I am just returning from celebrating the Venus Full Moon in Mount Shasta with a wonderful group of souls.  The magick began almost immediately as both the weather and the appearance of the mountain would dramatically change  from the 80 degree temperature I had experienced the day before.  I would be blessed to  witness  a glorious display of light illuminating the mountain in its famous amethyst and magenta glow.  The power of a full moon begins three days before and as the Goddess rose to her magnificence the mountain was illuminated with moon light.    This would occur after a strange encounter with a man who appeared out of nowhere  would guide me to a specific place on Black Butte mountain where those in the unseen world were waiting.  In the 14+ years I have traveled to Mount Shasta, I have never been guided to hike Black Butte Mountain, the companion to Mount Shasta but this time the mountain called even in the dreamtime.

Two nights later our  group gathered for the first time as we traveled to the top of Mount Shasta to celebrate the Venus Full Moon.  Together we would experience the magick of the first snowfall on the mountain.  It was so very special to create a circle of light as the Goddess blessed us with her gentle dusting of snow.  Because the weather dramatically changed the first night it altered plans and we  moved the experience inside the cozy cottage in front of the fire.  This would  create the perfect space for our intimate group experience to allow  everyone the inward journey of self discovery.

As is always the case on our journeys,  the right individual provides the guidance as to where I need to be at any given moment and Bill, the innkeeper mentioned a brand new bridge that  had just opened days before, near the Bed and Breakfast that led into the most magickal forest.  For two days profound memories of Avalon returned as did the Lady herself calling me to return home.  This particular area we would travel was known to be very sacred to the Native American Indian tribes.   It has been  said that an etheric bridge exists between Mount Shasta and Glastonbury, England, home of the Chalice Well and the place of Avalon.  In 2003 I had been with a group on the mountain for the Full Moon lunar eclipse and was given the guidance to travel to Glastonbury, England six months later for the Harmonic Concordance in November of that year with other souls who answered the call to join me.    33 was the number that joined together and the mystery of the andara crystal would begin.

Now I had returned to Mount Shasta for this special full moon of the Goddess of Love on Venus’s night and the mystery of the mountain began to bring many messages.  I watched as this beautiful gathering of souls quickly bound together as a family, truly supporting each other.  I watched lines of stress disappear, and hearts open to express love and joy.  Again and again I would have visions of a time when the world was in harmony, when the world of human respected and embraced the world of the unseen, the natural world.  My dreams would flash between Pandora in New Zealand and Avalon in Glastonbury, England.

With all the energetic waves of energy we are continuing to experience the veil of illusion continues to be lifted and many souls are awakening from  the slumber they have been under.  Our ancestors identified this time as the wobble time.  A time when we would be heavily tested as we move through uncertainty.   Many would need to make change as the illusion we have been under continues to be pierced.  At this time the Children of the Rainbow nation would awaken and the responsibility of sharing the teachings would be fully activated.  We are living this time now.  Nothing will remain the same…nothing! Many will seek new ways to understand themselves and many will need to move to new places that are more in harmony with who they are.  You will feel unsteady on your feet but will find the courage to be true to yourself and step forward on your sacred path.  We can not do this alone so we will need to gather together to reclaim our power in circles of supportive and loving light, the ego will become frightened and we will need to walk with humbleness in our heart.  This is the end of the time of a guru,  for there is a wise man and woman that lives within each of us.  The sooner we accept this truth the sooner we can end the separation of organized religions and embrace the earth religion that belongs to all of us.  One that holds no judgment, sees all life forms as equal, encourages one to stand strong in their truth, and allows each person to experience their own personal journey.

This is a time of sudden and dramatic change now.  Both within us and upon the earth as we continue to see and experience dramatic weather pattern changes and shifts  to the landscape of the earths surface.  2012 is approaching but this should not be feared, instead this should be embraced.  We need to get our lives in order now and we need to let go and look for the signs that will guide our journey.

When the group that had come from all over the United States left to return to their homes to carry the light I decided to answer a personal calling to rejuvenate in the sanctuary of our very dear friends in Oregon.  Although I felt I needed to return to San Clemente to prepare for the journey to Switzerland it was important for me to make this journey to a very sacred place. I had prayed to the Goddess asking for guidance and the mountain had spoken.   The magick  would continue as I met our friends and traveled down the road that opened to their land.

On the right of the road we would find the most amazing animal ally positioned on a rock close to the forest floor.  It was apparent he was injured in someway as he did not move.  As we drove up alongside of him, the great horned owl  opened his magnificent golden yellow eyes which seemed to pierce right through me.  As though he was helping me to see inside myself.  This area where our friends live is on 160+ pristine acres, an animal sanctuary where all of nature is honored and respected.  One feels enveloped in a field of unconditional love so there is no question why the animal kingdom is present and alive.   Why this animal ally had chosen to make himself present for each of us to experience at such a close proximity perplexed me but also put me on notice there was a powerful message here that I needed to explore.

The owl is a bird of both magick and darkness that brings comfort to one who embraces the shadow self.  It increases ones vision and ability to hear and see things that are not from our world.  If a human is gifted with the presence of this animal ally it can pierce any illusion and show you what you can learn from your shadow self that will assist you on your journey.  The Great Horned Owl is particularly powerful as they are known to be the animal ally of one who follows the Shaman’s Path and are especially aligned to one who is attuned to the Goddess and the cycles of the moon.

For the Celts the Great Horned Owl is said to carry the souls of the deceased into the Isle of the apples, known as Avalon.  (There it was again the message to return to Avalon).  It is said the owl sits in the East, the place of enlightenment and can help one see the whole truth.  Immediately after being in the presence of this animal ally I looked up to see a red tail hawk fly overhead.  It is believed that the great Horned Owl is the lunar opposite of the Red tail hawk (which represents the sun)

The yellow eyes represent the sun that lives through the owl at night as the eyes have great healing powers when one looks deeply into them.  Because we had witnessed the two counterparts at the same time this message meant the medicine of both were being balanced inside each of us.   The male and the female energies were coming into harmony.  Courage to step forward into the unknown with a deep knowing from the heart that all was in divine order if I just trusted the path that was opening before me.

Our good friends Jeanne and Sky being the guardians of this sanctuary called the animal rescue when we realized this magnificent being must be injured.  With the initial examination, it appeared the owl had a badly injured leg but by all accounts should recover.  When Jeanne called later that evening, however, the news came that the animal had given itself up and had transitioned over.  Now another message was being delivered with great clarity.  As the animal sacrificed itself we were all being put on notice that it is absolutely necessary now for each of us to let a part of us die as we complete the Year of the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes.  With the return of the Phoenix the great temples of the Goddess were now  fully activated wherever people had once worshipped the Goddess.  The  light  from these temples is shining brightly now on the earth to awaken those still sleeping.  I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the message from the animal kingdom gifted from these two winged messengers.  Everyday I am in awe of the unique connection nature has with the world of man and how so many answers can easily come to us if we just take the time to be still and listen to the natural world.

I will return to Switzerland in two weeks to share the magick of Mount Shasta and prepare for 2011 the Year of the Rainbow Serpent.  (If you would like more information as well as how to work with the energies throughout the year) Click Here.

Study the eyes of this great messenger and look inside to see what part of you must die in order to open the pathway of new beginnings as we move into 2011.  For those who will be joining me in Switzerland, we will now be doing a very special ceremony  to honor the spirit of  the Great Horned Owl on the night of the Mourning Full Moon and the activation of the light temple within each of you.

Wishing you the magick of sight and the opening of a knowing heart.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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