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June 14th/15th –  New Moon in Gemini celebrated as Matariki

Matariki is a time of renewal, an opportunity to reflect on who we are at this moment in time, as we build connections with our whanau (family), both our physical family but also our spiritual family.  Every year in June, seven stars (the Pleiades) rise to the northeast. Matariki is the Maori New Year in New Zealand. As the seven sisters rise they use their mana, (power), to help the weakened sun on his journey back south.  The Pleiades, or Seven Sisters, have always been important to astronomers and sacred to many cultures.

In North America it is Grandmother spider who wove the seven sisters into the night sky to help the two legged navigate their way back to their heart. I have posted a special new moon ritual to work with the beautiful celestial light that streams from the seven sisters on this special night to celebrate the new moon in Gemini. Gemini is a sign of duality and as we approach the Solstice energies on the 21st/22nd we will experience the shortest amount of light on the planet in the southern hemisphere and the greatest amount of light in the northern hemisphere.  This new moon offers us balance and an opportunity to merge action with knowing, our earth walk with our divine self.  Studying the stars was a way of preserving history, knowledge, culture and maintaining ancient practices of the earth religion. Matariki is celebrated with the remembrance and planting of new trees and crops signaling new beginnings. In ancient times it was used as a time to share with each other skills, achievements and history through story telling, song and dance, carving and weaving, ancient ceremonies and the passing on of knowledge and history.

full moon sail

June 18th – Neptune turns retrograde until November 25th

Retrograde periods give us time to reflect, revisit, reevaluate our personal journey and reconfigure. During some retrograde periods we will feel like we are tossed into the spin cycle of life and others will feel like a gentle nudge.  Much of this is determined by where one is on their personal journey.  When Neptune goes retrograde our spirituality, inner tranquility and vision become the focus.  Neptune retrograde is the ideal time for spiritual self-development.  During retrograde periods we can feel confused and uncertain as though we are negotiating our way through dense fog.  This is a time to surrender to not knowing.  Our intuitive abilities are greatly heightened and we can easily pick up on the thought forms and fear of others.  We need to be aware of where we spend our energy and avoid toxic encounters or the negative opinions of others.  If you have an inspired thought or a dream, hold it close and do not share it with others unless they are supporting you.  The sign(s) the retrograde planet is transiting will direct you to the issues and agendas to focus on to make the most of the retrograde cycles. Each planet expresses itself differently in each sign.  As the Dreamer, the Artist, the Visionary, the Imaginer, Neptune re-visions, re-dreams the old into the new.  Neptune does this gently, like ocean waves lapping at the shore, blurring the lines between things and allowing them to merge into each other, disintegrating the old and allowing a vision of the new to arise.  Dream consciously as there never was a better time for clarifying your vision and seeking the spiritual meaning behind the tangible things in your life than during a Neptune transit.  This energy will build and be greatly enhanced as we continue to move towards the second Total Lunar Eclipse on July 28th. We will feel the tugging of distant horizons during the retrograde cycle and it will be important to remember, if we never have the courage to leave the shore we will never discover our dreams.

Split seasons

June 21st/22nd – Solstice

The word solstice means “sun standing still” and is one of the most powerful times for each us to create the space of stillness within our heart.  Far removed from the distractions of the outside world and the chaotic energies of the multitude of thought forms of fear, doubt, scarcity and lack that surround us.  The illusions created by the Surface Walker in our mind.

In the Southern Hemisphere we experience the longest day of darkness.  It is from the state of original chaos, the black void, that the old creatrix goddesses are said to have brought forth all that is. The belief that the world started with the sacred spark of creative potential contained within the primordial womb is one of humanity’s oldest concepts. The birth of the archetypal sun, born of The Great Mother on the Winter Solstice as she brings forth a light from her dark womb offering this light as the gift of life to the world. The Winter Solstice, is an anniversary celebration of creation.  I have posted a ritual for the Southern Hemisphere to celebrate the Winter Solstice.  Click Here

In the Northern Hemisphere, The Summer Solstice is the most powerful day of the year for the Sun God. Celebrations begin at sunset the night before and continue through the next day.  In ancient times, the Summer Solstice was a fire-festival of great importance when the burning of balefires ritually strengthened the sun.   For those living in the northern hemisphere I have posted a ritual and celebration to receive the blessings of this sabbat holy day.  Click Here

God of Mars

June 26th – Mars turns retrograde until August 27th

To assist in the final stages of the emotional recalibration we are all moving through, creating an opportunity to shift our old belief systems, Mars retrograde will heat things up.  We are also feeling the explosive energy of Mother Earth’s influence on the dragon lines as Pele the Goddess of fire continues to express herself on the big island of  Hawaii.  You can attempt to ignore issues but with this retrograde, deep reserves of emotions can be triggered, creating quite an energetic outburst of repressed feelings. Let the feelings work their way out to be free of their crippling influence once and for all. Use the fiery energy of Mars to burn away emotional blocks and resistance born of distrust, early childhood wounding, untruths we carry and lack of faith.  The Oil Pele can greatly assist one in working with the fiery energy that Mars retrograding will bring.  Fire is a destructive force and also a powerful force of creation.    Mars will turn direct within hours of the total lunar eclipse so this is an opportune time to work with these energies of transformation.  For those who would like to experience this powerful energy at the time of the Total Lunar Eclipse in sacred ceremony with a beautiful group of lightful beings, I invite you to join us in Mount Tamborine, Australia.   Click Here for more details.   Mountains are ancient teachers for the human, they inspire us to reach for greater heights as they support us in manifesting our dreams into physical reality.   When we create sacred space to honor the mountain spirits we are gifted with clarity and support.  If you would like to work more closely with the fires of passion please click here to order 

Pele Oil – $50.00

The essence of fire as expressed through the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire known as Pele.   This oil can awaken ones passion and purpose.  The sacred fire .of the goddess creates new landscapes. Working with the oil of Pele can assist one in creating a new vision encompassing new lands and new journeys both inward and outward.  It helps to destroy the old illusions while giving life to our dreams and visions.  It restores a sense of self confidence and faith for the spiritual seeker who has become weary on their journey.   It empowers one to give birth to their desires.  Place on the wrists and rub together breathing in the essence of Pele’s Fire.  It contains pure Myrrh, Frakencense, cinnamon, cardoman, clove and spice, the sacred herbs of the Phoenix.  Place on your heart center and crown chakra to awaken the spirit of Pele.

White Horse Moon

June 28th – Full Moon in Capricorn

The June Full Moon is always dedicated to Epona, the white horse Goddess for those who follow the Celtic teachings and Path of the Rose. The White Horse is the teacher of spiritual progress.  It represents an avatar or master of knowledge and faith. Calling upon the white horse will assist you in leaping over preconceived obstacles and provide a renewed sense of freedom. Native American Shaman referred to horses as God Dogs with an ability to carry the human into the spirit world for guidance and healing. For those who are members of our monthly online subscription series I will be posting a ritual and a guided audio meditation to support this powerful night a week prior to the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse.

Wishing you an enchanting month.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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