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Magick, Mystery and Mana of Maui


February 2023

Gathering of the Tribe

Mauka to MakaiMountain to Sea

There is a certain kind of magick I have discovered on Maui.  A place of mystical, lush green mountains and rainbows.  On this magickal island, the trade winds whisper your name and awaken your inner knowing.  A place of profound healing and power.  A sanctuary to rediscover your joy and activate your memory of the enchanted world and the alliance that once existed between the world of human and the unseen world.  In the landscape, the dragon lines merge and grand discoveries can be made.  Every year the whales are drawn to these waters from December through April to mate, give birth and share their song with the world of the land dwellers.  Honu (sea turtle) offers wisdom to those who seek guidance with an open heart.

Maui2The sunsets on Maui are breath taking.  Spending quiet time during the “tween” hour when daytime is transitioning into evening, can be incredibly powerful to receive guidance for your journey.

Maui turtle

As the day completes there is a secret place where the Honu gather to share their wisdom.  To be joined by Honu in this spectacular secret, sanctuary adds to the magick.  I journey here often, and each encounter is never the same. It is a beautiful place to experience the transition of light into dark.


The waters of the sacred blue will mesmerize you as it activates your intuition to follow the true calling of your spirit.  For me it is a place that nurtures my soul.   The celestial light Maui gifts is just as important for one’s well-being as the food one ingests to support their body temple.  Within the waters we will connect deeper with the wisdom of the Sacred Blue.

maui 5

The magick of Maui calls me again and again.   A hauntingly familiar call comes from the land, and I find it hard to leave this mystical realm that leads to other worlds.  February is the best month for whale encounters.  I invite you to join me when the 25,000 of these majestic star beings, are present in the healing waters.  Imagine yourself in the Pacific Ocean, swimming, and snorkeling in some of the most beautiful underwater landscapes in the world. Whales, Dolphins, and oceanic life all around you as the Hawaiian green turtles known as Honu, swim beneath you and the rainbow is seen through the vast sea life.   Be forever changed as the vibration of the whale’s healing song moves through you. You feel the sensation change your DNA as it vibrates through your blood.


The whales are here to sing us home to our divine self, bringing a sense of wholeness with their song which is primal and ancient. They are communicators and their song is a song of healing. It will dissolve darkness with its perfect frequencies of ancient knowing. You will feel a gentle light washing over you. You will feel a restoration happening in your cells. They are our primal guardians. They have come to heal us. They sing for us to remember. For us to rest. For our love to be restored. They invite us to retreat into stillness into the aqua blue waters, to quiet the narrative of fear and doubt from the fast world. To quiet your own chatter so you can hear the song of your heart.


Up close and personal encounters with the whale can help you break barriers that hold you back. The scientific name of the humpack whale is “Mysticeti” containing the word “mystic”. Being moved by the whale’s song is truly a mystical experience.  In many tribes of Native wisdom, the whale is symbolic of the beginning, the creation of all life on earth as we know it, the floating library of earth knowledge.  Countless cultures around the globe associate whales with birth, and rebirth.  It is a journey deep into your own psyche being guided by the magnificent whale.

We will be working also with the The Nommos, a race of Beings that take the physical form of dolphins, whales, mermaids/mermen.  Yes, the mermaids and mermen are very real, just living in a higher vibrational field of energy.   If you would like to work more with them, I offer a wonderful pathway of sharing known as the Path of the Sacred Blue.  Their home world is a planet in the Sirius star system that is mostly aquablue water with colored pools of liquid light.  Many of the Nommos walk upright.  They are known for their highly advanced use of sound.  In early childhood, I had numerous personal experiences with these beings.   They would take me to their planet during the dream state and I would bathe in the colored pools playing with the dolphin.  To this day the water world feels more like home for me.

The Nommos play an important role in earth’s evolution at this time.  As they stir a memory within our soul, many hoooomans are drawn to being close to them.   Right now, they are the guardians and guides of the Etheric Sirians who are in dolphin, whale, and mermaid/merman bodies.

The Etheric Sirians are the soul group that were given earth as their new home when their former home, Sirius B, imploded.  It is believed that when Earth ascends, the Etheric Sirians will take over as guardians of their planet.  Those in aquatic form will have the choice to change form and take on a human body, walking the earth as a land guardianMany of the Etheric Sirians in aquatic forms are making this choice now and, therefore, are beaching themselves.  I have witnessed this and been guided to the place of their transition on Stewart Island in New Zealand.  They return to the Nommos home world for training on being in a human body so that they can return to earth as land guardians.  Many earth walkers who are here currently have already been through this training and have a deep understanding and love for the sacred blue.


Together we will thread the dragon’s teeth labyrinth in sacred ceremony with a personal spirit walk of intention. The long narrow peninsula juts into the sea like a dragon’s lower jaw, complete with a long row of huge, jagged teeth.  This is a powerful place where many of the dragon lines merge together, a place for healing, clarity and renewal.

The labyrinth made from lava is the tongue of the dragon, and the image is clearly defined in the landscape.  Here one can learn the art of geomancy, which explores the realm where human consciousness meets and dialogues with the Spirit of the Earth. It empowers the harmonious interaction between human and the sacred lands,  enhancing one’s spiritual growth.


We will also journey to the sacred portal of death and rebirth, allowing the old aspects of self to be transformed while giving birth to the new.

There is a secret place where the Honu gather to share their wisdom.  Experience the magick of the sunset in the place where they choose to leave their water world behind and join with the hooman who seeks their guidance and wisdom.


We Journey to the world’s spinning fire vortex, Haleakala known as the House of the Sun for sunset ceremony.  This massive volcano towers 10,023 feet above sea level, and the overwhelming sense of gratitude one feels at the top is undeniable. The site still holds spiritual significance for Hawaiians; ancient ritual sites have been discovered around the crater.    Since ancient times, Haleakala has been a sacred place as the Na Akua inhabit this mountain.   Haleakala for me has always been a place of mana (spiritual power, energy and life force). Each time I feel a deeper connection to the spirits of the unseen as I enter the numinous world of this mysterious place.


We will journey to the Buddha sanctuary at the water’s edge for ceremony and reflection.  The temple is located on Puunoa Point, Lahaina, overlooking the islands of Molokai, Lanai, and Kaho‘olawe.  It is a place of serene stillness and reflection.  Throughout the world healers, shamans, and sages, hear the spirit of the sacred blue whispering her call to restore the planet to balance.  In order to do this,  we must heal ourselves and become beacons of light.  The goddess extends her invitation to all of humanity to return to the ways of unconditional love, kindness, gentleness, deep respect, and care for the earth and all her creature beings. Listen deeply, with eyes closed, as the sacred blue calls to your soul.


An additional retreat option for those who wish is to experience the world’s largest singing bowl.  Relax, Refresh and Renew as you discover the 1000 frequencies this unique experience provides.  My personal experience has been a deep connection back to source and I have personally witnessed a miraculous healing take place for my daughter where she was able to avoid a surgical procedure after being in the singing bowl.  The sensation of vibrational therapy brings you into a divine state of oneness with the universe.  Pythagoras was a Greek philosopher who made important developments in mathematics, astronomy, and the theory of music. He held the belief that a high ringing tone, known as the Music of the Spheres, could be heard by all if they simply tune into it. This is the “Audible Stream of Life” and once you are reconnected with this, healing on all levels can occur. In the modern day, there is an upsurge of interest in this ancient art.   There is a fascinating story on how the largest singing bowl in the world found its way to Maui.

I am offering personal retreats throughout the month of February 2023. For those who feel a stirring in their heart to commune with the Sacred Blue please let me know.  There are some wonderful Air B and B’s offering beautiful accommodations in Kaanapali, Lahaina, Nipili but they need to be booked in advance.  If you have an interest I can send more information with dates for the group experience, costs, and recommendations for accommodations.  If you are interested and would like to share accommodations and transportation, please let me know.  [email protected]

I have chartered  two  private whale boats for an intimate experience with these magnificent beings.  I like to use the smaller boats as they create up close and personal encounters that will change your life.  (It also allows me to create sacred ceremony to celebrate the sacred blue).  The company I use is family owned and plays an important role in protecting our sacred blue and these magnificent beings.  I would love to share the magick that calls to me every year.

If the song of the whales calls to your heart and the whisper of the sacred blue sings an invitation to your soul, please contact me for more details.  We have a few spaces left for this magickal encounter.  [email protected]

Love, Aloha from Maui and whale kisses, Robbyne

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