When we first came together a sense of familiarity stirred in my heart.  I recogonized  each and everyone of these beautiful souls that had now joined us.   Many I would be meeting for the first time in this lifetime, and yet I knew I was greeting old friends.  This was grand, something far beyond anything I had seen was happening.    If we could change lives, open hearts and give back to the natural world that would be enough.  I didn’t need to know the Grand plan, I just knew we were each a part of it.

We  had found each other once again.   We had come from different lands.  We were all so different in these body temples our souls lived in and yet it would be our hearts that would join us together.    We were also woven to thousands in the web.  We would make the journey physically but we carried with us  the hearts and vision of thousands who were now part of our spiritual family.

The energy of the eclipse was intensifying as you could feel it pulsating in the landscape. We would travel together through the veil to the Dream Isle of Iona,  and at the moment of the Final Total Lunar Eclipse we would stand together.  We would need to heal ourselves first, then  together we would anchor love into the dragon lines that would be gifted that night.


I needed to listen to the natural world and so we stopped at the place of the tallest standing tall one in Scotland.  The Forest has always been my temple of prayer.  We were standing on holy ground and holding the hands of one another for the first time.   The Earth mother had called us.  Somewhere in each heart, there were now 25,  a memory stirred as we encircled the Goddess Tree, setting our intentions for the first time.

The second morning we would journey to the Moray Firth, the place of the dolphins.  When I awoke I knew this day would not go as planned.  When we arrived at the dock to board our vessel we were informed the boat had been taken out of commission.  (Not the first time I have experienced a change of direction on a spiritual pilgrimage).  I knew that if there was a change it meant a course direction.  I learned long ago just allow things to unfold as this is when the magick begins.  It always tested a few, as traveling the land meant moving deeper into ones self.


Our group made a course direction and drove to the beach several miles away to connect to the water spirits.  Rain had been predicted and instead we awoke to a stunning, sunny day.  To our delight we were instantly greeted by a seal.  Many believe these are Selkies and guardians to the places in the veil that open for the one who approaches with a gentle heart.    For me it was the beginning of our wonder journey and I was being shown the other world was coming to join with us.  Places where earth and water join together are doorways into the enchanted kingdom and there is always a guardian who comes.

dolphin copy 2

The dolphin came to greet us as well and I smiled that magick was in the air.  We hadn’t needed a boat, they were coming to us.


Being in Inverness there were two places our group needed to visit.  Findhorn was the first.   An amazing place where a diverse community maintained the alliance of the human world and that of the unseen. Established in the 1960’s this enigma where nature responds to the loving care and mutual respect of the human, produced the most amazing plants, vegetables and fruits in soil that was unsustainable.  A true phenomenon.


The apples were amazing, and looked like they had been painted into the landscape.  Rich, red and vibrant with life.     Today Findhorn is a place where thousands come each year, as the land offers a place of refuge and sanctuary.


Our group came to give something back.  We came together in a circle to send love to the nature spirits who supported the human world.

We were greeted by two members of the Findhorn community who shared with us the philosophy of Findhorn and opened their hearts to our group.


When Swan and Peter asked me to lead a meditation,  I knew it needed to be without words.  In the silence we could hear each other’s heart.  We could hear the song of the land.  We could become living antennae to allow the light we created together to flow through us into the dragon lines.  Marlis and Ueli sang to the land with the sacred flutes and joy filled our circle.

Findhorn sits at the intersection of the lines that cross into the Dream Isle of Iona,  Avalon in Glastonbury, England, Mount Shasta and Egypt.

Just before we left, Peter approached Debbie and Rex.   He shared that he felt our group had been very different than others that come to Findhorn. He explained that people come because their curious or seeking something, but  we had brought  something to gift to Findhorn.     Confirmation a simple prayer,  a simple intention of sending love could make a difference.   It has always been my way to give something back when approaching a holy and sacred place.   In the giving you are blessed with more than you can ever imagine.


There was one more place to visit that would support our Imramma across the sea to the Isle of Iona.  There is an enchanted forest near Findhorn known to be a place of the Faery folk.


I felt strongly about honoring the faery folk and asking for assistance in entering the world that exists just beyond the sight of the human.  When one enters a place of enchantment with  honor and respect, great insight can be revealed.  I have always had a deep connection to the enchanted world, for it has always been my place of learning.  The forest had a teaching to share and the enchanted ones began to show themselves as we interacted with one another.




It was necessary to seek permission from the unseen as I knew traveling across the seas that led to Iona would change each of us forever and we needed to leave the Fast World behind to really move through the veil of Iona.  Iona can only be approached through the heart.  Findhorn and the forest had allowed us to open to the magick of the unseen, to bond together with love.  We were ready.

Journey with us tomorrow as we cross the seas to Iona.

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