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Just keep moving forward…it’s the only way

dragon teeth

Walking the labyrinth at Dragon’s Teeth early morning on the Leo Full Moon, I sat in the center in quiet meditation asking for guidance for my journey.   Suddenly a young boy joined me in the middle.  He was 9 years old.  He looked at me and spoke these words….  “Just keep moving forward…it’s the only way”.  

Such profound wisdom from one so young and yet so wise. The words just flowed, having just asked for guidance.   I am convinced he was channeling a message through an innocent heart.  I smiled as five other children came into the labyrinth.  I could feel the wild excitement they brought.  I noticed they were from different cultures and asked the boy if they were related.  He told me, “Yes, they are all my cousins”.  I felt joy in the moment and felt this was my sign of hope, the 222 portal was infusing our earth star with love.

On 02-02-2022 a grand energetic portal opened to bring forth a greater frequency of love in support of the transition our water star planet is evolving through.  It will close on 02-22-2022. 222 is a master number that signifies you are exactly where you need to be.  An angel number reminding us to approach life with grace, compassion, and kindness. The day the portal opened followed a very special new moon in Aquarius.  To experience the entirety of this portal of love, I was called to Maui, a place very dear to my heart known as the birthing waters of the Northern hemisphere humpback whales.


I had come to receive guidance and work with the star beings of the sacred blue.  I was seeking guidance on how to navigate the energy shift the portal was bringing through.  I had come to Maui to understand grace.  To be in grace we must choose somewhere between two opposing forces, energy, and opinions.  We need to remain humble and in a state of grace.  Grace for me is joy.  Trusting that wherever the moment takes you, this is the experience your soul is gifting your physical self.  I have been given this message again and again from Honu.  Every part of the journey in the portal would be profound.


Maui hosts the world’s largest gathering of humpback whales.  We were so blessed with numerous encounters.  One very special moment was when a mama whale intentionally brought her baby to us as they and the escort swam beneath the boat back and forth.  The message coming through from the whales was confirmation for me that we are birthing a new reality. A world of our choosing if we hold the faith.

Whale tail

Every year I follow their migration to these sacred waters to experience the song they are singing.  This year would prove to be even more magickal.  I come to witness the magnificence of these floating libraries of wisdom and allow the sacred blue to share guidance for the year.  The feeling of wonder and awe fills my soul and I return again and again. Since arriving, I have spent my days on the water or swimming in the sacred blue to listen to the song the whales are singing.

Breaching whale

My encounters have been truly epic, each day leading to more magick.  The song so loud that you only needed to snorkel on the surface to hear a symphony of sounds. When I dove down into the water on the 02-02-2022 the song went through me.

whale breaching

At sunset, the between times, I felt such gratitude in my heart.   I asked, “How does life get better than this?”  And within moments it did.  This amazing sentient being breeched so close to the boat I could barely capture the moment.  (I did as my heart was racing).  The message was clear, we are breaking through the illusion that has held us in third dimensional reality, we are being set free, but we must do the work.

I was blessed with a special invitation to enter the sacred Pi’ilanihale Heiau with a beautiful elder wisdom keeper.  I gathered with two other goddesses to hold sacred healing as we called in the presence of the divine feminine.  The ancestors were very present in our ceremony.


This is the largest Heiau in all of Polynesia and for me it is the Hara Chakra of the planet.   There is something so incredibly powerful found within this sanctuary.  All twelve dragon lines merge into this holy place, very similar to Mount Shasta, Sedona, Machu Picchu, Avalon, the Great Pyramids to mention a few.   The Hara Chakra is the fifth dimensional chakra we are activating once again that creates our own umbilical cord reconnection to the universe.  When this is fully activated, we are centered in a heart base power.

hawaii rocks

At the Piko stone, which is considered the umbilical cord that holds the entire structure together, we performed sacred ceremony on a day astrologically when the influence of the Goddess was profoundly experienced.


A yod, known as the sacred finger of the goddess was pointing directly at the Heiau amplifying anything that was done on the sacred landscape.    Healing old energies of fear, self-doubt, and separation.


With the portal closing on 2:22:2022, I was guided to journey to Haleakala for sunset and ceremony beneath the powerful Leo Full Moon.  A moment to open one’s consciousness to new information being gifted within this special portal opening.  I was so ready to receive the wisdom and found a place far removed from anyone to create an altar.


I prepared my altar with magnificent whale quartz crystals as the sun was setting and the magick hour was arriving.   I have been to Haleakala numerous times but never have I felt the energy as strong as it was in this moment.


The colors of a beautiful pale pink sky highlighted the magnificence of the landscape.  Haleakala means “House of the Sun”.  I had carried the crystals from the sunrise hour at the sea to the top of the crater for sunset.  Makai to Mauka, ocean to mountain.


As I placed the andara in the center of the altar I could feel heaven and earth join.  I was in grace, and the dragon lines were being infused with love. Prayers for humanity to continue to awaken were spoken.  Prayers for a kinder, gentler world that we are collectively creating with every prayer we say, every intention we hold and every vision we focus on.   I remembered the message of the boy I had been given earlier in the labyrinth.   “Just keep moving forward…it’s the only way”.  

When the portal closes on the 02:22:2022 take the time to sit in stillness especially at 2:22 to receive guidance for your journey.  Ask the question… “What do I need to know in this moment for my journey to move forward in grace?”

Rise above the spiritual chaos we are witness to and ground yourself in grace.  Embrace the love that is flowing to you.  Find your faith once again.

Love and whale cuddles, Robbyne

Wishing you inner peace as we begin to navigate a new year with clear focus and an open heart.  Kia Kaha, Be Strong

Love and dragon cuddles, Robbyne

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