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Magick is Found When one Looks Through the Eyes of the Heart


In a world that has become too serious  known as the fast world,  if you wish to find enchantment in your life, you must find your way back to innocence.  For me the enchanted realm of faery is quite real.  It is more real than the world of violence and control that is shown daily on any channel where the news is displayed.


I have always chosen a world where I can embrace the natural world.    Tintagel is a place where magick exists whenever one chooses to open  to the unseen world.  The legendary birthplace of King Arthur  that sits above the cave where Merlin trained the boy king in the ways of magick and alchemy.

15 years ago I was blessed to encounter the magick of a special place near the castle known as Rocky Valley.


Although I have returned to Tintagel at least eight times since that first encounter years ago, I have never been able to return to this magickal landscape.   This time it was a priority and we were blessed with another incredibly beautiful day.   Here the wild ocean meets with the ancient stone beings and the enchanted forest.


One first encounters a silent spring that whispers a gentle greeting to the one who approaches with an open heart.


To enter this sacred place one threads the labyrinth with their wisdom finger allowing the thinking brain to stop as the intuitive side opens.  When one walks in stillness through the forest one can hear the forest speak.


As you wind through the pathway you feel you are going deeper within yourself.   Slowly transversing the landscape until you come to the clearing to hear the  roar of the ocean.


There is a power that is gifted as one sits on the stone beings.  It is said this is a gateway to the memory of Atlantis.


You are captivated by the wild landscape and at the same time the stillness you find when you stop and pause on the rocks warmed by the brilliant sun.  I could have stayed here forever but there was so much more to this day to experience.


Merlin’s Cave is always a powerful place for me.  One must time the exact moment the tide is out if one is to venture from one side of the cave to the other.


Linking hands we made our ritual procession into the cave to connect to the dragon spirit and honor those who had stood together in sacred ceremony before.


We would offer our gift of the rose to the guardian spirit and invite the presence of the  Merlin into our circle.


Instantly the violet light of the Merlin would appear confirming we were being blessed in this moment.   For those who chose to move through the cave an incredible gift awaited.  There is a place where the sun moves through the sacred stones.  When the sun shines through if one stands in the right place the power of the sun flows directly into one’s solar plexus.   One feels the power of the dragon lineage from the stars and is filled with incredible light.


We left Merlin’s Cave with a renewed sense of power and a rejuvenated spirit.  There was one more special place for us to visit, Saint Nectan’s Glen.   To me one of the most enchanted places in the world.  If one doesn’t believe in the faery folk one just needs to walk through the glen to the holy well.    This was a place of high healing where the Templar Knights would come to heal their wounds after battle.  A place to connect to the child and wash away the seriousness of the adult world.

For those who ordered the Fire and Ice crystal your special crystal being was blessed in the healing waters of the enchanted ones.


If you want to restore the true magick to our fast world, one must make an effort to visit these enchanted places that exist between worlds. You need to approach with an open heart and respect.  Here an exchange takes place between the world of human and that of the unseen.   You are forever changed and begin to remember the dream.  If you want to communicate with the faery world you need only believe.


A clear image of the Faery Queen taken by one who was able to capture the enchanted world on film as she appeared at the waters edge.

Join us tomorrow as we complete our journey in Avalon.

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Much love, faery kisses and dragon cuddles, Robbyne


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