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Kia Kaha, Kia Maia, Kia Manawanui……Be Strong, Be Brave and Be Steadfast

Sedona Rainbow magic

I am not a doctor, not a scientist, nor a world leader so I can not offer expertise regarding the Corona Virus.  I am a Faith Keeper, a messenger and an agent of change, so I can offer hope and guidance.

Kia Kaha NZ

Kia Kaha, Kia Maia, Kia Manawanui. The Maori words for Be Strong, Be Brave and Be Steadfast.    These words ring true in my heart at a time when the world seems to have spun upside down.  Perhaps it is the grounding energy of the red rocks of Sedona where I have found myself after a major course correction guided by the Goddess, or maybe the vivid dreams I have been experiencing over the last few days.  It is definitely the wisdom these elder stone beings have gifted me, as I have come full circle on my personal journey and my awareness of the call of the elders here 26 years ago, to Weave a Web of hope, compassion, unity, and love.

sacred blue

I find a deep sense of inner calm that I am where I need to be and have chosen to disconnect from the chaos.  Guy continues to watch the news and fills me in on key, important pieces of information that seem to change on a daily basis.  We are experiencing a complete resetting of how we see the world around us.  Our sacred blue is transforming and with her transition assisting us in making necessary changes in our life.  The week I spent in Maui in February diving into the waters imprinted the song of the whales in my heart.  I had never heard them so loud or clear as I did during the week I felt the necessity to be in the crystal clear waters daily.  Guided to send  love and prayers with the movement of the tides.

Honu turtles

Then there was my personal encounter with Honu, the wisdom keeper of the sea, as two sea turtles came to me and for more than 15 minutes we swam together in a circle as I seemed to move into an altered state.   When they broke the circle, each one taking a turn, they swam directly towards me as they gazed into my eyes.  I realize now they were preparing me for what would soon be moving across our planet.  Honu is considered a guardian spirit known as Aumakua, an ancient elder of the Hawaiian islands.  A wise navigator between people, the land and the sea.  That very day is when I began to feel the wave of fear begin to grow in strength and was told we will move through this and find our way if we swim together.

As I sat in silent prayer sending healing, strength and hope, asking for guidance two days ago,  I opened my eyes as the sound of the rain had stopped.   I looked out the window having asked for a sign and the most magnificent rainbow appeared.  Rainbows are often seen after a rainstorm when the sun breaks through the clouds but this was one of the most brilliant ones I have ever seen.

We are going to be all right if we can rise above the fear that is moving across our globe.  We have an opportunity now to come together.  We are all in this together.  It doesn’t matter  your political view point, your religion, you sexual preference, your occupation, your culture, your language, your financial status,  we are truly all in this resetting of our global existence together and we have a choice how we wish to experience it.

Isolation can be a time of reflection.  Let’s pray for those who are affected physically with the virus and those impacted financially.  It will test our character and the foundation of our belief, but if we remain calm we will move through this time.  Move through the fear and see this for what it is, an opportunity to grow spiritually.

The rainbow was my symbol giving me confirmation we will be all right.  We need to continue to pray for a kinder, gentler world.

Kia Kaha…Be Strong.  The Rainbow intuitively tells us to hold onto hope, to believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that sacred blessings open to us when we are following our hearts desire. In many cultural believes, and many Native American legends, the rainbow is a symbol of initiation. The rainbow was a sign that it was time for one of the tribe members to undergo a new path in life perhaps a spiritual leap, or perhaps a rite of passage from child to adult.  I believe the rainbow that appeared in the red rocks of Sedona, the power center of the United States, was a message that we as a global community are going through a rite of passage and being provided with an opportunity to reset consciousness to be more heart centered.  It’s time to grow up and become all we were meant to be.

The new moon in Aries on March 24th is a powerful time to set focused intention for a kinder, gentler world and to commit to stepping into your true and full expression.  Aires is the first astrological sign so it initiates the resetting of how we experience life.  As we weave the web together we are Faith Keepers and Agents of Change who choose how we wish to be of service.  I am sharing a New Moon ritual to support everyone in working with these energies to pray for the transition we are moving through.

rose altars

Prepare a circle with rose petals.  Add a bowl of water with a rose quartz or clear quartz stone being.  For those of you who have the andara crystal, place this in the water.  Add a picture of our beloved earth and a shell from the sacred blue symbolizing our deep connection with the star beings, the dolphins, whales and Honu. Add a white candle to your  altar to symbolize your commitment to hold true to being a Faith Keeper as a guiding light.  Light the candle and take the time to breathe in a sense of calm and knowing.  Release the fear, release the anxiety and worry.  Find your center.  You are here to be an agent of change and must be centered and balanced to do so.  Take the bowl of water and hold it in your left hand.  Place your right hand over the top of the bowl (your sending hand).  Place the bowl over your heart and send love, strength, calm into the water.  Prayers for a kinder, gentler world. Hope and faith.  Meditate on seeing a golden light circle the world flowing out as a wave of light around the sacred blue.  Place the bowl of water on the image of our beautiful earth.  Take the time to ask what action you can take to be an agent of change and bring more kindness into the world.  Be still, be calm and feel a wave of love surrounding you.  When complete offer the water back to the earth or to a plant being in your home.

Kia Kaha, love and rainbows, Robbyne

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