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Spiritual Journeys

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Life-Changing Journeys to

Sacred Sites around the World

The extraordinary can occur in the lives of ordinary people when one opens to the unseen world of earth magick. When you set off on a magickal path, you must surrender to a greater power, for you will encounter things that you will never understand. If we are not living our destiny we often feel out of sync with our experience. We lack joy, passion, and at times abundance and loving relationships, and yet this was always what we were intended to experience. Whether you have been on a spiritual path for decades or feel you are just beginning to open, an array of experiences to support your journey is available. Workshops and journeys to support your search for truth and self-discovery. Private shamanic training in natures school house or one on one sessions such as a Soul Life Reading, Karmic Life Lesson Reading or Energy Healing and Balancing Session are available to bring forth guidance and wisdom when one stands at a crossroad. Robbyne LaPlant, is dedicated to creating a life changing experience for each participant helping one reconnect to their divine self and the world of enchantment. Please explore the current journey below.

Journey to Spider Rock

 Journey to New Zealand

Song of the Whales,  Maui 2014

Mount Shasta Journey 2014

Lands of Enchanted

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