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Looking in the Mirror

I awoke yesterday morning with an excited feeling in my heart.  The dreamtime had been quite powerful, as I had spent most of the day setting in action my new dream.  As always I was asking for guidance.  What I have found is when you ask for the guidance, the most extraordinary messages can come from the most ordinary encounters.  I have known that my soul purpose in being here at this time is to be a messenger and I have been able to fulfill this as a teacher, as a guide on spiritual journeys, as a messenger to bring insight for individuals in private sessions, but there is an urgency to share that message with more people and to weave the web of remembrance to all four corners.

I have an agreement with spirit that I need three signs to confirm inspired thought or visions that come to me in meditation or quiet reflection.  My first sign came with the visit of two very special animal allies.  Two coyotes appeared across the pond.  I adore these animal beings as they have such a special meaning for the Native American tries.

Although they prefer open grassland and thinly wooded brush, they are able to adapt to almost any environment. This means that they have been able to survive and flourish, growing in numbers – in spite of mans interference with the natural order of life and their abuse of the earth.  Coyotes are mirrors for the lessons we must learn so we are able to walk a good sacred road. The mirror will be held up incessantly until we finally get the picture. Coyote, teaches us to work together with others to reach a common goal.   If you are stuck in a rut, the spirit of coyote can assist you.  Coyotes are powerful teachers when it comes to relationships as they help us to see clearly when we try to fool ourselves by avoiding things we don’t want to look at.  This applies to our relationship with lovers, friends, business partners, our relationship with our work and the relationships we have with ourselves.   Coyote brings to us the message of Changes to come.

In Earth Medicine, and the Shamanic Way, it is recognized that each Wind or Direction possesses its own unique Medicine.  In the South, we find coyote.  The South Wind teaches us the importance of retaining our child-like Faith and Trust despite the adversities and challenges we all must surely face on this Journey of Life.  The lessons themselves may be presented in a variety of ways and some can be quite painful.   If the lessons represented by those painful experiences are not embraced and ?integrated in Conscious Awareness, we hold on to them and they create continuous disharmony in our lives.   I have experienced in my own life, betrayal, disappointment, deception, and manipulation, heartache, to name just a few.   Part of the upheaval and emotional clearing I have recently made was to examine all the relationships of the past and look for the lesson that I was gifted, by looking beyond the illusion.    Here I found the courage to make the changes I needed to make to realize my dream.  Only in completely letting go of these past lessons can we move forward.  If you continue to play the same tape in your mind you become the wounded Coyote and continually reinforce the self-fulfilling prophecy that you will be hurt, deceived, manipulated, used, not acknowledged, disappointed and the whole myriad of beliefs we have ALL bought into.  Coyote helps us to look into the mirror and see the reflection of what we have attracted into our life to make the changes we need to make within us.

Sign number two came when I walked into the living room and my husband had the Michael Jackson movie on as he sang ….The Man In the Mirror.  Once again the music master guide was at work.  The most powerful lyrics were my second sign of the day.

I’m starting with the man in the mirror

I’m asking him to change his ways

And no message could have been any clearer

If you want to make the world a better place

Take a look at yourself and then make a change

We all have to be in our FULL POTENTIAL.  This means free of insecurity and doubt, free of owning someone else’s belief system and not our own, free of the anger and jealousy we hold inside, free of the hurts and pains of the past that are really holding us back from creating the new dream.   WE MUST BE THE CHANGE

My final sign, early this morning as I turned on my computer, there it was… the news that collective, focused energy had taken down an old regime in Egypt.  The dream of a free democratic society was being created when thousands took the action to come together focusing on that dream. Each person had looked in the mirror and decided the change needed to take place with them taking the action to join together.   This is only the beginning, there is a tough road ahead that will require the world to join together with the people of Egypt to see this dream fully manifest as there will be resistance.   This is an outward expression that the Rainbow Serpent energy is activated on the planet. at the exact point on the grid that holds an ancient wisdom.   The rainbow serpent is searching for its home, the source of the dream that lives within each of us.  A life of harmony, joy, health and well being, a life where we are free to recreate the dream.

BE THE DREAM, make the changes you need to make in yourself.  Don’t let this be another day of creating excuses why you can not, when today is the day you CAN. You have never had a greater opportunity than now.  The universe will support you.  Look for the extraordinary messages in the ordinary signs.

Wishing you magick as you create the change within and we together create the change without.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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