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For me NOW is the word that best describes how I choose to live my life….Never Omit Wonder from your journey. See every moment as an opportunity to experience the magick that exists when the world of human opens to the unseen.  Allow every moment to deepen your connection to the unseen world. Experience every moment as an opportunity for your soul to grow brighter as an expression of light, love and joy.

dolphin - sound healing

I recently shared with you the magick of our human – dolphin encounter that took place in Bimini in early May.   That connection between our worlds continued in a miraculous way for me personally.    After the journey to Bimini I would find myself weaving the energy from the spiritual center of Atlantis that exists in the waters surrounding Bimini, a small island in the Atlantic Ocean back to the island of Maui in the Hawaiian island chain located in the Pacific Ocean.  Maui is a key energy point of the Lemurian energy.


I had great plans for how I would spend my time.  Great hikes to explore new areas on the island, an opportunity to coordinate a future journey to commune with the whales in 2017.  Quite an agenda I had organized for myself.


Spirit however had other plans.   My third day on Maui I would unexpectedly wake up with six gorgeous firemen standing over me.  Apparently I had passed out and fallen backwards hitting my head on a tile floor.  My only recall was I had walked down a hallway stepping into another realm and been met by three individuals who were telling me something very important.  One of them said… “No, you need to go back”.  I felt myself turning around and walking back through the hallway hearing my name being called in the far distance.

The aching in my head was unbelievable as I came to and I felt as though my brain had literally been rattled inside my head.

After answering numerous questions from the head fireman, I politely refused a ride in the ambulance to the other side of the island to the hospital.  I knew I was fine even though the fireman expressed concern and asked me again if I would take a ride with him.   We finally agreed  I would let my daughter drive me to Urgent Care.


Apparently spirit wanted me very still as the next two days I could do nothing but sleep.  I would find myself back in the waters of Bimini swimming with the dolphin.  It was so real I could feel the warm water on my body and hear their clicks as a frequency moved through me.  My body ached as though a truck had hit me, the lump on my head pounded and I felt dizzy every time I stood up. The third day I awoke with clear guidance that I needed to return to the Ocean.   I was still feeling dizzy but knew I needed to go in the water.   As I dove in I completely submerged beneath the water. Instantly I  heard the same clicking sound of the dolphin that I had experienced in Bimini and in the dreamtime.   When I came up out of the water the headache was gone, my body no longer ached and as I reached for the back of my head I realized the lump was gone.  The dolphin had sent a healing frequency through the navigational lines.  My heart felt a burst of light.  Something had happened and I knew the dolphin were sending a signal to awaken another part of my memory.

I have spent most of my life communicating with the natural world, sharing the teachings of the earth religion, and establishing the alliance between our world and the world of the unseen by trying to bring awareness to the human world.   Now they were reaching out to heal me.  The joy I felt was amazing.


The mystery and magick of this journey would continue as last Sunday I was scheduled to fly back to Mount Shasta.  I was ten minutes from boarding when my plane was cancelled.

When I awoke Sunday morning I was told  about the events  that had taken place in Orlando and felt such heaviness in my heart.  I had wanted to walk the labyrinth at Dragons Teeth, a very special healing place on Maui to pray for the families that had lost their loved ones and to pray that the hate generated behind this act of violence be transformed, but I ran out of time.  Because my flight was now cancelled I would have the entire next day to follow the guidance I felt in my heart.  My daughter and her partner both had to work so I would have the entire day alone.  I drove to the labyrinth and walked out to the point.  For the very first time ever I was completely alone.  There was no one around.  I had gathered flowers as an offering and walked the labyrinth with the purpose of sending healing to our water planet.  Again I could hear not only the clicking of the dolphin but I could hear the song of the whales.


The dolphins are here in our waters with the purpose of opening the heart and consciousness of humanity so that we can learn to love and to forgive.  The whales are here to carry the song of love and balance.  Every year their song changes and yet every whale sings the same song.  What are they trying to tell the human?  How can they teach us to come into harmony with one another and look beyond our differences?


The labyrinth sits above the cliff that leads to the crystal blue waters of the Pacific.  As I walked the labyrinth, I was living in the NOW…. Never….Omit…..Wonder from the journey.  I asked to be a vessel to transmute sadness, pain and anger.  I could feel waves of energy move through me and my head began to vibrate.    As I reached the middle I sat in the labyrinth and felt a great connection to the waters and the earth.  The winds came with great intensity as the sun illuminated the center stone in the labyrinth.  I prayed for guidance and left my offering.  I felt blessed that the cancellation of my flight had led to this moment.   Sometimes we can do nothing more than pray.  That is enough.  To pray for joy, to pray for love, to pray for healing.  To pray for understanding and unity. I could feel a beautiful wave of light flow from the center of the labyrinth into the 12 dragon lines that meet at the point.

There is much for each of us to do as we continue to hold the light.  Not easy at times but we are so much stronger than we know.    We need to hold the space of non-judgment when it comes to the uncertainty of our future, when we hear of events of tragedy or for those in the United States even in the midst of political chaos.  We need to not judge if something is good or bad.  We need to ask instead how can we be a greater expression of love and a vessel of light in these challenges times.

goddess epona and solstice

The Full Moon of Epona is occurring on the 20th, as is the turning of the sacred wheel at the midpoint of the Year of Self Mastery with the Solstice Celebration.   I have now posted the audio meditation for the Epona Full Moon that will facilitate our ability to face our fears and the shadow that holds us back from being the full expression of who we are born to be.    Click Here if you are a member of our online subscription series to log in.

The dolphin and whales have never forgotten their purpose.  They navigate this water planet assisting in awakening the human. By opening our hearts to be expressions of joy.    My experience with an instantaneous healing has changed me forever.  I am traveling to Stradbroke Island on the night of the Solstice and will be sharing the magick of the NOW with a wonderful group that is gathering.  For those who may have an interest in the human dolphin encounter next year for the WESAK Full Moon in Bimini this has now been posted to our website.  We are filling up quickly and only have a few spaces remaining for those who may be called to join us.

Sending you much love, dolphin cuddles and whale songs to guide your journey.


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