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How Long Will I love You….As long as stars are above you


No matter what we as humans do to our beloved earth mother, to our blessed oceans and to the animal allies that have been woven into our earth experience the Goddess continues to love us. The whales and dolphins continue to transverse our oceans sending their harmonious song to balance the web that weaves us together.


The planets continue to move in a sequence of events that bring awareness and healing for the human who pauses in stillness to allow the clarity and guidance these celestial bodies offer.

9:9:9 a powerful date in this Year of Self Mastery offers a moment in time for each of us to gain wisdom as well as become vessels of light to anchor more love into Gaia. As she supports us we have an opportunity to support her.


I am sharing an audio meditation with our spiritual family in hopes that you will each take a moment to honor the gifts that will be given on this day and share your light with our global community through the cosmic web that weaves us all together.

Number 9 is a powerful number in numerology that represents the Universal Spiritual Laws of higher wisdom, benevolence, altruism, non-conformity, leading life as a positive example for others, answering the call of your soul to express the dream that is dreaming through you and strength of character. Number 9 also denotes endings and completion. September 9th, 2016 holds a very powerful energy in this Year of Self Mastery, as this is a nine-year.     9 – 9 – 2016 equals 9-9-9.

No matter where you are if you take 9 minutes to pause at 9am and 9pm your intentions and prayers can seed the cosmic spider web with hope, courage, strength and clarity.


Our world is spinning through the eclipse cycle and emotions run high with Mercury Retrograde.   Together we must change and the 9:9:9 can give us insight how we personally can make personal change to step into our mastery and become expressions of joy. We need more joy in our world. We need more faith.

Those who are guardians of the Andara Crystal place it in water and hold it over your heart, as tremendous love will be expressed through the stone of unconditional love.

Journey well into your heart on this special day.

Love, rainbow and dragon cuddles, Robbyne

Below please find an audio meditation to assist you in working with the brilliant light of the 9:9:9

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