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Life is worth running towards

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You never know how far you can go if you don’t run.

When I was so much younger I made a vow to myself, “I will not live my life with regret or fear”. I promised to be committed to life. To ride the waves of emotions that throw me off balance. To embrace the disappointments and betrayals, the not so perfect parents or partners we choose to write into our personal story. To weather through the loss and the lessons of detachment. I promised I would not let fear hold me back from life or painful experiences from trying once again. I promised I would run towards life with open arms. I also made a commitment to the Goddess and to Divine Spirit. That commitment would set in motion an ordinary life that has been filled with extraordinary experiences.


My passion and commitment to be a guardian of our sacred waters and a steward of the earth mother brought forth another chapter of my story. Shortly after being with the beautiful humpback whales in February in Maui and the wonderful group that gathered to pray for healing of our waters, I began to hear the sound of the dolphins. They began to come frequently in the dreamtime. They have been with me since I was a child as they too are stewards of the sacred waters. The waters of the great oceans and seas are the blood of the earth mother. These celestial beings were my messengers, and I have always considered them to be the angels of the sea.

Bimini2They began calling me to Bimini, a small island in the Bahamas known by many to be the spiritual center of Atlantis. Identified by the sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce in the early 1940’s as an area where the existence of the mystical land of Atlantis would be proven. I had traveled to this mysterious island in the center of the Bermuda Triangle twice before. Once in 1997 and again in 2000. It had been 14 years but the dolphins were now calling me back. The waters here are like no other place in the world for me. Seven shades of incredible blue and a landscape of stunning beauty.


The island had grown considerably since my last visit in 2000. I became greatly concerned to learn that greed had taken over once again and the Bahamian government was allowing the development of a large resort which I knew would have a huge impact on the eco system and these sacred waters of the dolphin. The largest machinery I had ever seen now sat close to the shoreline, dredging the sea floor. The equipment was digging into the ocean floor, very close to the Atlantean Road. The Atlantean Road was the very thing Edgar Cayce had predicted in the 1940’s that would appear as visible proof of an ancient civilization that once existed in these lands.

Had the dolphin called me because of this. I would spend the next few days asking to be a crystal vessel of light to protect these waters and to pray that more and more humans would awaken before we created further damage to our sacred waters. I would release crystals into the waters and place EB, the obsidian being on the ocean floor. I carried the andara crystal, the stone of love into the waters and asked that the dolphin carry the prayer of love and oneness with their sounds through the waters. In the evening I would sit beneath the stars asking for guidance and remembrance. The visions would come with crystal clarity. The dolphin would indeed respond to our presence being there and the gift they gave us I have no words to adequately describe what my heart experienced.


Dolphins and humans have a great affinity for each other and the dolphin often serve as our guides and protectors. Aside from their protective qualities, they are nurturers and healers. If you’ve ever spent time near a dolphin in its natural environment you will feel an inner feeling of deep peace. According to marine biologists, the vibrational energy of a dolphin and its sonar sounds has an effect on our biomolecular structure. What happens to us as humans when we encounter in the water these magnificent beings, is dolphin can use their sonar frequency to break up negative energy. Just listening to their song can help boost your endorphin levels and create a huge shift in your consciousness. Community is very important to the dolphin. They speak through various sounds, clicks and whistles as well as by moving their bodies.


Dolphins are spiritual messengers. They long to speak with us. For the human that opens to the world of the unseen, these beautiful messengers can heal, inspire our creativity, help us connect to our divine self once again, and open the channels of communication to hear our heart. We would spend two hours in the water this day as these celestial beings surrounded us. At one point I counted twenty swimming along side me.


Their sound frequency can move through our living waters and help us remember our purpose. Dolphins emit energy that helps “clear and open” the chakras, enabling people to then communicate more clearly with their own spirit guides and angels.


Several in our group would receive a very special healing as the dolphins healed our hearts and realigned our physical bodies. We each were forever changed.


Dolphins can communicate messages directly to you, giving you spiritual guidance. They can open your heart to know a sense of inner peace and love long forgotten. They want more than anything to share with the human that will listen. It is their desire to pass on wisdom and knowledge that will support each of us on our journey and they ask only that we share it, that we be all that we were born to be. That we have no regrets and embrace the fear that holds us back from being the full manifestation of the Seed of Life that we carry in our heart.

I have swam with these amazing beings in the wild before but never experienced the gift our small group would be given. We were absolutely taken into their pod, one family coming together. To see them look into your eyes, to feel their sonar healing sound move through you and your heart open is an experience beyond words. Their message was clear, together, supporting each other, we can make a difference.


There is something mystical about this island with its strong connection to Egypt, the floating Isle of Iona in Scotland, and the Temple of Light in Tulum, Mexico. All places I have been guided to carry the obsidian stone being and the andara crystal. A place for one to heal the ancient memory of failure and loss, guilt and remorse, the very seed of our fears. Here one can begin to dissolve the blueprint of greed, control and manipulation that has repeated itself many times in the history of humankind. The dolphin are the key, serving as beautiful celestial guardians of these sacred waters. The dolphin shared much with me over the five days we were together, asking that this be shared with others.

I will carry the messages and wisdom gifted from these sea angels back to the gathering in August on Stradbroke Island, Australia and again on the journey of the Call of the Sacred Waters to New Zealand in October. For those who may be interested in experiencing the mystery and magick of this special place, I will be returning to Bimini for a week long dolphin encounter in 2015.

The dolphin teach us to experience life with joy and a sense of community. To run or swim towards life without fear. To never give up. Hold on, for life is just beginning as we continue to clear away old beliefs of limitation and doubt. With the special blessings we have received from the Buddha through the sacred waters at the time of the WESAK Full Moon on Tuesday, we can nurture the seed we carry in our heart. It can get rough in the oceans of life but every storm passes to reveal the next adventure. Live life without regret and fear. Live it to the fullest.

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May you run with fearless abandon towards life and celebrate the wonder of this human experience.

Love and dolphin kisses, Robbyne





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