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Lesson in Trust


With all the White Wolf Journeys adventures, I always try to include moments of sheer excitement and fun.   This was a free day for the group to just enjoy the beauty of Costa Rica.  Some chose to experience the variety of amazing healing treatments Pura Vida offered.  I have to say we were blessed to experience some of the most incredible healers.  Each one offered something very different.  For the adventurous ones of the group, we headed into the rainforest to zip along the canopy above the trees of a magnificent cloud forest.  There was both a sense of excitement and hesitation in the air but we marched onward into the office.  It was quite the production just getting into the gear required for a flight above the trees.   After we were suited up in the appropriate attire to zip across the canopy of the rain forest we were given instructions on the correct protocol to maneuver through the trees.  Here was our opportunity to swing through the trees like monkeys.  Basically we were told how to zip, how to brake and how to follow the instructions of the guide standing at the other side of the trees on the platform.  I loved how we were instructed to TRUST the guide.  “Even if you think you know, you don’t.  They will tell you what to do, so trust your guide.”


Just that sentence seemed familiar to me. Somewhere in the back of my memory I have stood somewhere with my own spirit guides listening to their instructions, we all have,  where they clearly tell us, even if you think you know what you are doing, you don’t so pay attention to our guidance. If only we humans would just trust that voice we hear inside, without thinking and analyzing, we would zip through life carefree and happy.



I had done zip lining before and had absolutely loved it.  Ueli and Elly had birthdays today and both had wanted to experience this adventure.  Their joy and the celebration of these two beautiful souls made the day even more special.   As we listened intently how to brake and how to go faster, how to sit in the right position and how to maneuver, I decided to just go for the ride.  My favorite part as you swing from one platform to the next was the one where you swing backwards.  (I am the one who likes the seats on the airplane that are positioned to fly backwards.  Something about seeing where I have been and knowing I am moving forward into the unknown always gives me that extra adrenaline rush.  Because you were zipping backwards it really required complete trust that your guide was going to catch you.


One by one we took our turn flying across the canopy of the rainforest.  The first couple of swings there was a look of uncertainty on some faces but half way through the uncertainty had turned into excitement and joy.  I watched before my very eyes the adults who had started the adventure turn into kids, laughing and joking.  A few squeals of delight and a feeling of absolute freedom were experienced by everyone.  I thought about how this experience was a good example of life.  Just trust your guides.  At times you can only see what is directly in front of you.  You are uncertain and hesitate, you can’t see what is just around the corner and you question how you will ever get to the other side. If you just jump off the platform and trust, you are going to have the most incredible experience called life.  This is what we came for so why not experience it to the fullest.  At the end of the day we all had such a sense of accomplishment and felt even closer to nature as we had become part of the unseen world.


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Join us tomorrow as the journey continues and we leave the beautiful rainforest of Costa Rica to the white sandy beaches of Maya Tulum.

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