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July offers the opportunity to make a Course Correction



Every July a natural phenomenon occurs when the earth is the farthest it will be from the sun for the entire year.  This is known as the aphelion.  This distance the earth experiences from the sun provides an opportunity to step back and review where we are and where we are going.  This year the aphelion occurs on July 4th, the exact day America celebrates its independence.

sailing ship

This can be a highly emotional cycle and with the added influence of so many retrograding planets, this is a month of course correction.   Sit with the emotions and listen for your own internal guidance when you are triggered.  I continue to remind everyone of the message of the Hopi prophecy that at this time in our history we are to take nothing personally.  When we do, we write a story from our ego, we judge the situation or person, and we step into the lower vibrational energy of fear.  This blocks our opportunity to grow, and we find ourselves swimming in murky waters trying to hold on to the safe and familiar shore.   It is not so safe anymore.  I personally feel I am so far away from the shore  that there is no choice but to keep going.   Remember great ships weren’t built to stay in the harbor.  They were meant to venture out into the world.

July is all about a shift in lifting your spiritual vibration.  What is it you truly want?  6 months have passed since the beginning of 2022.  We are at the beginning of the final phase of this year and have an opportunity to reevaluate the previous 6 months.   Focus on your spiritual growth this month and take the time to reflect on the following:

  • Are you in right relationships?
  • Are you in right service and work that makes your heart joyful?
  • Are you living in the right sanctuary to support your spiritual growth?
  • Are you living your truth?
  • Are there decisions to be made that require you to be bold?

A huge thank you to our Star Child, Natasha for her insight into the influences the celestial dance of the planets will be doing this month and the impact it will have on all of us.   The astrology of July 2022 will have intense moments occurring back-to-back.  It’s important to be gentle and compassionate with yourself.  This is a month to take deep breaths and find stillness to process through the emotions we are all trying to navigate through in a world that makes no sense.   Some things you just can’t explain nor  will you be able to justify it.   I encourage you to take the time and read this to its entirety as it provides powerful information on what is coming.

white rainbow

I have been processing through my own sacred anger as events unfold here in America.  Nature continues to be my gift and helps restore balance when I find myself on shaky ground.  I do not run from the emotion, instead I dive straight into it as I see this as an opportune time for each of us to complete old cycles and move forward on pathways that truly illuminate our gifts as we seek to be of assistance.  I take extra time to be in stillness and I look for signs.  A powerful sign appeared after releasing my prayers to the ocean for a kinder, gentler world where we live our truth.  A white rainbow formed from the fog.   White rainbows are messengers of hope, bringing a sense of encouragement to keep going even during times of uncertainty and confusion.

A recent journey to the Oregon Coast brought beautiful encounters and magickal moments.  I am truly humbled with the experience we were blessed to be part of.  Sitting down for breakfast with dear friends, another family sat down next to us.  An exchange of humorous comments where they were dividing up the various bills amongst them, Guy handed ours to them in a humorous gesture.  What none of us were expecting, one of the gentlemen took the bill and paid it.  We of course all expressed this was not necessary as it had only been meant to be funny.  The gentleman paid the bill anyway and left us with profound wisdom….”I try to do one act of kindness daily”.

Words to live by.  We cannot change the circumstances we are witness to. Often, we cannot understand why or how they could take place, we are observers and when those emotions are triggered that stir deep inside of us, we can channel it into acts of kindness daily.  We can create beauty in a world that needs more love, kindness, and joy.  That alone can raise the vibration of the planet.  Use the month of July and all that the celestial bodies will gift us, to do your inner work preparing for a new world and a new expression of you.

torn flag

USA’s 2nd Pluto Return on July 11, 2022

This is huge…..Pluto takes 248 years to complete one orbit around the sun. On the day the Declaration of Independence was signed, Pluto was at a certain degree and minute in the sky, and he will be back at this same degree and minute on July 11th. This is called a Pluto return. America will have 3 exact Pluto returns this year. The first return was on February 20th and the last one will be on December 28th.  When a planetary return happens, the energy that this planet governs will be amplified. Pluto represents profound transformation, power, evolution at a soul level, and the cycle of death and rebirth. Pluto is ushering in a whole new era for America and the global community that has a relationship with this nation. Pluto is helping to destroy systems and structures that do not benefit the collective. He is upending and exposing things that have been taking place in the shadow at the expense of others for far too long. This is a deep reset for this country. It is important during times such as these, when society is shifting and changing at a rapid pace, to remain centered and connected within, grounded to Mother Earth. In fact, one way to honor this 2nd return of Pluto could be taking a moment to go outside, put your bare feet on the earth,  envision a world and reality you would like to live in.   Pluto is inviting us to see what our lives would look like if we no longer feared the process of letting go and honored the ending of a cycle just as much as we honor the beginning?   Sail that ship out of the harbor and you will be surprised where you are guided.

old calendar

Saturn square Uranus on July 12, 2022

Saturn and Uranus will be approaching a square aspect to each other beginning July 12th. Saturn, the planet of tradition, and Uranus, the planet of the future, squared each other exact 3 times last year. A square represents a battle, friction, or tension. The battle between the old (Saturn) and the new (Uranus) was one of the biggest astrological lineups of 2021. It should be noted that Saturn and Uranus will not be making another exact square this year, however, they will get close to it, so we will begin to feel this square energy between these two powerful planets in the coming months, with its peak on October 4th. This energy will begin to wane until the square aspect disappears on December 11th.  Over the course of the next 5 months, Saturn and Uranus are checking in with us to help continue to clear out what is old, stuck, and stagnant from our lives to make room for the new.  Reflect on what was happening for you in February, June, and December of last year (the months of the exact Saturn Uranus square) as this may help you focus on what you may still be releasing now.

mt shasta moon

July 13th – SUPER Full Moon dedicated to the spirit of the mountain On July 12th/13th, 2022 we will have a super full moon in Capricorn. A super full moon is when the moon is closest to earth in her orbit. This full moon will be aligned with Pluto only two days after America experiences the 2nd Pluto return and will be activating the Pluto Eris square. Pluto and Eris are the slowest moving known planetary bodies in our solar system and have been squaring each other since January 2020. Eris is the Goddess of Discord and Chaos.   Rather than creating chaos she shows us the chaos that already exists which is typically below the surface or behind the scenes. Pluto is the planet of power over and power under dynamics. Since 2020, Pluto and Eris together have been pulling back the veil so that we can see deeper Truths, with a capital T. With that said, this super full moon is bringing truth to the forefront of our lives. However, when it seems like chaos is mounting instead of subsiding according to mainstream news sources, it can be difficult to see the truth. This full moon is an answer to this difficulty as it signifies a time to unplug from the noise, turn within and listen to your own intuition, which can discern what is truth and what is not.  The Capricorn super full moon can bring exciting new professional opportunities and a burst of energy supporting our efforts in completing a project.  Capricorn is the eldest of the three earth signs and offers an opportunity to gain profound wisdom for your earth walk.    A Capricorn full moon reminds us to honor the wisdom that comes with time and experience.  For those who are members of our online subscription series I have posted a ritual  to support one in working more deeply with this super full moon, finding your center and balance by connecting with the mountain spirits.  I will also post a guided audio meditation working with the energy of Mount Shasta as you journey into the root chakra of the planet.  CLICK HERE


Chiron wounded healer

Chiron goes retrograde on July 19, 2022 at 8:22am PT

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, will go retrograde on July 19th until December 23rd in Aries.  All  three planets that go retrograde in July are in the Aries sign. Aries is the sign of the warrior and represents drive, courage, and action. In its shadow, Aries represents impatience, impulsivity, and anger. These retrogrades all occurring in Aries in the same month, bring a need to slow down, take your time, think and feel into your decisions before you make them. It’s significant that Chiron is the one to begin the retrogrades through Aries because it shows that every time, we choose to bring patience, embodiment, compassion and love, into difficult situations rather than anger, resentment, or aggression we bring in immense healing.

goddess Eris

Eris goes retrograde on July 21, 2022

Eris will be going retrograde on July 21st until January 11, 2023. The Goddess of Discord and Chaos going retrograde shows her energy turning inward, which signals a great time for facing our shadow and facing our truth with courage and strength. Remember, although Eris represents discord, at Eris’s core she represents truth, stillness, and peace. The discord part of Eris represents the blocks we hold toward truth because the truth Eris holds,  can oftentimes be difficult to confront.  Eris reminds us that if we are bold enough to dig deep and face this truth it can change our lives for the better.


July 25th – Mayan Day Out of Time

July 25th is considered the last day of the galactic year in the Mayan and Galactic calendar. (13 moons of 28 days = 364) days. The extra day, the 365th day is July 25th… the Day Out Of Time. This is a day for sacred pause and celebration before the dawning of The Galactic New Year which is July 26th!  The Day Out of Time re-aligns the 13 Moon calendar to the solar year and re-aligns humanity into a renewed appreciation for our celestial divinity and connection to nature.  This calendar respects the feminine aspects of nature, serving as a Harmonic Template, uniting humanity in a New Time of Planetary Peace. This is a powerful day to consciously Restore the Harmony of Mind & Nature as we focus on global alliances and spiritual awakening.  This day offers an extremely powerful opportunity for global focus with our planetary tribe.   To work  with the high energies of this day, it is important to purify your sacred space and your mind.  For those who are members of our online subscription series I have posted a special ritual for this day of celebration.  CLICK HERE


July 26th and July 31st Uranus conjunct the North Node is one of the biggest astrological alignments of 2022. Uranus represents revolution and freedom while the North Node represents our path forward. This alignment can bring out of the blue aha moments, inspiration, and sudden change to our personal lives and the collective. Messages from the universe will be heighted on the days that Uranus aligns with the North Node, so put these dates on your calendar and create space to enter the stillness.   This alignment is so powerful, messages will be amplified during the entire month of July.   Messages could already be flooding in for you now. Messages can take the form of animals crossing your path, dreams you may have, or other synchronicities occuring that have deep meanings for you. Spirit is talking and offering guidance and support on how to navigate the times we are in and it’s up to us to check in and listen.


July 28th – New Moon in Leo

We will have a new moon in Leo. This new moon will conjunct Ceres, the Great Mother Goddess, quincunx Vesta, the Goddess of Hearth and Home, and trine Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion. This new moon acts as a reprieve from all the big astrology that has been happening in July because the main theme of this new moon is emphasizing the importance of nurturing yourself. Oftentimes, we can forget to include self-care on our list of priorities when we’re going through times of great change. However, this new moon is reminding us that when we give ourselves beautiful moments of exactly what we need, we flourish.  I have posted a ritual for opening to receive the nurturing energies of this beautiful new moon.  Click Here

planet jupiter

July 28, 2022 Jupiter goes retrograde

Jupiter will go retrograde in Aries on July 28th until November 23rd. He will go retrograde hours after the new moon. Interestingly, on the same day of the previous new moon on June 28th, Neptune went retrograde.  Jupiter and Neptune are the two spiritual planets of the entire solar system. When Neptune goes retrograde it can signal a time when confusion lifts and one can see clearly. When Jupiter goes retrograde it signifies a time of profound inner growth. These two powerful planets beginning their retrograde journeys at the time of new moons signals a potent time for meditation, self-reflection, seeking guidance from within, and connecting more with nature and yourself.

Be gentle with yourself.  Use these gifts from the celestial heavens to guide your journey.  Find your courage and embrace your magnificence.

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If you would like an astrological reading to serve as a navigational tool for the next six months of 2022, I highly recommend the amazing gifts our star child offers.  For more information contact Natasha at [email protected].

Kia Kaha…Be Strong and true to yourself.

Love and cuddles, Robbyne

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