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Limited Edition Faery Package

For those who love the enchanted realm of the fae as much as I do, I have available a series of beautiful and enchanted  faery folk from New Zealand.  Each of of these limited edition  faeries comes with one of the high vibrational oils containing the plant medicine from Mother Natures medicine chest.  The oils that will support the energies of 2015.  They also come with a unique  gift that is charged with the energies of the faery spirit.  There are limited quantities available of each series of Fareies.

Approximate size is H-4” W-3”

If you would like to order these special beings please contact Guy at [email protected] so he may process your orders.

Each Faery package is $90.00 plus shipping.

Scallop Shell Faery comes with a beautiful scallop shell from Waiheke Island, in New Zealand, known as the crystal island. The shell was blessed in the Full Moon in ceremony beneath the Pohutakawa tree known as the tree of life and again blessed in the sacred waters of Mount Shasta at the turning of the wheel on the Winter Solstice. Each shell has been embellished with gold leaf to balance the male and female energies. The sacred symbol of 2015 is the infinity sign and holds the energy of this balance.   Gold is the divine male essence. The scallop shell is sacred to the Goddess as it is gifted from the sea holding the divine feminine essence. The scallop shell reminds us to allow others to have their journey as we have ours. This oil comes with the Blessings of Venus Oil created at the time of the Venus transit and brings one into a state of perfect balance of the heart and head, the polarity of inner vision and outer expression.

Greenstone Faery comes with a small piece of pounamou known as the stone of peace. The Greenstone Faery helps us find our Still Point and that sense of inner peace we all seek. The Greenstone comes from the sacred waters of the South Island and is released to the world of human when the earth shakes. The pounamou was blessed in the great stone beings of Castle Hill, the sacred energy point where heaven and earth come together. The green stone of peace helps one balance the thinking head with the knowing heart. When we find our still point we are able to listen to our heart.  Greenstone brings you that place of stillness. This beautiful faery of peace comes with the Pounamou oil.   The oil is combined with plant beings to create a vibration of helping one move into a state of inner peace created with the pohutakawa flowers charged at the time of the full moon.

Sea Egg Faery – In the year of manifestation the sea egg faery helps to nurture the dreams and visions we wish to manifest. She comes with a beautiful pearl that has been blessed in the sacred waters that carry the soul song of the whale and dolphin. The pearl of wisdom is said to be guarded by the the guardians of the dragon line. It is the dragon that is the keeper of the ancient knowledge of the earth experience. The pearl can be placed on one’s altar at the time of the New Moon as a symbol of intended all that we desire to come into manifestation. Sacred to the Goddess it is her gift from the sea given to the human that holds the purity of love. The pearl was blessed with the mother andara crystal, known as the stone of unconditional love in sacred ceremony at the time of the Winter Solstice. The faery comes with the Whale’s Song Oil which truly carries the heart song of these celestial guardians. The oil can open one to a clearer understanding of the memory stored within one’s living waters.

Southern Cross Faery – This beautiful celestial faery is the guardian of our soul’s secret as she carries a Lemurian Seed Crystal. It is said that the Seed crystal is starlight solidified into the earth energies. The Southern Cross is the star portal that all souls travel through in the evolutionary journey into the earth dimension. It is the doorway home. The Lemurian Seed crystal holds the blueprint to access the memory of our soul’s journey. This star light faery comes with the Southern Cross Oil. Like the navigators of the past this oil raises your vibrational frequency to connect to the wisdom of the stars and the remembrance of the long journey that has brought us to this place. It creates a magnetic field that aligns us with our destiny and those who can support us to realize our dream in this powerful year of manifestation. The southern cross is visible from the lands of the southern hemisphere and it is said that this is the doorway that takes us back to source. A powerful oil containing starlight infused into a crystal heart the night of the Full Moon beneath a Pohutakwa tree, the tree of life anchoring heaven and earth together. Giving us the balance of the head and the heart. When we feel we have become burdened with the journey, weighed down by the challenges and hurts of the past this oil lifts us beyond the illusion and back to the memory of the stars.

Paua Shell Faery will help you see the beauty within and give you the courage to allow your colors to shine out into the world. She is that gentle voice of encouragement reminding you to be all that you were born to be. She holds a piece of the Paua shell found only in the cold waters of New Zealand and blessed at the time of the Full Moon in the waters of the lands of Lemuria. Sacred for its reminder that as we weather through the storms of life, the layers of illusion can be washed away to reveal our true inner beauty. This beautiful faery of the rainbow comes with the Paua Shell oil. There is a special magick in this rainbow shell, sacred to the Maori. It holds the mystery of the shining light that we carry within ourselves. This beautiful oil created with the paua shell and charged in the energy of the FulI Moon holds moonlight which can illuminate the inner beauty within us. It opens one to a place on their journey, allowing the dreams of the deepest desires to come to life. Excellent to boost ones confidence to walk a path of truth and allow their true colors to shine.

The Pohutakawa Faery– this tiny spirit being is the very source of life for the Pohutakawa tree known as the Tree of Life. When one sits beneath the pohutakawa tree it is said that one receives guidance for their journey and the ability to navigate through the shadow times of uncertainty. The Pohutakawa elf was blessed beneath Grandmother and Grandfather tree at the time of the Full Moon in sacred ceremony bringing you the wisdom of these magnificent ancient ones. This delightful elf comes with the Pohutakawa oil. The magnificent tree spirit is known as the Tree of Life. It joins the human to all realms and gathers the power of the Four Winds.   As we enter the Year of Manifestation and the need to find our still point, this oil can assist us in finding direction. Created with the flowers of the Pohutakawa tree that bloom once a year it symbolizes that from the death of the old parts of self a new beginning is born within the sacred rhythm of our journey. The flowers were blessed at the time of the Full Moon where it is said that if one sits beneath this Tree of Life one can discover the course direction they need to make to fulfill their destiny.

Kauri Tree Faery is the guardian of the seed you carry within your heart. From this great tree all of life is born. It is said that the Kauri tree separated the heavens and the earth to bring forth light. Kauri reminds us to always grow towards the light and to remember that we are each seeds. Even though we may think we are small, we are grand expressions of the Goddess. The Kauri faery will help us stay focused on our personal journey. She comes with the Kauri Oil. Created with the seed of the great Kauri Tree, Tane Muhata known as the Lord of the Forest from the enchanted Waipoua forest on the North Island.   This oil brings about a sense of renewed strength and courage. Kauri carries the message of the ancient ones to grow always toward the light.   The message coded deep within our knowing.   “I AM a seed, even though I appear to be very small I am magnificent”. This oil brings us to the wonder of change. It reminds us to walk with focus and passion. Kauri’s powerful straight trunk is symbolic that we are the vessel of light. This oil is essential to bring us back into balance when we feel we have lost our way, reminding us we are seed carriers, star children of the universe who carry the gift of love.

If you would like to order these special beings please contact Guy at [email protected] so he may process your orders.

Each Farey package is $90.00 plus shipping.

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      Hello Ana, I sent you a personal email with possible options. Please let me know that you received it.

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