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Jupiter Goes Retrograde?

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Jupiter the Planet of Expansion, Abundance

and Success turns Retrograde

 November 7 to March 6, 2014


Mercury goes direct today and we can breathe a sign of relief. Opportunities abound now for spiritual growth and expansion of our dreams as the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter takes its turn and begins its retrograde cycle. Jupiter derives its name from the Roman God Jupiter, also known as the King of the Pantheon, Zeus in Greek mythology. The personality of this deity is mammoth. Jupiter’s gift is to guide you to your highest fulfillment and happiness. As the planet of expansion, Jupiter is said to influence all the good and noble things of life, and leads each of us toward our higher purpose. It points us down a path where optimism and faith can be ignited. Generating a sense of a hero’s journey and helping us to see life for what it truly is, a grand, ever changing, ever expanding adventure.


Jupiter’s influence fans the flames of our personal passions, pushing us to find the strength and courage to fulfill our destiny. It encourages us to engage with life and step beyond fear and limitation. It makes our world ever larger. As Jupiter turns inward, we will feel the need to do the same. Jupiter retrograde will inspire us to focus on our inner selves. Instead of seeking outward gifts, we will seek the inner gifts of spirituality, philosophy and personal integrity. This is an excellent time to review your entire perspective on life. An opportune time to attend lectures or workshops that can assist you in looking deeper within yourself. Watch movies that inspire or listen to tapes that uplift. DO NOT listen to the news as it is only filled with Gloom and Doom, Fear and Hopelessness. That is the illusion. Jupiter can help you expand above the heavy energy of illusion.

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All that you learn in these next few months, will help you on your inner quest for truth. Jupiter encourages expansion. Over the next few weeks you will need to reflect on these questions; Have you spread yourself in every direction trying to expand, taking on too much and now feel overwhelmed? It may be time to pull back and simplify your life. Are you looking at the world around you through the eyes of the ego? Do you judge others for the choices they make or how they live their life, focus on your own. Maybe it’s time to practice more humility. Universal truth shares that NO ONE is any grander than anyone else, and NO ONE is any lesser. It is always a choice how we wish to express ourselves. Whatever the case may be, the energy of this retrograde cycle will help you identify what you need to work on in order to become your true self.

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As the Christmas holidays approach we will be in the midst of the Jupiter review cycle. Move beyond the commercialism of the season this year. It is not so important to focus on the perfect gift, it is more important to focus on spending time with family and friends. Each year I watch people overburden themselves with stress to purchase the perfect gift that they hope another will like. Often times they put themselves in financial hardship. We have been programmed that this is what Christmas is all about. This is so far from the truth of what this time of year can bring. With Jupiter in retrograde and the emphasis on looking inward, stress will rise even faster if we are approaching things with hidden agendas or operating out of guilt.

Family encounters will bring up emotions and nostalgia during the retrograde, creating yet another opportunity to look within, forgive and let bygones be bygones when it comes to family and friendships.

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Embrace the energy of this Jupiter retrograde and let it help you focus on yourself and the things that matter most. When opportunities arise while Jupiter is retrograde, they are the result of seeds planted in the past from people met or connections made. ? Before we each found ourselves on the hamster wheel striving for more, bigger and better, before we started to compare ourselves to others and judged we were less than if we did not have the external objects to validate our value and worth, our lives were simpler. We were healthier, we had less stress, we had more time for ourselves. We loved life and life loved us back.


Be aware, this Jupiter retrograde will produce events or situations in our life that reminds us of a time when we had a better perspective on life, as a way to nudge us out of our world of excuses, drama and illusion. Jupiter in retrograde provides an opportunity to reconnect to friends from our past, opportunities to restore any project or relationship that is failing. Make the effort to go back and reconnect if you are feeling a sense of separation in a relationship. Business, personal or romantic. If we are to expand and assist in weaving the vision of unity and oneness, it starts within our own personal family units and social circles. Does it really matter today, what happened yesterday? Is it not far more important to put our precious energy in what we are creating today to build our future. I can’t even remember what I did yesterday as my focus is clearly on living in the moment and nurturing the seeds I carry within my heart.

Jupiter is retrograde until March 6, 2014. For those who may desire to know more about the expansive energy of 2014 and how to work with these powerful energetic influences, I will be sharing some valuable tools that can support one in expanding on a spiritual level in December and January. I will also be guiding spiritual journeys to Maui, HI and Mount Shasta, CA during the month of February.

For more information please click here for Up Coming Events and for both Maui and Mount Shasta journeys click here.

Embrace all that you are by stepping forward into all that you were born to be.

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Wishing you magick and wisdom on your journey.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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