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Lord of the Forest

Greetings everyone,

I have just returned from a magickal 2 1/2 weeks in New Zealand.  Known to the indigenous people as Aoteroa, land of the long white cloud this mystical land has truly nurtured my soul and spirit and revealed to me much about the future as we move through this time of great awakening.  I have returned with even more hope and certainty that mankind is moving forward.  Although we are still in for some rocky times as many continue to resist and hold on to the old energy the momentum is building now for quick and rapid change.

Our journey began with an immediate surprise.  As I boarded my plane for Auckland I heard a message come across the loud speaker that all flights were being canceled to Europe.  I paused to hear the reason was due to the volcano in Iceland erupting.  On a New Moon I thought, what a way for this journey to begin.

New Moons always create powerful energy for new beginnings and planting the seeds for the future.   Volcanoes actually nurture the earth soil with nutrients that explode from deep within the earth mother.  It is this same fire that crystallizes into obsidian from which EB, the black skull was created.  Being the guardian of this crystal being for the last 11 years I knew this journey was taking on yet another purpose.   There is something spectacular to the contrast one sees when new life rises from the dark ashes of the ground blackened by a volcanic eruption as the earth’s surface is nurtured with these essential nutrients.  To see the first fern in its vibrant green life form against the blackened soil is a unique beauty all on its own.    For me the eruption of this volcano certainly signaled a time of acceleration and dramatic change now set in motion.  This journey was both the fulfillment of my commitment to spirit for global assistance and awakening but also a knowing that I would not return the same once I boarded this plane.   I always have this incredible feeling in my heart when I am heading to New Zealand, a feeling that something deep inside is calling me home.  Months before, the winds of change had begun in every aspect of my life and this night reinforced that everything I had known was now changing forever.  It would be a restless night as every cell in my being was responding to the volcanic eruption.

As our group all found their way to Auckland over the next few days, I found it did not take long for everyone to come together.   Ueli and Marlis had traveled to New Zealand a couple of weeks before and had begun to weave the light that would unify the group and awaken the spirit of the land for our arrival.   We began our journey under the sliver of the mystical new moon sailing through the harbor.  The gentle movement of our sailboat gliding through the harbor under the magnificent Southern Cross seemed to create balance between all those who were called to come together.  This is a time when the ancestors are calling many souls back to the land of New Zealand for it holds a pure energy and the blueprint of the ancient of times.  For me this was only the beginning of many journeys to the ancient lands of Lemuria.  This would be my 10th visit to New Zealand since the ancestors called me home in 1996.

The next morning we would travel to the ancient Kauri forest and stand before the Lord of the Forest known as Tane Muhata. On other occasions the great standing tall ones had called me but this time there was a sense of urgency.  We were gifted with a special encounter to experience the forest through the eyes of one of the guardians.  Bill, would share with us the teachings of the Maori and allow us to see through the eyes of the ancestors and remember our origin as we joined together to pray.  I thought about the thousands of people who had stood before this grand teacher.

The Maori believe that in the beginning of times father sky and mother earth were closely connected.  There was only darkness on the land.  It was the great Kauri tree that used all of its strength to create the space between heaven and earth and bring light into this world.  It is the wisdom of the Kauri tree that can help us find light in our own world.  We are each seeds of this great tree and hold the same strength and courage.  In our DNA is encoded the memory of this connection that weaves all beings together and a deep understanding how to use collective thought to alter reality.  These are the teachings of Grandmother Spider.  As we left the forest each of us became the seeds of light once again.  We joined a circle together with Bill and prayed for all of mankind to remember this connection, to awaken and to bring light back to our planet to guide others who were feeling lost and desperate during these times of change.  It was a very special moment as we were all moved to tears passing the andara crystal around the circle.   Bill had difficulty speaking as he shared that never had a group brought anything to him or to the forest that had moved him in such a way.    It was his job to move others and open their hearts to feel the forest and yet we had opened his.  I heard the ancestors whisper through the winds a Thank You and knew this light would be carried through the intricate web woven beneath the earth’s surface to all places on the earth still in darkness.  In our humble way this small group of committed souls who had joined together was truly making a difference.  Check back tomorrow as the connection to Pandora grows stronger..

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