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When you have learned to hold your balance then you can hold the balance for the earth

Isis and Mary

Being under the influence of Chiron the Wounded Healer which seems to have a particular impact on Virgos of which I am one, and Neptune the Planet of Dreams and Illusions, I was not surprised when I was taken back to a place I had visited years ago and shared on Weave the Web. Many astrologers identify Chiron, as having a strong affinity with Virgo and in some ways it seems to redefine Virgo.  Virgo is associated as having strong ties with the Isis/Mary/Ishtar bloodline and exists in each of us as we navigate through this Year of the Goddess Awakening and the Divine Feminine returning. Everyday in every aspect of life there is confirmation that the feminine energies are awakening to share the knowledge that true power must be centered in an expression of love.

Movies such as Hidden Figures and Wonder Woman display determination and strength, courage and faith that lies dormant, and at times hidden within each of us. Since we are each woven together as a golden thread in the robe of the Goddess and each of our stories are connected, I wanted to share a powerful dream I had once again as it serves as a wonderful tool to assist us with the influence of these strong retrograde energies.

As I seek to redefine who I am, I am acutely aware of the myriad of emotions I find myself drifting through on a daily basis under the influence of these planetary influences. It is said we must completely lose ourselves to find ourselves and this being a year where we are nurturing the seeds that will blossom over the next nine year cycle it seems that my focus must be working in the dreamtime and entering the void if I am to create the new expression that wishes to be birthed through me.

The last full moon on June 9th was extremely powerful for me as I felt a restlessness-stirring deep inside. I felt irritation and at times very uncomfortable in my skin. Each full moon has a different energy and the June Full Moon was dedicated to Epona, the goddess who has strong ties to the otherworld and can open the secret chambers of our soul.   The creative energy of the dreamtime seemed to pulsate through my entire being and I found it difficult to stick to one thought as a myriad of memories ran through my consciousness. I could feel the presence of the Goddess Epona. I asked the Goddess to guide my pathway and quickly fell into a deep sleep.

I had such a vivid and powerful dream that I wanted to share so you could utilize it as a powerful meditation to assist in finding guidance and direction. As the energy of uncertainty continues to move across our beloved earth, consciousness is shifting at an accelerated rate. The most powerful weapon we each have available to us is knowledge and the dream we carry inside our heart. The knowledge that we are expressions of source that have chosen a particular body temple to house that spirit and that we are so very powerful. The dream is anything we wish it to be. That place where we express our soul service anyway we choose. If we reflect on what has happened in the first six months of the Year of the Goddess Awakening, we continue to see that when people join together to dream a new dream, there is enough power to make the seemingly impossible, possible.

My dream began when I entered a smoke filled room where several old men were seated playing poker. The room had a horrible smell of old cigar smoke. I noticed through the haze of smoke the room was in complete disarray. The furniture was old and torn. I especially noticed how yellow the wallpaper was and how it was peeling in so many places. Sheets of it just barely hanging on to the walls. As I looked at these men I knew their names. One was Fear, one was Insecurity, one was Disappointment, one was Doubt, and one was Stubbornness. Stubbornness seemed to be the youngest of the group. I told the men they needed to leave. There time here was complete and I needed to get this room in order. They ignored me and continued to play cards. I noticed that the one called Stubbornness was watching my every move. I felt a wave of strength rise up inside of me and I demanded in a loud voice that these men leave.

“The game is over and you are no longer welcome!”

They seemed to take me seriously now packing up their belongings and departing. All except Stubbornness, he asked if he could stay.

“No” I replied.

“I can assist you,” he told me.

“Really, I questioned, how”?

“I can help you clean up this room and make it beautiful because I am also known as determination”.

I smiled at the man who claimed he would help me. “Ok, lets see what you can do”.

It was amazing what I found in this room as Determination and I began to work together. I soon realized the yellow and aged wallpaper reflected layers of negative programming and old beliefs. The paper easily peeled away because I was so ready to let it go. Under the sheets of paper I found words written on the walls. These were sentences and words I had heard in my youth from other people. From teachers, from family, from friends that caused me to doubt myself. The first thing Determination did was paint a new layer of white paint over the old words. I took a permanent black marker and wrote words of truth. “I AM an expression of love….. I AM an expression of abundance….I AM an expression of light…. I AM a messenger…… I am grateful …… I AM joyful….. I AM an earth guardian…. I AM a successful published author (yes Determination and I are determined to get my story that has taken me to every continent published).

I continued to write my words of truth on the walls. Determination and I decided we would paint the colors of the rainbow on each of the walls. With each color the room changed. We cleared out all the old worn out furniture and I realized this represented all the broken promises and disappointments I had experienced in my childhood. I replaced it all with wonderful new furniture, plants and flowers. When the room was ready, I felt the Goddess return and share with me guidance for the next part of my journey. I awoke the next morning with crystal clarity on what I was to do.

This was such a powerful experience for me that I wanted to share it with each of you. Find the time to enter the stillness and see what needs to be cleared from your own consciousness from the Room of Illusion. In order to realize the dream we must clear out the old illusions of the past.

The next Full Moon on August 8th/9th will be a Lunar Eclipse, which will be followed by a very rare total Solar Eclipse on August 21/22nd that will sweep across the United States. Eclipses take the magick given to the spiritual seeker to a higher level. The clearer we are as to our personal truth the more we can support this eclipse cycle on a grand scale, as its impact will be felt around the world. Harnessing the gifts you are given with focused intention can change your world as you become part of the light wave moving across the planet. When you have learned to hold your balance, then you can hold the balance for the earth”

For those who desire to awaken the Enchantress and develop a stronger bond with the Goddess, I will be sharing the ancient teachings of the Mother Goddess Sophia as well as tools of magick to awaken the enchantress in Switzerland in September. It is said that Sophia expressed herself through the woman/priestess known as Maria Magdalena and it is she who awakens within us. Click here to register (English) or (Swiss/German)

I will also be guiding a weekend retreat in Mount Shasta at the time of the holy Sabbat of SamHein in October. A time when the veil between worlds is thinnest and Skathach, known as the Goddess of Magick and Prophecy bestows her blessings upon the spiritual seeker. Her constant companion was the dragon and her symbol is the sword of truth. A powerful time to reclaim the courage and strength one needs to step forward into their full destiny.

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Wishing you a magickal day as you continue to dream the new dream.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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