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If you look deep inside your soul story, you will remember why you are here

Homer Alaska

Spending a day in the wild and raw landscape that defines Alaska and you quickly forget that you are a part of the fast world. The spirit of the Goddess quickly takes hold and you begin to see the world with a different perspective.

If Alaska is not on your bucket list I highly urge you to reconsider. It is a place to find your soul once again and most definitely a place to remind us that we are merely travelers on this journey and must protect the path for those that will follow.

If you surrender to the moment and allow your heart to guide you, you will find you are changed forever. Such was the experience we had during one very special day. It began with our visit to a magnificent waterfall.   Waterfalls are teachers of the Goddess and remind us that when we reach that point of no return, where we have stepped beyond our comfort zone, if we can go one step further and effortlessly allow ourselves to tumble into divine creation we come alive.   When we stop fighting the changes that are occurring around us and simply yield to the movement and flow, we recognize the change is going to happen no matter how hard we resist.

As I took in the essence of this magnificent water being I felt alive, renewed and full of excitement. I merely turned my head to the left and realized I was being watched by a beautiful guardian of this magickal place with a focused stare. The mighty eagle stood on a close tree branch, calling for me to listen. The eagle is a messenger of the divine, guardian to unseen realms of consciousness where messages are found when we are in heartfelt communion with the natural world. Eagles have the ability to see 8 times greater than the human and remind the human to look beyond limitation. There is always a solution to any situation when we listen to our heart.

I was catching my breath from this magnificent encounter from the animal kingdom, when several otters quietly floated by. Not a care in the world and these adorable beings seemed to bring joy into our morning excursion. They were in no hurry, just enjoying the moment. Otter is the personification of femininity; long, sleek, and graceful. Part of Otter’s vibrant energy is associated with its deep connection to water, where this animal spends most of its time. Water symbolizes receptivity, allowing life to be rather than stopping the flow. Otter appearing is always a reminder to focus on the wonderful things that surround you and fill your heart with gratitude. Otter magick can help you let go of all the stress in your life and remind you that joy is found in the little things.   We could have stayed here in the playground of the otter all afternoon and I would have been content but there were other messengers waiting for our arrival.

As the day progressed we sailed next to the glaciers. What grandeur I felt to be in the presence of magnificence. The intelligence of nature frozen in the icy blue glimmer of ice for thousands of years and the sheer silence brought a deep sense of inner peace. The sun appeared and glistened now on the blue ice. I stood for several minutes with my eyes closed completely enveloped in the wonder of the moment as something in my heart began to stir.   Suddenly the loud roar of the ice cracking broke the stillness and I opened my eyes to a grand movement of the glacier calving and the ice sending a thunderous display of snow and ice crashing into the sea. It was a moment when great clarity came regarding my journey. Again I turned my head to see what I had not seen before. The ice floor was alive with sea lions.

Water is a universal symbol of the soul and deep emotion.   For me the animals of the water world represent a free spirit.   None show such grace and ease of movement when twirling through the watery depths than the seal or their cousin the sea lion. They are guides showing us the way through the shifting tides of life so we can heal deep seeded hurts and disappointments. They teach the human who becomes the student of nature how to flow, how to hear, and how to discover the deeper mysteries of their true nature. They reveal to us what is hidden deep within ourselves when we struggle to understand the fast world.

I was the willing student allowing nature to gift me around every corner with her gifts of wisdom.   As this day progressed so did the lessons and wisdom I was being offered.

The captain announced we were heading to the open ocean and I could feel great excitement as I prayed for a visit from the humpback whales. For me there is not a grander sight than when the gentle giants of the sea choose to commune with the human. I travel to Maui each year at the height of whale season just to be in their presence.   Each year they sing a new song and I find being in the waters to have that song vibrate through me seems to align my vibration with the energy each year carries. These Floating libraries that assist the human in finding the way, serve as the great navigators of the sea. I am convinced that I am of a bloodline that searched for new horizons as the call of movement lies deep within me and the spirit of the gypsy prevents me from ever settling into one place for long.

The sun was now shining like a bright jewel on the waters surface and the ocean was alive with puffins and sea gulls. All of a sudden there was a ripple in the water and the great one of the sea appeared. One of the crew commented on how we had been blessed as she maybe sees 10 days of sun at this point on our journey.

I smiled with gratitude that we were gifted with this very special day.   We were on our way for the final part of our journey a beautiful feast of fresh salmon and crab legs. I stood quietly on the bow of the boat sending love to the ocean when one last gift would be given. The seas began to ripple once again with sudden movement and from the right a pod of dolphin began to surf in our wake. I nearly burst into tears as these incredible messengers came with waves of love.

It had been one of the most magnificent days I had spent in communion with the natural world and our last full day in the Land of the Midnight Sun. I fell into a deep sleep that night in our home on wheels. Alaska had now become a part of me and a part of me would be staying woven in to the fabric of the Goddess here in the far north of the Americas. I was returning, it was clear as I felt the land had truly awakened a remembrance inside. Each journey has its purpose, as our journey to Alaska was complete. We would soon be heading to Switzerland (German) and our upcoming journey in France and Spain. The Solar eclipse and the natural world had certainly prepared me for the next journey. I have such gratitude for having been gifted with this amazing encounter with the Land of the Midnight Sun.

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Wishing you an enchanting week. Love, rainbows and cuddles, Robbyne

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