in our world when people of like mind focus with intention at the time of a great celestial alignment.  Together as we join with the assembled spiritual Hierarchy gathering in the Wesak valley, we become acupuncture needles receiving the light and filtering it through to the dragon lines that weave around our beloved sacred blue planet.   We become the change, the light and the strength to shift consciousness.

bathing the buddha

Bathing the Buddha

Prepare a beautiful altar with white and pink flowers, white candles and a statue of the Buddha.  Place the Buddha in a bowl and prepare holy water for your ritual.  To prepare the water, use a rose quartz heart.   For those who have the andara crystal,  place the stone being in the bowl of water.  Hold the bowl over your heart center and visualize sending love, gentleness and compassion to the water.  Place the Buddha in the bowl of water and place on your altar. Add white rose petals and for those who have the Path of the Rose Oil add 3 drops to enhance the vibration of this sacred water.    Take one of the white flowers and dip into the bowl of water.  Brush the flower moistened with the white flower over your eyes asking to see with the eyes of compassion.  Dip the flower again in the holy water and brush the flower across your heart asking to open your heart to become a vessel of love. Dip the flower a third time and brush it across your forehead to open your third eye asking to receive wisdom from the Master teachers.

Water Buddha

Sit in stillness as you invoke the spirit of the Buddha.  Breathe and receive any messages being offered to you at this time.  At the time of the Full Moon take a ladel and begin to pour the holy water over the Buddha three times.  This signifies purifying the soul and releasing all lower frequencies so you may become a vessel of light.

Place the bowl of water in the light of the full moon to be energized with the special healing light.  You can use it in other rituals and ceremonies throughout the year.  Water blessed during the Wesak Full moon is said to yield high healing and spiritual energy.

Sit once again in stillness and envision our beloved earth with all the dragon lines being illuminated with light.  It is said that meditating during this time is equivalent to meditating for months.

Repeat the following:

I humbly seek guidance from the divine at this omnipotent moment.  Show me where you want me to be… Help me to meet the people you want me to meet.  Help me to be a greater expression of light and divine love.  Show me, guide me… I AM ready to step forward.

We are each magnificent but when we come together to pray for the same vision, to acknowledge the divine in one another, and to accept our divine role at this time we create miracles.  Be that miracle.

Wishing you an enchanted full moon.

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Love and rose water blessings, Robbyne

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