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Letting Your Light Shine Out To The World In Full Magnificence

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January 20/21st 2019 Total Lunar Eclipse

The Wolf Super Full Moon and the upcoming total lunar eclipse will have a significant impact on our global community. Known as a time of great spiritual awakening another wave of light will move through the celestial realms awakening each of us to our higher purpose, if we take the time to be in stillness and celebrate this powerful celestial event. The eclipse is completely visible in the America. The world watches, as the United States moves through a time of painful rebirthing and this eclipse will impact the process. A total lunar eclipse blocks the moon, the Divine feminine, creating an opportune time to reset and recalibrate our emotional body and our belief system. When the moon moves out of the eclipse cycle the world is potent with creative potential and the divine feminine is empowered. The true definition of power… focused intention merging with heartfelt desire manifested for the highest good.

Leo New Moon

The eclipse occurs in 0 degrees of Leo creating a grand opportunity for us to go within to find our light and shine it out to the world. Remember there is no one like you, no one can do what you do the way that you do, so stop comparing yourself to anyone else and allowing yourself to be small. This is a night to change destructive behavior patterns. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and the events of the past. Instead create a kinder, gentler world by expressing a creative optimism, knowing that we are the change that we have always wanted. We are all guilty of making excuses why we cannot step forward. If you utilise the energy of this night and embrace the gifts we are all being given, you will be emanating your light out to the world like a magnet for success and opportunity, love and joy. You will be roaring like the lion and announcing you are here and ready to shine.

2019 is going to be a truly magickal year but you will need to be on alert to not be pulled into the chaos of the old reality collapsing around you. Instead focus on all that you are creating and reinventing within yourself. In this year of creative potential and the repackaging of our soul expression this is a powerful night to gain not only clarity and direction but courage and strength to step forward into the realization of our divine self. The Moon will be in a total eclipse for a little more than an hour, turning an orange-red thanks to the shadow cast by the Earth. The full moon will peak in totality at the following times. B patient and allow yourself to feel the activation of your own personal timing.

  • Maui – January 20th 7:16pm
  • Los Angeles – January 20, 9:16 pm
  • New York – January 21, 12:16 am
  • London – January 21, 5:16 am
  • Zurich – January 21, 4:16am
  • Delhi – January 21, 10:46 am
  • Sydney – January 21, 4:16 pm
  • Auckland – January 21, 6:16pm

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For those who are members of our online Sacred Sabbat Celebration and Moon Rituals subscription series I have posted a Full Moon Ritual on how to work with the potent energies of this Total Lunar Eclipse and a guided audio meditation. The January full moon is dedicated to the Wild Woman. She is an aspect of the Goddess that can help one break through the barriers of self created limitations, those beliefs that are holding you back from birthing your desires and visions. Click Here

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In this beautiful Year of Birthing the Magickal Child I have created several very special journeys to sacred places where the energy is vibrating with creative potential. Glastonbury, England to experience the magick of Avalon, Damanhur, Italy and Assisi, Italy. These are limited for a smaller group experience so early registration is suggested.

I have created a potent oil that holds the aspects of the Wild Woman. Using Transference Magick as the ancients of the past have done,  the mother base will be infused with  the energy of the super the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse dedicated to the Wild Woman in sacred ceremony.   The Wild Woman Oil can be ordered now and will be shipped after the 25th of January to assist you in working on a deeper level with your own wild woman  leading up to the Total Solar Eclipse on July 2nd.

The Wild Woman – $60.00

Our sense of smell is linked to the limbic lobe of the brain and activates the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is the hormone control center in the body which regulates and stimulates our sex drive, energy levels and healthy production of hormones. This blend of oils creates a vibrational frequency to activate the wild nature within. This is an aspect of the Goddess often forgotten.  The raw and passionate one who wishes to taste all that life has to offer.  That aspect of you that is free and wild to express herself in her truth.   By activating the wild woman who lives within you, one can bring more love, beauty and sensual magick your way.   When you are totally in love with you and expressing the full essence of the Goddess you become a magnet and the Law of Attraction operates within your energy field.  A sensual combination of Dark musk, pure rose, pure violet, cinnamon, clove, and obsidian, the fires inside begin to stir and you are awakened to your divine feminine potential.  Rub on your wrists and as you breathe in feel the expansion-taking place within your energy field.  That wild, raw energy begins to move from the base of your spine through the crown chakra.  Place on the heart to open to new levels of love and rub on the belly to activate your power center.  This is the essence of the lion Goddess roaring that you have arrived. Please contact Guy at [email protected] if you would like to order the Wild Woman.

How Does Life Get Better Than This? Ask the Wild Woman and allow her light to shine through you.

Wishing you a magickal Total Lunar Eclipse.

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