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Keep close to Nature’s heart……

break away once in awhile and climb a mountain.   Spend time in the woods and wash your spirit clean……John Muir

Denali National Park

If you want to know God and the Goddess you need to completely disconnect from the fast world. Mount Shasta, the amethyst mountain of Saint Germain does that for me, but the raw and wild spirit of Alaska touches even deeper into your soul and awakens the Enchantress.

The vastness of the Alaskan Tundra awakens the dream you carry deep in your heart and realize that we are expansive beings of light with horizons to be reached we have yet to dream of.

They say that when you experience a moment that is beyond anything you can imagine, when something touches deep inside, when your heart and head come together there are no words to describe the sensation. When the grizzly bear came out of the bush we had one of those moments.

Denali National Park is 6 million acres of unspoiled wilderness with a vague footprint of humankind. It celebrates 100 years of awareness that we as humans are merely guardians of this beloved water planet. In the wisdom of a few the inspired thought to save this vast wonderland of the Goddess was ensured a century ago.

We would be blessed with many messengers from the animal kingdom. Caribou and moose would cross our path as the endless landscape of colors and textures, the fabric of the Goddess was woven around every corner.

The weather forecast was rain for the next several days but I knew the weather faeries would hear our prayer. I had been positioned in Alaska at the time of the Total Solar Eclipse and knew within my heart we would see it.

We rose early and decided to return to this magnificent schoolhouse of the Goddess. As soon as we parked, the clouds parted and we were able to witness this stunning event of celestial alignments. Although the totality was not visible, a good portion was. Enough to stir that sense of wonder.

As the eclipse began my body began to vibrate with intensity as though I was standing on an electrical grid.

Our vantage point was stunning amongst the trees and as I called the spirit of the Black Jaguar to me I could hear the breath. I invited the jaguar into my heart asking that all fear, guilt, anger and emotions I held for the divine feminine be devoured. The Mayan believe that at the time of the eclipse we human have an opportunity to see beyond our own illusions and doubts. If we invite the spirit of the Jaguar to us the shadow energies will be devoured.

I thought about what this eclipse transiting across the United States in these very troubled and chaotic energies would bring and prayed to be a vessel of light to awaken those still sleeping or buried beneath the illusion. I chose to look at the potential this day would bring of unity and love instead of the anger and hatred that was moving across the lands of America. This is why we are here. To be love.

We finished the morning by crossing the Bridge of New Beginnings. The sun had returned to its fullness and we hiked deep into the forest to cross the suspension bridge on the morning of this glorious New Moon.

I had carried beautiful fire and ice crystals that had been blessed in Mount Shasta at the time of the Lion’s Gate for ceremony at the time of the solar eclipse. When the energies peaked I called in the spirit of the Black Jaguar and the Goddess.

I washed these now highly charged crystal beings in the river that had just been blessed with the celestial light.

For those who are interested I am carrying these to Switzerland for the Goddess weekend and also to France for the Dark Madonna Journey. If you would like to purchase one, please let me know as they are limited. [email protected].

Just when you think the day can’t get any better Denali would reveal itself.

For the Abscathan Tribe of North East Alaska, Denali means the Tall One. To stand in the presence of this stunning mountain spirit that rises above 20,000 feet, the tallest mountain in North America, you are humbled as you gain perspective of the magnificence that is nature. Thank you Goddess. I was told today that only 30% of visitors to Alaska are gifted with this spectacular vision, making me even more grateful for this enchanting day.   I remain in wonder at what magick awaits our journey as we now head south to Homer.

Love and blessings of celestial light from the Land of the Midnight Sun, Robbyne

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