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Live your life exactly how you were intended to live it.  No regrets!!  The new moon of March began the Hero’s Journey.  Utilize this month’s full moon to gather more illumination and clarity that you will use to nurture your intentions on the New Moon Solar Eclipse later in the month.  This is a step-by-step process, we need to start slowly so we can pace ourselves as we head up the mountain trail.  April will be another intense month of celestial support as we will be tested to not be pulled back into old ways.

Maat Egyptian goddess

April 6, 2023 – Libra Full Moon dedicated to Maat

A Libra full moon highlights areas in our life where we need to find balance.  Potent energy of clarity is found this night in decision making if we take the time to listen to our heart and step away from the worrisome chatter of the ego mind.  In this 7 year, a Libra Full Moon can help us see more clearly what we are walking away from, as we focus on what we are walking towards.   Libra is the sign of relationships, collaboration, and balance. The tightest aspect this full moon will make is an opposition to Chiron, the Wounded Healer. Out of balance Libra energy can get so focused on others that we forget to take care of and tend to the self. Even more, shadow Libra can believe that taking care of the self is selfish. So, this Libra full moon and Chiron are highlighting an important teaching:  The most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself. When self-love and self-respect are at the foundation of the relationship you have with yourself, it immediately transforms all relationships you are in; and the relationships where love and respect aren’t at the center will be easier to spot, while the relationships that do have these components at their heart will shine even more brightly.

The Egyptian Goddess Maat Is a powerful presence to call upon when seeking balance.  We can balance our heart and our head by becoming clear on what brings us simplicity and joy.   Maat is an ancient Egyptian goddess worshipped for her ability to bring a sense of order from chaos. As a “7” year there will be chaos.  I choose to see chaos as moving potential for anything I wish to create.   The Egyptians believed that the universe functioned with predictability and regularity; the cycles of the universe always remained constant. Both morally and physically, the universe was in perfect balance. Ma’at was known as the Egyptian goddess of truth, justice, morality, and balance. She sat in judgment over the souls of the dead in the Judgment Hall of Osiris where the dead person’s heart was placed on a scale, balanced by the Feather of Ma’at.   As The Goddess of Truth, Maat is the one who always helps us to see the big picture by seeing with non-judgmental eyes.  Maat is the aspect of the Goddess that helps us find our center through Truth. Truth is not to be confused with facts. Facts are the details of the event or situation. The truth lies behind the facts and at times may even seem contradictory. Maat helps us to live our truth and not the belief systems based on other people’s opinions and various experiences that we have. When we are faced with situations that appear to be major challenges, we often view the situation with false and limiting beliefs.  Maat requires us to evaluate the truth to determine its validity or embrace a new understanding of truth.  She asks us to discard the limiting thought “I can’t” and step fully into the truth that “I can”.

Offering for April to assist in working with the Goddess Maat

Maat – $60.00 plus shipping
Known as the Goddess of truth, justice and order.  The Egyptian Goddess who created order from chaos.  In the role of the Crone her wisdom acquired from life experiences can assist you in seeing things with different eyes.  She is the wise one to call upon to assure victory and justice in all aspects of your life.  A powerful force when you find yourself more in your head filled with worry and negative thoughts.  From the chaos of fear, illusion, judgment and anger. Maat reminds us of balance, honoring both the male and female nature within.  How you are able to influence the lives of others depends upon this balance.  We each create our own circle and are responsible for what we allow into our sacred space.  We must remember that our circle will touch many other circles, not just with our words and deeds but also with our thoughts and emotions.  Place on your wrists and rub together breathing in the beautiful combination of pure essential oils  known to restore balance and quiet the mind of worry and doubt.  Place on the crown chakra and heart. This oil enhances breath work and meditation.  If you would like to order please contact [email protected]

If we never try something knew we will never know what we could become.  In this year of the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes it will take courage to listen to our heart, to follow that guidance and quiet the doubtful, fearful mind.  We need to remove the expectation we have of ourselves and others which will open the space for everything to organically manifest.  We need to remove the time frame in which we feel something must be accomplished. As long as we are demonstrating to the universe that we are ready to move forward the universe will respond.  One of the best ways to hear your heart, find your courage and gain clarity is to return to the old ways of the Earth Religion.  Utilizing the power of ceremony and ritual.  There you find stillness and can connect to the Dream Walker.  For those who are members of our online subscription series I have posted a Full Moon ritual to invoke the presence of Maat to assist with this and will be posting a guided audio meditation for this night.  CLICK HERE. 

New Moon

April 20th New Moon in Taurus solar eclipse

Taurus is symbolized by the bull astrologically and mythologically the dryad.  A dryad is a nature spirit that lives in trees. Ruled by Venus (planet of love) and noted for its calm, earthy, energy,  this New Moon Taurus eclipse asks you to tend your spiritual garden and nurture your physical body temple.   The new moon is a time to set intention, the solar eclipse is a time to also set intention and bring forth necessary change.  The combination of the these two events in a “7”year, adds to the potential of what one can create.

Astrologically this new moon solar eclipse in Aries will kick off the first eclipse season of 2023, and this eclipse is a highly significant one. Eclipses occur 4 to 5 times a year, however, this particular solar eclipse is rare, occurring once every 8 to 10 years. There are 3 different types of solar eclipses—partial, annular, and total. When a hybrid solar eclipse happens, all three types occur at the same time. This means that if you are in the path of a hybrid solar eclipse and can see it, you will either see a partial, annular, or total eclipse, it all  depends on where you are located on Earth. This shows that the energy of this eclipse is helping us to change our perspective on something, to see a situation from another vantage point. This is important because the tiniest shift in perspective has the power to transform our lives.

This eclipse occurs at 29 degrees, which is very significant in astrology because it’s the final degree of a sign. When noteworthy alignments occur at 29 degrees it represents karmic completion and that we’re poised for change and are about to begin a new phase both personally and collectively. What makes this solar eclipse in Aries even more significant is that Mars, the God of War and the planet that rules Aries, has been on a huge evolutionary journey astrologically. This journey is bringing great healing to the War God and thereby the Aries sign. This shows that humans have arrived at a turning point in how we relate to war. Wars have been raging for eons, and have proven that they don’t solve anything and only perpetuate more violence and destruction. This eclipse illuminates that governments that lean on war as a tool to dominate, control, and create fear have run their course. The time has come for the leaders on the global stage to choose something different.

This is a night to get quiet and look within, as Taurus provides a steady and peaceful time. Taurus is an earth sign and will support one in finding stability and solutions to situations that have made us feel out of balance on our earth walk.   A time to create a healthy relationship to the physical world as we honor our earth mother and enjoy the gifts that nature shares with us. A time to reevaluate our relationship to money, to discover what makes us happy as we share our energy in service.  A time to reflect that we are all connected to the golden web that weaves us together.  Taurus is about the senses, touch, smell, sound, taste, seeing the beauty.  A time to receive guidance for our journey.  As new inspired thought arises in the Taurus new moon, we have an opportunity to solidify our dreams and wishes in the physical realm.   I have posted a new moon ritual for those who are members of our online subscription series.  CLICK HERE

God of Mercury

April 21st – Mercury Retrograde (April 21-May 15) – Round Two

Since January 23, 2023 all planets have been direct and moving forward in their orbit. Mercury will be the first planet that goes retrograde and will usher us into retrograde season. Mercury will be going retrograde in Taurus. Taurus is the sign of stability, grounding, and going at your own pace, bringing forth a period of revisions, reevaluations, and reflections. When Mercury goes retrograde it indicates that it’s a time to slow down, think things through, and go back over the details and fine print of things. This is an entirely different energy than the rapid, forward movement that the planets were amplifying when they were all direct. This shows that that there may be an adjustment period from moving at warp speed to slowing down and catching our breath. So, be patient and kind to yourself as you adjust to a new pace. And, as always, with any Mercury retrograde, expecting the unexpected, bringing our senses of humor and most adaptable mindsets to the forefront can help to ease any challenges that may arise at this time.

The earth sign denoted by a bull is rooted in the materialistic world. Mercury retrograding in Taurus means that the focus of this retrograde will be on business and career rather than love life. If one chooses, this retrograde can enhance a period of transformation, creating opportunities to improve finances and manifest good fortune. Devoting time for self-reflection can help with manifestation when Mercury goes direct.  The pre-retrograde shadow when we start feeling the effects of the movement will begin on April 7 and the post retrograde shadow will end on May 31.


Jupiter conjunct Eris on April 23, 2023

Jupiter aligns with Eris every 12 years. Jupiter is the planet of opportunity, freedom, and expansion. Eris is the goddess of Discord and Chaos. She unveils difficult truths and asks that we tap into our courage to face these truths. This Jupiter and Eris conjunction occurs in Aries. Aries is the sign of action and individuality. When these two planets come together in this sign they encourage us to do the work of uncovering where and how we have been holding ourselves back from becoming who we’re meant to be. We have just entered a new era, and Jupiter and Eris aligning at this time, shows that we are being encouraged to come out of hiding and be exactly who we are.

A big thank you to our star child for sharing her star wisdom.  If you would like an astrological reading to help you navigate the coming year, I highly recommend Natasha.  She can be reached at: [email protected].

Be gentle with yourself.  Use these gifts from the celestial heavens to guide your journey.  Find your courage and embrace your magnificence.

If you would like to develop a deeper relationship with yourself in this year of seeding your future, I am creating private retreats in Sedona, Maui and New Zealand throughout 2023.  I will also be announcing upcoming workshops where I am excited to share the teachings of the Way of Water, the Phoenix, and the gifts of the Tuatha de Dannan throughout the year.

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Kia Kaha…Be Strong and true to yourself.

Much love, whale cuddles and rainbows, Robbyne

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