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Make A Promise To Yourself Today

rose of the goddess

Those who follow the Path of the Rose celebrate the turning of the wheel.  In the Southern hemisphere we celebrate Imbolc, the first of three ceremonies celebrated to invite the sun back from the shadow.  This Mid Winter celebration is a festival of spiritual purification and the origin of ‘Spring Cleaning’. The quickening of the seeds of spring within the earth.  Imbolc is a Gaelic word meaning ‘in the belly’ of the Mother.  Imbolc is celebrated on the 2nd of August and honors the Celtic sun/fire Goddess Brigid known as the triple Goddess of Healers, Poets, writers, artists, smiths, and craftsman. As the Goddess of Inspiration, she blesses those who bring beauty into the world through music, story and visual expression by gifting inspiration on this night.  With the potent energies of the recent total lunar eclipse the seeds have been fertilized with extraordinary celestial light.  For those who are members of our online subscription series a ritual to celebrate the turning of the wheel and festival of Imbolc has been posted.  Click Here

altar of corn

For those in the Northern Hemisphere,  gateways giving us moments when our connection to the unseen world open, allowing  us to view the rhythm and timing of the goddess in her form as mother nature.     The Wheel of the Year begins to shift from a growing time to a harvest time.  The subtle changes of the waning sun that occurred at Summer Solstice become more evident as the balance of day and night seem to shift more dramatically. It is the point in time when the first grains are collected and ritualistically sacrificed to ensure the continuance of the cycle of life both physically and spiritually. Known as the Festival of First Fruits or First Breads, a ritual has been posted for this sacred celebration.

I am currently traveling in Australia and will be posting the August planetary influences in the next few days when I return back to New Zealand.

As we all integrate the powerful gifts of the total lunar eclipse and prepare for the third eclipse, dancing in the heavens with the next moon remember to Dream Big…Believe everything is possible…love with all of your heart unconditionally….Trust in the universe….smile…..play….Immerse yourself in nature…..Laugh…..sing….dance and never…never give up.

Love and cuddles, Robbyne

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