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Majestic Mount Shasta Retreat

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Friday, September 12 through

Monday, September 15th, 2014

Coming Into Alignment with your

Divine Self


A mysterious mountain full of secrets, rises to a height of over 14,162 feet above sea level, as one of the largest volcanic peaks in the continental United States. For me this is a very special place; she is so much more than just a mountain. Considered one of the most sacred in the world, she summons the spiritual pilgrim seeking truth for their own personal journey, often appearing in the dreamtime. On a clear day, Mount Shasta stands as a white jewel and can be seen from at least 100 miles away. When the mystical mountain first comes into view you literally feel that there is a powerful medicine emanating from deep within.


Positioned in Northern California, the mountain is sacred to many Native American people, the Shasta, Modoc, Ajumawi, and Wintu people. She stands alone, rising high above the surrounding hills guarded by her male counterpart, Black Butte. She is illuminated in a mysterious light at the time of the Full Moon. Many of the dragon lines intersect here and one feels as though they stand in a gateway where heaven and earth come together. An energy similar to Castle Hill located on the South Island of New Zealand that aligns one directly with their star essence. I believe the mountain serves as a beacon in the Northern Hemisphere calling to those who can hear her heartbeat.


Mount Shasta is cocooned in an etheric violet pyramid whose capstone reaches far beyond this planet into the celestial realms of the Milky Way Galaxy. This amazing pyramid is also created as an inverted version of itself, reaching far down to the very core of the Earth. Mount Shasta serves as an entry point for the Light Grids of this planet. As a beacon vortex, the energy being sent first from the celestial realms is then disseminated to other mountains and into the cosmic spider web and dragon lines that feed the light grids. This is the etheric realm of Saint Germain. Many know this presence as the Merlin or that of Saint Francis.


Respected as a spiritual deity by the Native American people, there was once a strict taboo honored by the ancestors against going up the mountain above the tree line. This was known as the realm of the shaman, the dead, and the “little people” of Wintu lore. Similar to the belief of the Aborigines regarding Uluru, known as Ayres Rock. The mountain is not to be conquered, it is instead meant to revered. It is a place to perform earth ceremony and ritual as well as a place to reconnect with source and discover you are indeed starlight. When one approaches with an open heart, the mountain can reveal ones destiny, provide healing to a wounded heart, and set one free from the illusion of this earthly incarnation.


Known as the Root Chakra of our beloved Mother Gaia. Many people have reported seeing strange lights on the mountain. One explanation is that there are space crafts coming and going constantly from a spaceport deep within the mountain. It is believed that when the priests and wisdom keepers of the continent of Mu, discovered that it was doomed to sink into the ocean, they retreated to Mount Shasta to build a stronghold in which their culture could survive. They used their advanced energy technologies to burrow into the mountain. Some say the hallways of this inner city of the mountain, are lined with crystals and gold. Telos, the inner city is believed to be powered by crystal energies. There is a direct connection on the cosmic spider web that energetically links this mountain to many sacred mountains on our beloved water planet.

Whether you believe in legend or lore, I have been called to this mountain again and again for over 20 years. I now have the privilege to live and serve as one of her guardians. I have personally experienced the mysteries of this mountain being greeted by two Lemurians who appeared to have come from the middle of the mountain. They fit the description of ones garbed in pure white clothing, barefoot with brilliant crystal blue eyes. Their heads were wrapped in a white cloth to protect their protruding and highly activated third eyes. They appear and disappear at will, and it is said they possess the secret knowledge of the Tibetan masters. The ancestors say that each of us have a mountain that resonates to our soul. This is indeed my mountain.


This mountain is also home to the unseen world and those known as the little people. They are often seen visually around the mountain and on Black Butte. They are third dimensional beings like humans, but they live on a slightly higher level of the third dimension, and have the ability to make themselves visible and invisible at will. They choose not to show themselves physically to many people because they have a collective fear of humans. At one time, when they were as physical as we are, and could not make themselves invisible at will, humans living at that time viciously maligned them. They became so fearful of humans, that they collectively asked the spiritual hierarchy of this planet for the dispensation to be elevated in their frequency, so that they could make themselves invisible at will, in order to be able to continue their evolution unharmed and in peace. It is part of my service to assist in reestablishing the alliance that once existed between the world of human and that of the unseen by upholding the Code of The Dragon.


Woven on the cosmic spider web that connects all points of high energy, one can feel the presence of the divine feminine. The counterpart to the lady of the mountain, Black Butte, provides a sacred place where one can face the shadow self to overcome fear and limitations removing blocks that hold one back from experiencing the joy and celebration this human experience can offer. We were never intended to experience struggle and suffering. It has created opportunities for our soul to grow but we must break through these limitations if we are to be the source of light we are here to be to awaken those still sleeping.

Autumn on the mountain provides a truly unique experience as places not accessible after the first snowfall, are now open and the gateways to the unseen world present themselves. During this four day retreat you will be taken to magickal places within the Mount Shasta vortex to realign your energy bodies. Places to release fear and memories that cloud your vision from stepping forward. A high energy portal that allows one to tap into their creative center helping one find their passion once again. You will be taken to the source of wisdom and power, sacred to the Native Americans for ceremony and ritual. To open the intuitive channels I will take you to the place of the dolphin and whale spirits as you feel your DNA realigned with the celestial sounds of these ancient ones. At night we will gather for meditation. As we sit beneath the stars one can experience the Neutrino energies offered from the celestial skies.

For those who may wish to extend their visit with a private shamanic journey I am available for two, three or four night experiences that have been tailor made for your own personal journey.

If you would like additional information on this journey into the Sacred Mountain, costs and registration details, please contact Guy at [email protected] For more information on a private Shamanic Journey for yourself, two people or a small group of friends please contact me directly at [email protected]

Wishing you a magickal week.

Love and dragon cuddles, Robbyne

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  1. Shelly

    I would like to receive info about the retreat – pricing, logistics, etc. I found your website when searching for white owl symbolism as I had one appear to me while doing energy work with some rescue horses. Thank you!

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