Life is art

An ongoing journey of discovery, a sensory feast for the human and a game of wonder. That was the motivation to begin this journey on this water star so many lifetimes ago. We are all incredible artists painting and drawing the experience our soul wishes to move through. We didn’t get an eraser, as each stroke of the brush on our canvas of life creates the masterpiece inside. We are a culmination of all those experiences. Those teaching moments that allow our soul to grow. The month of April provided an opportunity to examine those moments and gain clarity as we continue to create our future for the next nine year cycle.

We can now paint over the old canvas of our life and create something new. The Full moon of May known as the Wesak Full Moon provides that opportunity. In a world that seems to be in chaos, what we do in our own quiet moments of stillness, defines the presence we create that is woven into the global mural. Wesak is a celebration that brings the world together as it is celebrated by all faiths and religions. It belongs to everyone and is a moment when a celestial gift is given to the world.

Wesak is a time when Buddha, the light, joins with Christ, the World Teacher of love and the Goddess of compassion and mercy. They come together to evoke spiritual energy. The Buddha returns once a year to bless the world with the celestial water. The water holds a unique intelligence and brings about special healing when it is magnetized by the presence of the Masters during the water ceremony of communion.   The Moon represents the Divine Mother who offers her reflected light to nurture, support, protect, and bring to manifestation the seeds of creation, much like a pitcher pouring out a healing elixir. The celestial dispensation continues for three days following the day of the Full Moon. During these times of strong transition and change, this is a night for the healers to receive a regeneration of energy to assist in their work, the teachers to receive guidance and the tools to assist others, the seed carriers to awaken to their full potential and each of us to join together as one collective vision of light to assist in healing the fractured circle of the cosmic web that joins us all together.

I will be in the mystical waters of Bimini known as the spiritual center of Atlantis to share this night with a wonderful group gathering for an encounter with the dolphin. Known as the sea angels, these magnificent beings are here to teach the human to open their heart and remember the purpose of the soul’s journey. We will be gathering beneath the Wesak Full Moon to perform the sacred water ceremony at this heightened time of awareness. I have posted the ritual for those who are members of our online subscription series as well as a guided meditation.   Click Here. The gift of this celestial water blessing continues for three days. If you are not a member but would like to join our online subscription series to receive the monthly New Moon, Full Moon and Sacred Sabbat celebrations please click here.   These Holy Days create special openings into the unseen world, doorways open that are otherwise closed. You will also receive each month a guided meditation to celebrate the Goddess associated with each full moon. Especially powerful in the Year of the Goddess Awakening.

As I continue to share the teachings of Awakening the Goddess within, just a reminder of two events Wolf Connection, California and Journey Into the Matrix of Love, Switzerland.

Wishing you the celestial blessings of love and light, Robbyne

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