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June Planetary Influences

The Goddess Epona

June 9th/10th Full Moon Dedicated to Epona

The June Full Moon is dedicated to the Goddess Epona, one of the most well known of all the Goddesses within the Celtic Pantheon, worshipped throughout the entire Celtic world in a variety of other, different aspects. In Wales she was known as Rhiannon, the Goddess of the Underworld. Epona’s worship became so strong that it spread as far away as the Danube River, Yugoslavia, North Africa and Rome. She appeared as a woman with very long hair who was riding upon a white mare. Epona was believed to have the ability to shape-shift between the form of a woman and that of a white mare. It was when she appeared in the form of a white mare that Epona was believed to have magickal abilities, which allowed her to carry shamans upon her back so that they could travel to, and then return back, from the spirit world.

Epona was considered to be a generous Goddess, depicted carrying a set of three keys. It was believed that Epona had strong ties to the otherworld and could open the secret chambers of our soul. Epona could unlock the gates of Heaven, as well as the gates of the Otherworld.  For those who are members of our online subscription series I have added the ritual to call forth and work with the energies of Epona under the influence of the Full Moon. Click Here.  I will be adding a guided audio meditation to journey with the Goddess into the Underworld.  If you would like to join our online series to receive the New Moon, Full Moon and Sacred Sabbat celebrations as well as magickal rituals and guided meditations please click here

June 10thJupiter goes Direct

Jupiter ends its retrograde motion; moving direct in Libra and helping us find balance in our hearts. When Jupiter goes direct we are able to see clearly if the goals we are moving towards are unrealistic so we can create new ones. We are able to determine if we have been motivated for financial purposes only as the voice of our heart becomes louder. Even if you are moving on the right path, you will be reminded how important it is to be happy and content with what you have. Focus on what you are grateful for and what you have manifested as this makes room for expansion. Jupiter retrograde in the Year of New Beginnings requires deep introspection and an awareness that inner, spiritual growth is necessary for your hopes and dreams to materialize. Take the time as Jupiter moves into Libra to ask yourself if you are experiencing balance in your life. If you are not in balance, the next couple of weeks will clearly demonstrate where you need to make a course direction. We will all be reminded the importance of spending time in nature to recalibrate our delicate nervous system and find our still point.

June 16th Neptune goes Retrograde

Neptune is considered a planet of inspiration, dreams, psychic receptivity, illusion, and confusion. Neptune rules spirituality, and all things subtle. Neptune is depicted holding a triton, which is symbolic as water represents deeper emotions and dreams. The energy will create a polarity. At times helping us discover more deeply our hearts desire and helping us break through illusions that we have created. Neptune causes sensitivity and receptivity to be much more acute. Due to this heightened receptivity, we are allowed to see far more than is possible when Neptune is direct. When Neptune turns retrograde, our feelings are more astute at picking up and perceiving illusion. It is easier to ascertain information about issues that have eluded us when Neptune is direct. 

It will be essential that we do something about the problems that we pick up on while Neptune is retrograde because they can worsen when Neptune goes direct. It is important to listen more to our “inner voice.” Neptune retrograde can produce a type of psychic overload for very sensitive people. It is important to avoid drugs, chemicals and stimulants while Neptune is retrograde. Protect yourself by refraining from associating with addictive personalities and overwhelming people who drain your energies. If you feel paranoid, excessively worried or become hypersensitive to others comments or opinions you are picking up too much from your external environment. Take extra time to meditate, or spend time in a beautiful and serene environment. If you do, you will find your intuitive abilities greatly heightened. Since Neptune is the dream planet this is an excellent time to become clear on the dream you carry and receive guidance as to action you will need to take when Neptune goes direct.   This can be a wonderful energy to work with when you take the time to tune inward and check out from the fast world. Neptune is retrograde until November so during the retrograde we will experience both a Lunar Eclipse and a powerful Total Solar Eclipse that will transit across America in August. Get ready for the ride. Eclipses reveal deception and illusion on a grand scale.

June 20th/21st Solstice

The turning of the wheel and half waypoint of the Year of the Goddess Awakening. In the Northern Hemisphere we will celebrate the Summer Solstice, known as the fire festival of Litha and the most powerful day of the year for the Sun God. In ancient times, the Summer Solstice was a fire festival of great importance when the burning of balefires ritually strengthened and nurtured the sun. In the summer hemisphere we celebrate the Winter Solstice. It is from the state of original chaos, the black void that the old creatrix goddesses are said to have brought forth all that is. The belief that the world started with the sacred spark of creative potential contained within the primordial womb is one of humanity’s oldest concepts. The visual symbol that represents the solar spark that makes all life possible, a dot enclosed within a circle, is also extremely ancient. Still in common use today, it is the astronomical notation for the sun. Many cultures see the Goddess not as the sun Herself, but as the mother of the sun. The guiding light of the sun and its cycles. According to Maori myth, the sun dies each night and returns to the cave/womb of the deep to bathe in the maternal uterine waters of life from which he is re-born each morning. It is on the Winter Solstice, the day when the light begins to lengthen and re-gain power that the archetypal Great Mother gave birth to the sun who is Her son. The great Egyptian Mother Goddess, Isis, gave birth to Her son Horus, the Sun God, on the Winter Solstice. I have posted rituals of celebration and honoring the earth religion for those who follow the ancient traditions and honor the turning of the sacred wheel at these significant moments in time. Now more than ever we need to find our connection to the Creatrix Goddess and sacred ritual helps to form a stronger relationship with the Goddess.  Click Here

June, 24th – New Moon in Cancer

Cancer is the most emotional of planets so an opportune time to set intentions with heart based and love energy. The New Moon in Cancer is upon us, so prepare for starting a new cycle. Cancer is the first of the water signs and connects to the emotional body and the way we process feelings. During the last two months, we’ve had some very significant planetary configurations, which have been helping us to facilitate an important transition. We may have been overwhelmed with everything going on, and potentially have had different aspects of our lives at odds with each other. However it has played out for you, the challenges we have faced are actually serving us well. It is time to take the next major step in the areas in our lives that have been affected by these planetary aspects and ultimately it is a new step forward in our overall personal growth and evolution. Cancer is about emotional connection and security. It is the sign of nurturing, family, comforts and our domestic life in general. Vulnerability is a key word for Cancer. I have posted the new moon ritual assisting one in forward motion as we navigate through the emotional energies of the Cancer new moon amplified with Neptune now being retrograde. A grand night to flow into our destiny and nurture our dreams. Please click here

Matariki New Zealand

June 25th – The Beginning of the Maori New Year – Celebration of Matariki

Matariki is the Maori name for a group of seven stars known as the Pleiades star cluster. For the Native Americans this is the seven sisters that Grandmother Spider Woman placed in the heavens to assist the human who would forget the dream that was woven inside their heart. Matariki appears in the eastern sky sometime around the shortest day of the year in the Southern Hemisphere and is thought to determine how successful the harvest crop will be in the coming season. The brighter the stars, the more productive the crop will be. Matariki has two meanings, both of which refer to the cluster of stars. Mata Riki means Tiny Eyes, and Mata Ariki means Eyes of God.   When Matariki begins to rise it symbolises the coming of the Maori New Year. Some iwi, or tribes, start celebrations when Matariki is first seen, however it is the first new moon after Matariki that officially signals the Maori New Year. The Matariki new moon happens sometime in June. Matariki is seen as an important time to celebrate the earth, and show respect to the land on which we live.   Traditionally Matariki was celebrated by gathering with whanau (family) and reflecting on the past. The festival’s connection to the stars provided an opportunity for families to remember their whakapapa (genealogy) and those ancestors who had passed away to the heavens. Offerings were made to land-based gods who would help provide good crops, and new trees were planted to signal new beginnings. Many of these traditional celebrations are still practiced today. In modern times it is important to pause and honor the earth Goddess. Contribute to an organization that protects the earth, oceans or animal beings that share our water planet. Plant a tree or do some gardening to celebrate life. Gift flowers to those you love and celebrate this beautiful earthwalk we have been gifted with.

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