I always look for guidance from the natural world but sometimes that guidance can come in the most ordinary places such as the sign in front of one of my favorite stores on Waiheke Island, New Zealand.    After the recent Solstice celebration, the midway point of the Year of Manifestation where we are asked to review our journey,   the message on the store sign, could not be more perfect.  The recent Mercury Retrograde and influences from the celestial bodies have certainly brought many of us into the realm of the caterpillar.


This particular quote comes from the Taoist teacher Chuang Tzu.  It has always been a favorite of mine.  I had forgotten it until I came around the corner and saw it on the street.  The simple message has a much deeper meaning than what we first imagine.


We all reach those moments in our life, heart aches, betrayals, frustration and disappointment.  Things are just not going as we have planned.  Our lives feel very fragile, like a house of cards.  Someone is simply not behaving as we expect them to behave.  Our friends have let us down, our partners are not who we thought (OR EXPECT) them to be.  And then there is the family…. Our greatest teachers providing our greatest lessons.   We chose them and they are really good at playing the role we have asked their soul to play.   We just forgot we wrote the script….

We didn’t get that job we wanted.   Our projects seem to be stuck in some whirlpool of emotion.  Sometimes it just all has to fall apart before we stop trying to control everything and surrender to allowing a greater source to take over.  Some things just need to go to make room for other things.


That’s when we are in the cocoon.  Feeling helpless and discouraged.  We shake, mumble and grumble, find fault in the world around us.  Blame someone else for our unhappiness.  Mumble and grumble some more and then…….we are so exhausted we surrender.  In that moment we start the process of transformation and become the most amazing butterfly.


We have a beautiful full moon coming within the next couple of days.  For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere it is the White Wolf Moon.  For those in the Northern Hemisphere it is the Ripe Berries Full Moon.  I have posted new rituals for our subscribers to log into the website to help you work with these amazing energies that can support our journey.   Click Here to log in.    I have also posted a ritual for the July New Moon so ou have time to gather your ritual items.

For those who are members of the online Moon Cycle and Sacred Celebration Ritual subscription, I am still working on the your personal messages for the Solstice.  If you haven’t received them yet, I promise they are coming.  It takes me about 15 to 20 minutes for each of you as I sit in stillness and ask to connect to your soul and guides for the message in the immediate now for you.

Wherever you may find yourself in this moment on your journey, as the caterpillar or butterfly, take the time to reflect on how far you have already come and do something nice for yourself today and someone else.

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Love and butterfly kisses, Robbyne

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