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As we celebrate the equinox in the next few days, we are gifted with an opportunity to go within and celebrate the shadow and the light.  This is a day, one of two days only, when there are equal portions of light and darkness upon the earth.  A ritual has been posted for those who wish to honor the turning of the wheel and gain insight for your own personal journey.  Click Here.  Taking the time to go within to find stillness and balance that this time offers has never been more important.

light and dark

Tensions are running high; you can feel it in the air.  It is a confrontational, warrior, fear based energy that moves now with rapid speed across Lady Gaia.  We are in a moment of choice and change.  I believe that we can turn to nature to find our soul compass and the courage we need to move through these times.  Observe nature, love nature, stay close to nature, as it will never fail you.  Nature does not manipulate, deceive, hold hidden agendas or attempt to control.   It has always been my teacher and is my source of balance which always offers guidance.

In the beautiful sanctuary I now call my home in the Northern hemisphere, as I await Lady Gaia to reset, I am amazed at the simple and yet profound teaching nature continues to offer me.  I spend time each day in quiet reflection and as part of my spiritual practice, I make daily offerings to the natural world.  I find my stillness and spend time in prayer.  A simple act, but so very powerful and necessary in these challenging times to navigate uncertainty.


A visitor to my sanctuary for days has been a magnificent butterfly, the messenger of transformation and change.  A reminder that we are birthing something new in every moment.  We are in darkness, that moment just before the emergence of something grand and at times feel lost and confused.  We wonder if we have the strength to keep going.  We wonder if it is even worth it.  I have had my moments when I see the hate and nastiness being shared on Facebook and other social media outlets if we have already stepped beyond a point of change.    The deception and lies we are being bombarded with as I watch many continue to fill themselves up on a continuous diet of illusion, at times I admit has me shake my head and remind myself to take a deep breath.  “Humans, if I judge them then I am judging myself as we are in this together”.

My beautiful messenger had one final teaching for me as I sat within my Kuan Yin sanctuary.  Kuan Yin is the Chinese Goddess of compassion and mercy.  When we face a challenge or feel judgment towards another, she reminds us that compassion is needed more than anything in the world right now.  The purpose of compassion is to reduce the suffering in the world.  Be mindful to not judge yourself or others as we stumble through life’s obstacle course.   It’s ok to NOT feel ok at all times.

butterfly kuan yin

The beautiful butterfly could have landed anywhere and yet she chose to land at Kuan Yin’s feet to release her final breath in the word of human. Her journey complete, she had delivered her message, she had brought beauty into my world and now she was asking me to share the message.  I held her in my hands and felt something inside me die in the moment she moved through the veil.  What she revealed is what I have always known as my lineage is the people of the Dragon magick and keepers of Earth Wisdom.

When we see the raging fires along the west coast of the United States we reflect on this similar image of a burnt and desolate landscape in Australia, and the Amazon forest.  Images of the wildfires burning in the ancient Siberian forest in Russia trigger a sense of hopelessness that we humans still are not fulfilling our responsibility as stewards of the sacred blue.

butterfly passing

As I held the butterfly, she showed me the understanding that is occurring in the natural world.  The www known as the world wood web is fast at work communicating throughout the dragon lines.  The trees are notified that the fire is approaching, and they simply pull their life force from the outer body of the tree to transform back into spirit.  The land is being purged of the negative collective thought forms of humanity and seeded with a higher frequency.  In time new life will spring from the darkened lands. This vision gave my heart a sense of peace, it gave me strength and hope to hold on, to believe.  My heart then filled with gratitude that the butterfly had chosen me in this moment when I needed the teaching the most.  Wisdom of other lifetimes flooded into my consciousness.  I was wiser now, I understood more deeply my connection to the dragon lines.

sunset sedona

My final message from nature came with the evening sunset.  I have always loved this moment but this night it meant even more.  Sunsets are a symbol of promise and hope.  Nature stirs a deep knowing within us that we will move through the darkness the night brings.  We find a certainty within our heart space that the light will return, and we will experience a rebirthing.

I honor each of you and acknowledge the importance of reaching out energetically to support one another.  Wishing you an enchanted Equinox celebration of discovery and healing.  For those who may wish to explore more deeply their own personal connection to the Dragon lines, I invite you to journey with me on the Path of the Transformation. 

Offerings to connect with nature.  For those who feel a deep connection to the world of nature, vibrational medicine can support us as we wait for the light.

Butterfly Oil – $50.00

Butterfly is the symbol of change, the upgraded soul, creativity, freedom, joy and color. Their power is transformation, shape shifting and soul evolution. They represent the element of air, quickly changing and always on the move gracefully. Butterflies are messengers of the moment and come in a wide array of colors. It reminds us not to take things too seriously. They teach us that growth and transformation does not have to be a traumatic experience, it can be joyous. Butterflies possess the ability to grow and change, leaving the safety of their cocoon to discover a new world in a new form without fear, trusting their untested wings to fly without a doubt in their minds.  No other animal will completely change its DNA other than a butterfly.  The DNA of the caterpillar will completely change to a new DNA pattern when the butterfly emerges. Working with this oil will support one in rediscovering who we truly are, embracing our gifts and stepping forward into the new expression of us.  As mother earth resets, we need to reset with the new vibration.  This is a beautiful combination of pure rose, orange, grapefruit, honey, angelica, and ginger.  These powerful essential oils empower you to replace negative beliefs with uplifting thoughts, changing your overall attitude, emotions, and behavior.  The Butterfly Spirit Oil was created in sacred space and invoked with the spirit of this beautiful being of transformation, charged in the vortex tree on the New Moon and the 444.  The numerological meaning of 444 is letting you know you are cosmically leveling up and spiritually awakening to the remembrance of your destiny.  A reminder you are in harmony with the universe and remembering the divine plan.  Place on the Wrists, rub together and breathe in, the heart chakra, third eye and wrists.

Kuan Yin Oil – $75.00

Kuan Yin is the Chinese Goddess of Compassion and Mercy.   She carries the Goddess and Divine Mother aspect of Buddhism. In the Egyptian mysteries she is the same energy as Isis.  Her name means literally “the one who regards, looks on, or hears the sounds of the world.” She is a celestial bodhisattva and an ascended master.  Kuan Yin, as a true Enlightened One, or Bodhisattva, vowed to remain in the earthly realms and not enter the heavenly worlds until all other living things have completed their own enlightenment and thus become liberated from the pain-filled cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.  She holds the ancient wisdom and often appears as the Wise One or Crone.  Kuan Yin comes to one with a gentle heart, reminding us to stay always in the heart, bypassing the ego mind as we strive to be a gentle light in the world. Kuan Yin is a divine being, present in spirit on earth.  She is a messenger of self-love and love for all of humankind.  She is the one to call upon when you feel your burdens are too heavy as she will take away all that you will release to her.  She fills our heart with more compassion and love, bringing more grace and ease into your everyday life.  This oil is made with pure rose from the sacred lands of Egypt and pure frankincense, with a rose quartz crystal and white rose.  Blessed on the holy of holy altars in the Temple of Isis.

If you would like to order an oil to be charged in sacred ceremony at the time of the equinox, please contact Guy at [email protected].

Wishing you an enchanted Equinox.  Kia Kaha, Be Strong, Be Love

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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