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July Planetary Influences

As we begin the 7th month, we also begin the second half of 2020.   This month provides golden opportunities of support as we begin to find solid footing after the upheaval of the last couple of months.   The theme of this month is Let It Go. With five planets in retrograde and the call to go within remains strong.  We have several events that can support us in doing just that so our soul can evolve and become that beautiful sovereign being we are destined to be.  As we navigate through these changing times, I continue to offer the shared wisdom that the different Pathways of Evolution and Growth from the Path of the Rose can provide.  Path of the Rose

rose readings

Offerings for July – The Rose Reading

Phyllorhodomancy is known as the prophecy of the rose.  In ancient times those who followed the Path of the Rose understood the symbology of the leaf, stem and flower of the rose.  The color played a significant role as well.  The rose was used as a divination tool to speak directly to one’s heart for truth and guidance.   With a Rose Reading, the rose chooses you.  I ask specifically for the flower being that wishes to share with you.  I utilize the stillness to go into a deep meditation as I connect with your soul essence.  I channel the guidance of the rose to bring forth a message.  You can also send me a specific question, challenge or concern.  When your specific message is given as well as the message from the divine rose, I then carry your rose into sacred ceremony to honor the flower.  When the petals dry, I add crystals and herbs to create a special rose talisman for you.  I will type the messages of guidance and send via email.  I will then post your rose talisman which allows you to attract anything you might wish into your life.  It also protects one from negative energy and vibrations that lower you being in a state of higher love.  Total cost is $95.00 for the written rose reading and the beautiful personalized rose talisman shipped to you.  To order please contact [email protected]

secret doorway

July 4th/5th – Lunar eclipse in Capricorn Dedicated to the Goddess of the Hidden Doorway

The lunar eclipse of July 2020 is all about endings.  Our inner world, the one that is under the surface, is one that we need to access to understand ourselves beyond the ego mind.  There is only true evolution and the acquisition of self-knowledge when we face and embrace our shadows. The lunar eclipses are here to give us a hand in that process.  Not only does the Full Moon lunar eclipse of July complete the eclipse cycle of 2020 but it also completes a cycle that began on July 13th, 2018.  With Mercury, Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter all still retrograding this is the perfect night to examine where were you in July 2018?   What events were occurring at that time in your life?  What struggles, conflicts, indecisions and relationship challenges were you dealing with at that point?   The events of the last two years will reveal the energy this eclipse will play in your life.   Dream the changes you are becoming as we continue to move through this Grand Reset.    Please click here for the full moon ritual for this night.  A guided audio meditation journeying with the Goddess of the Hidden Doorway has been posted click here.

For those who are interested in the Rose Reading, during the three day period before and after the eclipse, I will be working with the energies to go deeper into your story.

sitting meditation

July 12th – Mercury goes Direct.  On June 18th, the retrograde cycle of Mercury in Cancer began  and will culminate on July 12th, when its direct phase begins, in the same sign of the crab.  Mercury retrograde in Cancer is about home renovations or repairs; both physical changes to our sanctuary and emotional repair as we let go of the past, in regards to family dynamics.  Emotional triggers have been activated to provide the greatest time for healing.  The Mayan Day Out of Time will occur on July 25th providing a powerful time of forgiveness and clearing of old debts.  I always take some time on the day a planet moves out of its retrograde cycle to reflect on what  awareness and insight has come over the last several weeks that I need to review.  Mercury retrograde creates powerful Aha moments when we review the past through the lens of the heart and remember “Nothing happens to us….It happens for us so we can grow, cosmically level up to become all we were born to be”.

planet jupiter

July 14thJupiter will be closest to the earth and its face will be fully illuminated by the sun. Brighter than any other time of the year.  in astrology Jupiter is the expansive planet of wisdom and knowledge, big picture thinking and the broadening of horizons.  Jupiter which is still retrograding means that whatever area of growth you need to work on will be illuminated in the days leading up to this close encounter so taking the time to pause and be in stillness this night can bring great clarity.  This is the planet of expansion and growth.   Allow yourself to receive the good fortune, new opportunity, new romance and increased financial abundance you have been asking for.    For those who are members of our online subscription series I have posted a special ritual to enhance your magickal workings with Jupiter.  Please click here.

New Moon

July 20th – New Moon

As a result of what was brought into our consciousness with the June new moon solar eclipse, we now begin to see progress, completion, and new opportunities presented.  This is an excellent time for making a fresh start, turning over a new leaf, or starting a new project. Examine old habits, behaviors, and beliefs as you search for new and inventive ways to move forward.  Discomfort leads to change if we commit to taking action to step on to new unchartered paths. Because the new moon solar eclipse in June was also in Cancer, we have two consecutive moons in the same sign which creates a unique window of opportunity.  The July new moon completes the cycle initiated with the June solar eclipse.  We have learned to  navigate through a month of heightened awareness, showing us the personal changes that need to be made.   We have acquired a deeper understanding of the need to relax into the changes we are all moving through.   This is an excellent night to do a spiritual and physical cleaning.  To work with the beautiful New Moon energy.   I will be adding soon a ritual of deep house cleansing and intention setting for those who are members of our online subscription series

calendar mayan

July 25th Mayan Day Out Of Time

The Mayan Day Out of Time re-aligns the 13 Moon calendar to the solar year and re-aligns humanity into a renewed appreciation for our celestial divinity and connection to nature.  This calendar respects the feminine aspects of nature, serving as a Harmonic Template, uniting humanity in a New Time of Planetary Peace. This is a powerful day to consciously Restore the Harmony of Mind & Nature as we focus on global alliances and spiritual awakening.  Now more than ever this day provides a powerful time of shifting into the new template as part of the Grand Resetting. Because this day does not exist in the past nor in the future it exists in the immediate moment, the most powerful place to be, as you are creating your future by forgiving your past.   I have added a sacred ritual to celebrate and  deeply experience this powerful day.  Click Here

Wishing you a magickal month of renewed faith and vision.

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Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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