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Journey to the Sacred Spring

Since my experience with the Black Madonna everything I thought I had come to Switzerland to do revealed yet another level and deeper purpose.

After a special evening in the Venus Flower where 34 souls came together  to create a circle of light, I found the energy grew as the vision of one world, unified with love was carried to the source of a small spring that rose from the earth.  My guidance had been to travel to the source of a tiny natural spring that eventually found its way into the great rivers of Europe.  After several synchronistic events had led to this experience immediately a new purpose began to reveal itself.  I had vivid dreams days before, the Black Madonna coming to me and saying the imprint must be healed.  Since childhood I had very strong issues with the structure of organized religion and a deep resistance to the Church of Rome.    The night before our group would join together, I saw myself running through a forest with the sound of horrible screams piercing the silence of the night.  I could smell the wet earth and heard the sound of leaves and twigs snapping under my feet.  I could feel my own heart beat racing in my chest, but where I was and what I was running from I had no idea.

We awoke the morning of the 10th to a gorgeous day.  We could not have asked for a better day as the sun  glistened on the lake before me and our group began to gather.   27 two leggeds and 1 animal ally named Angelo would join together with a heartfelt purpose.

When I looked around I saw many familiar faces of those who had joined me on other spiritual pilgrimages over the last several years and next to them were many new souls. I saw 27 beautiful lights counting Angelo that had answered a call to serve the dark lady.  Karin had done a wonderful job organizing the details of this journey and through her own synchronistic series of events met a beautiful soul who was to join us.  Our 79-year young guide joined us at the beginning of the path.  After seeing him, I was convinced I needed to start drinking the water, as you would never have known he was in his 70’s!!  It was his passion to hike these hills and to share the story of this mountain.

This was not an easy hike as we were high in the mountains and it was challenging for many.  Never once did anyone give up or ask to turn back.  Such is the metaphor of our souls journey at this time.   We each moved at our own pace and stopped when we needed to stop, but we each made the journey to the top where the tiny spring flowed from the mountain.  The call to serve the Dark Lady was strong and no one would fail at that calling.    I knew this was a personal journey that would transform each of us along the way.  The beauty was incredible and I smiled because for years I had taught in the quaint village of Fluei Ranft, the home of Brother Klaus, just across the lake.   Now  I found myself on the top of this incredible mountain and the village of Giswell.

Switzerland carries a very unique energy to it.  With no natural disasters and a beautiful landscape that had never been  scarred from war, it always held such incredible light, which is why I return year after year.  What I was to learn was there was a terrible story linked to the forest just below the mountain we were called to journey to.

During the afternoon, I learned there was a beautiful young man with us who had also been called to the Black Madonna in Montserrat himself earlier this year.    He was a professional singer and had shared his song to awaken the energy of the goddess amongst 20 nuns.  I smiled as he shared his story and knew he had joined our group to activate once again the song and heart lines of this place.  Sound has always been incredibly powerful but with the energetic shifts on the planet now accelerating constantly, it is song that will activate the old memory and the ancient story lines the aborigines call the song lines.

As Thomas sang we passed the greenstone, known as Pounamu, gifted from the Waitaha elder from New Zealand around the group and each held it over their heart placing a focused intention of unity and love for our planet.    Even our beautiful guide wanted to participate in the healing.  We made our prayers to support the transition we are all moving through and the challenges we would face that lay ahead.

We are at a unique place in our journey as a human race and most definitely our own personal story as we struggle to break through the illusions and write a new beginning.  We are at this very moment in complete control of our destiny and must awaken to our full potential.    I could feel so many souls around the world joining us on this day and invite you to share your personal story on Weave the Web with those of our spiritual community.  We need to know each other’s stories.  We need to know we are not alone. I have found that as I listen to the stories of others when I am doing a personal reading, my heart is always reassured and touched with the wisdom that comes from the guidance of the teachers and masters and how someone else’s journey everyday touches mine.  Their story is my story and my story is yours.  We must remember we are not alone and the challenges we seem to face are the same challenges another faces, sometimes on the other side of the globe.  For me that gives a sense of reassurance even when I am moving through the darkest of times.

Even as I write these words sitting in a park with my daughters golden retriever, I can’t move because I have just injured my leg, a message no doubt to slow down.   As I sit moving through the pain, pairs of crows are joining me from all directions.  Their call is almost trance like and I am assured that this to will pass if I remain strong and true to my belief.   Legends say that the souls of the great Templar Knights of the past incarnate into the body of crows and follow those who are called to walk the path of the Black Madonna as guardians and messengers.  There are now 12 that have come to surround me as I continue to process the intensity of the last few days and weeks.

Please visit the website tomorrow to learn of the story of the forest and the change that one small group can make to heal the darkest of times that have been recorded on the landscape of our beloved earth mother.

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