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Journey of the Moonrise and Sunrise Shells

sunrise and moonrise shells

Sunrise shells are shells from a type of small scallop native to only the Hawaiian Islands. The scallop lives in very deep waters (approximately 300–600 ft.) surrounding the islands. When the scallops die, the spirit of the animal being remains. Over time, storm currents mix the shells with sand and bring them closer to shore. Just as people work with the essence of crystals and stones the art of conchomancy allows one to deviate the messages and receive the blessings of shells. Sunrise shells were traditionally very sacred to the ancient Hawaiian people. They are extremely rare and the colors of the sunrise and moonrise shells are naturally created by the mystical elements of life. The artwork of the Goddess herself.   The scallop shell is sacred to the Goddess as it symbolizes the journey of the human. The scallop design symbolizes the starting points from which the soul begins its journey. Each of us drawn to a single point at the base of the shell. If we stay focused on our path we will continue to grow and move towards the light as vessels of love. We acknowledge every soul has their journey that moves along side ours as symbolized in the grooves that display the path of others who we find in our story.  If we do not judge another we are free from chaos and drama.

The sunrise and moonrise shells represent hope, happiness, healing, strength, joy and protection. They are a symbol of carrying the aloha spirit and of sharing it with others. These gifts of the ocean have a deep aloha that makes your heart open and radiate love out into the world. You become more positive and this radiates into the lives of those around you.

These sacred shells have made a special journey.

Each one has been hand picked as being of the highest quality. This is the handiwork of the Goddess, a reflection of the moon rising and the sun rising depicted in the natural colors of the shell.   They were each carried in sacred ceremony into the Dragon’s Teeth Labyrinth the morning after the Final Full Moon of 2016 and blessed by the Goddess. On the turning of the sacred wheel on December 21st when the New Year, the Year of the Goddess Awakens began, they were carried into the Pacific Ocean to be charged with the energies of the whale’s song. We dove deep into the waters of new beginnings, as it is in this channel off the coast of Maui that the whales return each year to give birth to their young.

At sunrise on the morning of the Solstice we took an early whale watch boat and within minutes we were greeted by a youth who would breach before us numerous times.

These beautiful gifts of Aphrodite can be purchased as a single item, either the Sunrise or Moonrise or as a pair. They are incredibly rare and found only in these waters. Considered so rare they were once worn only by royalty. They will be charged once again on Mount Shasta, the root chakra of the planet and sacred mountain of Saint Germaine, blessed in the healing waters that flow from the mountain and charged on the altar on the first Full Moon of 2017. For those who order I will do a special blessing for you personally. There are a limited number of these as I have chosen only the highest quality.

Each shell is placed in a velvet bag that contains the sacred herbs dedicated to Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, beauty, creativity and sexuality.  These will be shipped after the Full Moon to receive the special blessings from Mount Shasta, the root chakra of our beloved earth.

Each shell is $68.00 including the bag, sacred herbs and ritual included in the bag. There are also two new oils available to support the new energies of 2017. Just as the whale’s song changes, so does the vibration the plant and crystal beings hold.

Moonrise Shell oil

Moonrise Oil – Awakening Vision – $60.00

As the day passes and we move into the power of the night the moonrise oil heightens your intuitive senses. If you used at night before one sleeps you will find a more restful and peaceful sleep. The worries of the day drop away and you are able to gain insight as to your soul’s journey. When you enter the dreaming you are able to connect once again with the dream walker. This oil can enhance any New Moon and Full Moon rituals. Prepared with a moonrise shell and the sacred oils of Egypt known to guide one into the darkness of night to see with the eyes of the night messenger the owl. Helicrysum, myrrh, frankincense, rose, and musk, the combination of these oils soothes away stress as you relax into a deep state of inner peace raising your vibration to travel the etheric realms. The oils were blessed in the Temple of Isis, the divine Mother Goddess in Aswan, Egypt known as the Pearl of the Nile, at the time when the veil between worlds is the thinnest on All Hollows Eve. Place on your wrists and rub together. Breathe in the soothing essence of the oils. Place on the dream chakra known as the medulla oblongata, the third eye, temples and heart chakra.

Sunrise Oil – New Beginnings – $60.00

This oil was created with a sunrise shell to capture the first morning light on the solstice as the sacred wheel turns and we begin the year of the Goddess Awakening. Like a fragrant burst of sunlight this oil contains lemon, orange, grapefruit, mint and rose oil charged in the Temple of Isis in Aswan, Egypt on SamHein, the night when the veil between worlds is thinnest enhancing the healing properties of the plant beings. Known as a source to enlighten and awaken the soul, knowledge shared by Maria Magdalena, this unique blend supports the daily journey of finding our balance and awakening to the promise of a new day, a new beginning and a new opportunity rising within us. It allows our heart light to shine out to the world as an expression of love. Our heart opens and we experience the day with insight, hope and happiness. Place on the wrists and rub together. As the oil penetrates into the cells a sense of joy is restored. Place on the heart chakra as you take a moment to pause and allow the voice of your own heart to speak louder than the voice of others. Use first thing in the morning before you enter the fast world and you will find your day is illuminated with the power of the great solar sun.   This will aid in maintaining your balance and focusing on moving forward.

If you are interested in ordering the Shells and Oils please contact Guy at [email protected]  (Both Oils are available to order via our website as well)

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