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Lands of Enchantment and Magick

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Three transformational Journeys to 

Enchanted Ireland, Sacred Scotland and

Mystical Avalon to connect to the Dragon Magick


White Wolf Journeys offers three completely unique opportunities to connect to the wisdom of the Merlin, and those of the unseen world as you travel on an inward spiritual journey of transformation, while illuminating the crystal earth grid with ceremony and ancient ritual. A spiritual journey is very different than just a tour.  So much more transpires within you with each step you take into sacred lands if you walk with an open heart, a true desire to transform your life and a willingness to become all that you have been born to be.

Each journey is priced separately and a discount given for those who choose to do more than one.


Enchanted Ireland

September 5th through the 10th, 2013


Ireland holds a unique magick that legends and lore have shared through mysterious stories of wee folk and those of the unseen world.  Our journey begins with a rendezvous at Dublin Airport where you are transported to Kildare.  We begin tonight creating a sacred circle to reestablish the alliance with the unseen world and ask permission through sacred ceremony to be taken into the land of faery.

September 6th

Today we visit the shrine of the Celtic Goddess Bridgid to visit the magickal well set in an enchanted garden with sacred stone beings.  Bridgid, is known as the ancient Celtic Goddess of fire. She is a warrior and protector, a healer, and a guardian of children. She brings special blessings to the healer and is a favorite Goddess to the writer and artist serving as a divine muse for them to channel thoughts, words, songs and expressions of beauty.   In this year of expressing the Venusian qualities of beauty, harmony, passion and love, we can call upon the Goddess to flow through us as we express this light out into the world.


September 7th  Today we travel to the glorious 3000BCE temple mound known as Newgrange with its beautiful megalithic art for a ceremony of death and rebirth.  Afterwards we visit Knowth with its stunning white quartz setting. When one honors a stone being they in return share the earth wisdom they hold inside with the human who listens with their heart.   Overnight in Kildare.


September 8th  Today we visit the sacred Hill of Tara, the seat of the High Kings of Ireland.  Here on this hallowed earth a sacred marriage of the new King and the Goddess Queen Maebe brought fertility to the land and prosperity to the people.  Here the magickal faery race of the Tuatha de Dannan became the ancestor deities of the Celts.  We will perform earth magick and sacred ritual honoring the earth religion and open to receive the magick this sacred place offers those of the human world who commit to the alliance once again.  One can fertilize their dreams and wishes and call upon the faery folk for assistance.

September 9th  Today we have private access into the magickal and sacred Longstone stone circle for ceremony.  Many cultures believe that stone was the first expression of life.  For me this rings true, as it was those of the unseen world that loved the human world with such passion that many sacrificed themselves to hold the light when the earth was filled with darkness.  In doing so, they solidified into the stone beings that would hold the wisdom until enough of the human world was ready to carry the light forward.   In this Year of the Venus Star the wisdom and light held by these beautiful beings is gifted back to the human world.  This sacred stone circle is a place of high initiation as we can be gifted once again with wisdom, love and power if we truly choose to accept these gifts in the purest of form.  There will be time for each participant to sit with the obsidian stone  being EB, to receive guidance amongst these great teachers.

September 10th  Transfer to Dublin Airport as we depart for home or those wishing to continue this magickal journey we will depart for Edinburgh, Scotland.


Sacred Scotland

September 10 to the 15th


September 10th   Rendezvous Edinburgh Airport and transfer to Oban, Scotland.  We gather in sacred ceremony to once again reestablish the alliance between the world of human and the world of the unseen, inviting the mythical beings to accompany us on our sacred journey through the landscape of the Goddess.


September 11th  Today we take the ferry to the Island of Mull and the sacred and magickal Island of Iona.  The island has a powerful feminine energy that you will feel as you are embraced by the Earth Goddess.  We connect with the dragon line and activate the Dragon Magick within through ceremony and ritual.    We spend the day here fully acknowledging the Goddess within.  Late afternoon we ferry back to Oban and spend the night entering the dreamtime for guidance.

September 12th  Today we travel to Inverness through the stunning highland countryside.  Enroute we stop at the famous Loch Ness, home to Nessie.  We will visit today the 3000BC Clave Cairns and stone circles for private ceremony.  Overnight in Inverness.


September 13th  Today we visit the magickal Faery Glen at Rosemarkie with its cascading waterfalls and elemental spirits.  Here we call forth the unicorn, guardian of these celestial waters and perform a magickal water ritual for healing, first ourselves and then sacred ceremony for our beloved earth and spiritual community.  There will be plenty of private time in the Glen to communicate with the faery folk.  Afterwards we travel to Findhorn, the most magickal of places to connect with the nature spirits.


September 14th  Today we travel to Edinburgh where we spend the day at the Roslyn Chapel. Roslyn is the most exquisite medieval sacred sanctuary in Britain, known as a “Book in Stone”.  It is here legend claims that the Holy Grail was secretly placed by the Grand Master of the Order of the Rose Cross.  One of the Grand Masters of this order was Sir Francis Bacon, who was an expression of Saint Germain.  Another incarnation of this Master teacher was the Merlin. Roslyn chapel holds the secrets of transformation and alchemy.  When one stands beneath the Bee’s Hive and the Venus Star a magickal energy is felt coursing through your blood, shifting the DNA and restructuring your own biocircuitry.  We will spend the day in this mystical place and journey beneath to the Faery Glen for ceremony and magick.

September 15th Transfer to Edinburgh Airport for flights home.  Those who are continuing on to experience the Magick of the Merlin we will fly to Bristol, England where we are transferred to Holbrook House our home for the rest of the journey.


Magick of Merlin

September 15th – 20th



September 15th

Rendezvous at Bristol airport or London Heathrow with transfer to Holbrook House.  Holbrook House is a magickal place with ancient standing tall ones.  Tonight we will perform ceremony with the tree spirits inviting Pegasus to join us on our journey and create a circle for those who will be joining us from international destinations.

September 16th

Today we visit Cadbury Castle believed to have been the actual castle of King Arthur during the time of Camelot.  You can feel the magick of the ancient times and here we will transport back into that time to awaken the memory stored on a cellular level.  Camelot was the last time the world of human was in alliance with the world of the unseen and there was a place for all faiths to worship side by side.  In this year of the Venus Star as a group we can reactivate the dream once more as well as ask for guidance how we can each be an expression of the Venusian Qualities.


September 17th

Early departure to Tintagel so we have an entire day to spend in Merlin’s Cave connecting to the dragon wisdom and the Master teacher.  There will be time to spend in the lovely village.   Just before sunset we will have private access into Saint Nectan’s Glen a magickal doorway to the unseen world.  We will have a mystical candlelight ceremony  at the between time when the veil between worlds is thinnest.  Magick happens at this time.  This is one of the most enchanting places I have ever experienced and to be here at night with just our group to perform High Magick will be amazing.

September 18th

Today we experience the very male energy of the Tor for ceremony during the day.  The afternoon is free to experience the magick of Glastonbury and in the evening we will have private access in the Chalice Well the last remnant of   Avalon that remains in the human world, for ceremony to the Goddess.


September 19th

Early morning departure for private access into Stonehenge for a sunrise ceremony.  Stonehenge serves as a galactic computer and one will find their own internal timing being activated as the thinking head is silenced and the knowing heart begins to speak clearly to those who seek guidance.  Stonehenge holds a very male energy and is known as a place of death.  Afternoon we will travel to Avebury where we will spend the day in the magnificent stone sanctuary and the magickal faery trees.   Avebury is very feminine in nature and a place of rebirth.  We will perform a powerful birthing ceremony as we are on the cusp of the equinox energies.  Tonight we celebrate with our final ceremony giving back to the unseen world amongst the magnficent tree guardians.

September 20th

Transfer to Bristol and London Heathrow for flights homeward bound carrying the magick as we weave the web together.

Last year this journey sold out immediately so I highly encourage registration so there is no dissapointment for those who are called to return to Avalon and the place of Dragon Magick.

For more information including costs, travel requirements and a registration form please contact Robbyne at [email protected].  I look forward to sharing the magick with each of  you.

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