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Just because we experience something unexpected and dramatic it doesn’t mean its bad

Total Lunar Eclipse

The first super full moon total lunar eclipse of 2018 will occur on January 31st/February 1st and provides a powerful time to recalibrate your emotional body.  A night to gain insight and see the unexpected events in our life with different eyes.

path of the Rose

Our spiritual community extends to the four corners of our beloved water planet and continues to grow on a daily basis as we begin to find our tribes and spiritual families.    This is a time to join together and hold a collective vision of love and partnership with the natural world.  A time to join our heart lights together as a movement is flowing across the planet of unity and support. 2017 the Goddess awakened and found her voice. The teachings of the Path of the Rose began to surface along the dragon lines and my world began to change.

So powerful is this movement of energy that I have been guided to return to Mount Shasta, the root chakra of the planet and the source of the dragon lineage to be in sacred ceremony on the mountain that is the place of the Masters for the total lunar eclipse.  We are all being asked to say goodbye to an old way of life and step forward with courage into the next chapter.  The full moon in Leo can provide the courage we need.  I have posted a ritual on how to work with this gift of celestial magick and the opportunity to step through the veil of uncertainty and an audio guided meditation.    Click Here ritual

Grandmother tree

It is with mixed emotions that I am leaving Mount Shasta and as I seek to recalibrate my emotional body I knew I needed to seek the guidance from the wise one.  Every year my ritual is to visit Grandmother Wisdom Tree asking for support.  We do not need to speak verbally as it is the language of love that opens the channels of communication.  I shared with her my sadness and feelings of uncertainty that were mixed with excitement and joy as my heart home is Waiheke Island, New Zealand.  Her message was so clear that I felt her words vibrate through my cells.

Grandmother tree

“Just because something is unexpected doesn’t mean that it is bad.  You have spent five years enrolled in the University of the Masters.  You have walked the hallways of the standing tall ones, experienced the wisdom of the stone beings, been initiated in the cave of the Shaman, been given the teachings of the Long Person, been empowered with the waterfalls, watched the seasons change as your connection to the Goddess grew stronger.  You have now graduated, and we, the collective consciousness of the Goddess are sending you to awaken the dragon energy and share the teachings of the Path of the Rose”.

Listening to her words I relaxed into the moment and knew all was in divine order.  I could feel the wave of energy I was a part of and committed to step forward as her messenger.  I remembered this was the same feeling I felt when I graduated from the university in my early 20’s.  This is a message for everyone in our spiritual family.  We have all graduated and we feel both excitement and uncertainty.   Tap into the excitement as a New Time Is Coming!!!

I will be sharing the teachings of the Path of the Rose in many venues throughout the year.  The first will be in Austin, Texas.  In March on Waiheke Island, NZ and in April I am returning to the mystical Isle of Apples in the Southern Hemisphere, Tasmania, Australia.

Dragon's eye

Last night in the dreamtime a massive dragon appeared, nuzzled me awake and looked directly into my eyes revealing that walking the Path of the Rose will awaken the dragon spirit.  The dragon lineage is the oldest and wisest on our beloved water planet.  These are exciting times dear ones, utilize the gifts of magick from the unseen world, celebrate the moon cycles and watch the miracles unfold.  It will not be a year without bumps and hiccups, but the celebration of the unseen world through ceremony and ritual will support the journey into a more heart based reality.

To support the journey of recalibration that will occur at the time of the Total Lunar Eclipse, I will be making the andara crystal elixir.  This is the last opportunity I will have to make these before departing for New Zealand.  The base will be the high vibrational liquid light waters that flow from the mountain at the time of the Leo Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse.  They will be charged in the pyramid on Mount Shasta that sits in direct alignment with the Temple of Isis, the Great Pyramid in Egypt as well as the Temple of light guarded by Skathach on the Isle of Skye, the guardian Goddess of the Dragon lineage.  The water will be infused with the andara crystal and placed in three different crystal singing bowls, alchemically created combining powerful crystal and rare mineral healing properties.  The sound frequency elevates the vibrational healing of the essences. The first an emerald green/magenta ray-singing bowl, the vibration is accelerated to open and align the crown, third eye, heart, throat and psychic center known as the medulla oblongata. The sound frequency of a second singing bowl, rose quartz and platinum to heal the heart and raise your energy field to be a vessel of divine love. The sound of the third singing bowl, the citrine/indium was used to raise the vibration to an even higher frequency.  Citrine is the stone of success and removes all congested energy of control, fear, and insecurity from the lower chakras helping us step forward with greater purpose and the wisdom of truth that abundance is a source within us not external to us.  Indium is the rarest of minerals and works on rejuvenation of the body temple, removing the layer of illusion between the earth experience and remembrance of our divine self.

Essences are created through the transference of the spirit of the flower, shell or stone being into a water based light.  Your soul is tested for what it requires for support on all levels, emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical.  These are highly effective in recalibrating ones body temple, providing clearing, balancing and realigning.   The essences I use are from Avalon, Findhorn, Mount Shasta, Isle of Iona, New Zealand, Australia, Tibet, and Maui.  When everything is prepared in a sacred way a special prayer is infused into the elixir to support your journey.

You will receive an in depth description (4 to 5 pages) of the essences you have tested for and how they truly support your personal journey as well as a description of the animal allies that walk along side you and the messages they bring for your individual journey. The entire process takes me 45 minutes to an hour so I must have the orders no later than February 1st.

Individual Elixir with full written description – $95.00 plus shipping.  To order please contact Guy at [email protected]

If you would like to join our online subscription series to receive monthly New Moon, Full Moon, and Sacred Sabbat rituals as well as a monthly guided Full Moon audio meditation, please click here.  I will continue to do the personal message for the year for each member of our online series upon purchase of the subscription or at the time of renewal.

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Happy Lunar Eclipse and Leo Full Moon.  Sending much love and dragon cuddles from Mama Mountain, Robbyne

I would love to hear from you any thoughts and experiences you might want to share below in our comment space.

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