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July Planetary Influences

July Full Moon

The moon is a gift for the human who is dedicated to working with the energies available to them from the celestial realms each month. I live my life honoring the moon cycles as it richly and deeply enhances my earth walk. The magickal workings of the moon that the ancient ones followed was a cycle.

Each new moon has a six-month astrological cycle. The January Capricorn new moon comes full circle with the July Capricorn full moon. As you set specific intentions at a new moon, based on the energies of that zodiac sign, watch them unfold in the coming half-year.  Working with the planetary influences and moon cycles can help us walk a path of beauty during these times of uncertainty.

July 1st – Chiron begins its Retrograde cycle

CHIRON known as the wounded healer; triggers the feeling of our deeper hidden wounds so that we can clear the inner pain that holds us back from stepping fully into our destiny. The path to self-mastery includes recognizing, forgiving, and releasing all inner pain.  As we continue to be under the influence of Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusions we have tremendous support to embrace these influences on our own personal inner search for truth. When we allow Chiron to reveal our pain we must remember that the highest level of expressing our talents and the dream we carry is to recognize that the power comes through when we simply allow it to flow. Chiron will be offering assistance for the spiritual seeker for the next several months. Let this be a process where you continue to nurture the child within, as the wise sage gains insight and direction. Transformation can not be rushed, but becomes a journey of discovery if we set intention at the beginning of this review cycle. Have the courage to work with this powerful influence as we continue to plant the seeds for the next nine-year cycle.

July 9th Capricorn Full Moon dedicated to the Chin Nu the Goddess of weaving ones fate.

The theme of the Capricorn goddess reveals the threads of our destinies that are spun by choices and deeds. The Goddess Sign for Capricorn is the Spinning Wheel, representing the Crone goddesses who are weavers of Fate. They spin the thread of life based on the choices we humans make. Chin Nu is a Chinese goddess of spinners and weavers and the daughter of the Jade Emperor.  Although a goddess, she visited Earth to bathe in the river. A simple cowherd, not knowing her identity, stole her robe forcing the Goddess to remain earth bound where he convinced her to marry him. Unable to return to the heavens without her robe, Chin Nu consented to the proposal. Years later, Chin Nu convinced her husband into giving the robe back to her so she could return to the kingdom in the sky. The mortal man longed for his wife and asked to join her in the sky. The Jade Emperor feeling compassion toward the mortal decided to turn them each into a star but they were in opposite directions.. Each year the couple is reunited for a brief time by traveling a bridge over the Milky Way so the lovers can spend one night together. In the seventh month of the year the lovers travel the celestial bridge of stars to reunite. This is a night to connect with the weaver within to spin a new reality. The perfect balance of male and female energy unites within and we are gifted with creative energy to weave a new reality. For those who are members of our online subscription series I have posted a powerful ritual for this night and an audio meditation to assist in awakening the weaver within. Click Here

New Moon – July 23

The new moon of July peaks in the energy of Leo and is a perfect night to connect with the lioness inside. This Leo New Moon inspires us to step out into the world and allow our light to shine brightly. A night to set intentions to manifest on a grander scale and gain the courage and insight to truly step forward. The lion spirit represents vitality, courage and strength in overcoming difficulties. Lion helps one move through emotions that can be difficult to manage, such as anger or fear. This is a night to not only revisit your dreams and intentions but to observe the stillness of the night to be inspired with creative ideas. If you have felt uncertain or indecisive, this new moon can provide insight for bringing vitality and strength to the dreams you set in motion. A night to gain your voice to express your needs and clarity as to the true desires your heart wishes to give birth to. Please click here for the New Moon Ritual

July 25th – Mayan Day Out of Time

This is a moment that exists outside of what we consciously view as time. It does not exist in the past nor the future. A moment where we can find our Sweet Spot that place that exists between an ending and a new beginning. The Day Out of Time re-aligns the 13 Moon calendar to the solar year and re-aligns humanity into a renewed appreciation for our celestial divinity and connection to nature. This calendar respects the feminine aspects of nature, and serves as a Harmonic Template, uniting humanity in a New Time of Planetary Peace. This is a powerful day to consciously Restore the Harmony of Mind & Nature creating a stronger bond with the Goddess as we focus on global alliances and spiritual awakening. I have posted a powerful ritual to work with magick of this brief moment when time seems to evaporate into an energy of the present moment. Click Here The veils between worlds open and there is heightened awareness for those seeking guidance.

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Wishing you much love and golden dreams, Robbyne

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