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Journey to Coba


The night after our visit to Akumal and the place of the sea turtles we began to prepare for the next part of the journey that would take us through the sacred places of the Mayan land. First we would visit Coba.

The night before our journey to Coba, we experienced the Temazcal, a sacred rite of passage for purification and cleansing of the body, mind and spirit. The Temezcal is revered as the ultimate in healing. Its focus is not just the physical body but also the spiritual, ethereal and emotional bodies. It is a ceremony that is highly sacred to the ancient Mayan. The physical Temazcal is a temple built in connection with the earth representing the womb of the universe. There is an opening in the side for the entrance and an opening in the center of the roof for the steam to exit. In the center of the floor there is a sacred spot for the stones to meet with the healing waters to create a vapor for healing the bodies and the soul. Before entering the Temazcal the participants are cleansed with copal, sacred Mayan incense. Copal is burned over coals to emanate a cleansing smoke, which envelops the participant in order to cleanse all negative vibrations from ones aura. Once cleansed the participants can enter the womb of the Mother.


The stones represent the ancestors and are thanked as they pass through the entrance and enter the healing. A Temezcal is a life changing experience. It is a cleansing and healing that strengthens the connection with Gaia and the universe.   When one enters into the ancient Mayan world one can reconnect to their inner wisdom. Encoded deeply within our DNA is the forgotten ancient wisdom. The strong electromagnetic forces and mysterious influence of spirit, guides one on their path to enlightenment.  When one is led through this ritual in a sacred way by the keeper of the ancient wisdom as we were blessed to experience with our beautiful Shaman Fabian, one experiences not only healing but a deeper understanding of ones purpose.  It also embodies a sense of oneness for everyone who experiences this sacred ritual.

The next morning we traveled first to a sacred cenote to do  a purification and cleansing ritual prior to entering into the Temple of Coba.  For me traditions and honoring the ancestors and respecting the land are very much my belief, so it was important for us to prepare to enter the sacred site of Coba.


When one takes the time to honor the old ways the ancestors embrace the spiritual pilgrim and much can be shared when one enters these places of ancient wisdom.  It is a far different experience than entering these ruins as a typical tourist for you are granted permission into the unseen world.

Cenotes are magickal, enigmatic and unique in the world and were once the only resource for fresh, sweet water in the local Yucatan jungle. They were the sacred places of the Maya for that reason, and they represented the entrance to the underworld.  There are hundreds of cenotes in the Yucatan but Fabian took us to one where sacred ceremony had been preformed.  Each of us were cleansed and prepared for this special day and I was presented with a sacred staff that held the Black Jaguar’s energy. An honor that I felt deep in my heart as Fabian had shared with me that he was passing this sacred tool on to me as a guardian to carry it to other places upon the earth to share the wisdom and teachings of the Mayan.


We left the cenote and traveled to Coba, a beautiful city of the Mayan.  We traveled to the great pyramid where one can feel the male energy.  It is not necessary to climb to the top, as the power is actually in the base of the pyramid.  We each sat on the stones and called the male energy into our energy field.  For me, I felt a great source of power and courage fill my entire being.


We traveled next to the female temple, which was built in the shape of a womb, and each placed our hands and third eye on the sacred stones.  I placed EB in the doorway of the female temple, the place of birth.  We each found a guardian tree that called to our soul and placed our hands on the tree to receive healing from the earth mother.


When we felt complete with our experience at Coba we journeyed back to the sacred cenote and each of us swam within the healing waters.  We carried once again the andara crystal and placed it in the waters to carry the vibration of love and healing throughout the series of cenotes that lead to the Atlantic Ocean.  Our world is joined together with these sacred waterways and water serves as a conduit carrying the thoughts and prayers around the world.


We came back to our beautiful resort on the white sandy beach and watched the sunset creating a magnificent display of magenta in the sky.  That night we gathered together as a group to give gratitude for all we had received and to prepare for the next part of this incredible journey.

Join us again  tomorrow as the journey continues to the mystical Temple of Tulum, known as the temple of Light.

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